Support Rifle Chronomancer PvP Build

GW2. Support Rifle Chronomancer PvP Build. Support Mesmer PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Support Rifle Chronomancer is a Support mesmer PvP build with great healing and stability application as well as chaos armor to protect its allies. Your shatter and mantra abilities give boons, cleansing, or healing to allies nearby. When not in range of your allies, the rifle can provide some extra support from a distance and even portal one ally to you.

Chaos Aura you apply to yourself also gets shared to nearby allies, granting them regeneration. For the duration of the aura, they will randomly gain Protection, Swiftness, or Regeneration when struck, and give either Weakness, Confusion, or Cripple to the attacker. Constantly maintaining Chaos Aura on your allies in team fights will over time debilitate enemies and protect your allies.

Chaos Aura Application:

  • Sword 3 + Ethereal Field (Time Warp, Shield 5, Well of Precognition)
  • Rifle 3×2
  • F2

While rotating through these skills to upkeep the Chaos aura, you can be cleansing, healing, or countering CC for your allies. Shield 4 and F1-4 Shatters also grant protection to nearby allies.

Stability: Mantra of Concentration, Well of Precognition
Cleansing: Shatter F1-F4, Rifle 3×2
Healing: Shatter F1-F4, Rifle 3×2, Rifle 2, Mantra of Recovery, Mantra of Concentration
CC: Rifle 4, Shield 5, Sword 3, F3

Most of the value of the build comes from instant cast abilities like mantras or shatters. This means you should prioritize using these skills for the most impact with the least amount of time spent, but since they can be used so quickly you need to space them out or you run out of resources. However, this also means you can use all of them quickly inside your Continuum Rift to refund their cooldowns and double cast them.

Continuum Rift Combos: Rifle 4 > 2 > 3 + Continuum Rift > Time Warp + F4 > Well of Precognition + F3 > Mantra of Recovery + F2 > Exit Continuum Rift > Repeat from Rifle 3

Rifle 4 > 3 > 2 > Swap > Sword 3 > Shield 5 + Continuum Rift > Time Warp + F4 > Well of Precognition + F3 > Mantra of Recovery + F2 > Exit Continuum Rift > Repeat from Shield 5

Not always will you have all your cooldowns up to use them inside the rift, so improvise based on the situation. Also, you may not always have access to clones and will not have enough time to get value from using all your skills inside the rift. If you are out of other cooldowns or have a very long rift duration, you can use Signet of Illusions to recharge your shatters inside the Rift to double cast them which can then be double casted after the refund.




  • Utility: instead of Well of Precognition for projectile reflect
  • Utility: instead of Well of Precognition for more cleanse


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