Support Spellbreaker PvP Build

GW2. Support Spellbreaker PvP Build. Support Warrior PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Support Spellbreaker is a Support warrior PvP build that helps its allies through non-traditional means. While it does have a decent amount of healing and cleansing for its allies, it really helps by providing tons of CC to lock down enemies for their team to focus or to peel enemies off of them. It can also provide great aggressive buffs for its team to secure kills with the might from “For Great Justice!” and the unblockable buff from Staff 3. The Battle Standard is also a valuable playmaking utility for your team that can stomp enemies or revive allies to ensure victory in clutch moments.

Hammer is a more aggressive option that allows more CC and a bit of supplemental damage, but a Dagger/Warhorn or Shield are safer options. However, the purpose of this build as opposed to another class in this role is to be an aggressive support, so playing more into it with Hammer fits better.

Try to create kills for your team by moving with your DPS classes and disabling their targets, or preemptively protect allies by disrupting the enemies who counter or threaten them. If you really need to help your allies, standing on top of them and using F2 Full Counter will make sure your Full Counter triggers when your ally is hit, dazing enemies on them.

Healing Sources: All utility skill shouts, Staff F1, Staff 2/3/5, Banner of Defense

Try to use shouts in the Staff weapon set to get more healing from the transference sigil

CC: Full Counter, Staff 4, Hammer F1/4/5



StaffHeal / Utility / Elite


  • Weapon: Replace Hammer with Dagger/Warhorn for more support at the cost of CC


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One Comment

  1. No ones mentioned this build anywhere, and its a shame. Im really enjoying this, but heres my feed back.

    Banner RES or DOWN, works good with scourge stacking downed enemies on cap point and smooshing them all at once, feels goodman.
    Lock down
    Great Sustain for group fights or holding points while help arrived, I can keep 2 enemies busy for quite along time.
    Roaming potential is also great, I can keep swiftness up and knock down and cc enemies for my DPS.
    Plays well with other supports, like scourge blood support, you can hold off 3-4 people for an extended period of time, and cause a lot of frustration (great for distracting while you hold points)

    Some classes just bulldoze you, Power Zerker for example, if you cant handle the huge bursts, you get flattened. This is where sometimes swapping out 2hand hammer for mace/shield can add soft CC daze, and some good blocks to help out.
    The damage output … its not bad, but its not great, I think warriors in pvp need a buff in general so we can enjoy playing other builds rather than the 2 meta builds everyone runs.
    The frustration of the 2hand hammer.. when it lands it LANDS hard, when you get dodged or blocked, it can cause some salt after awhile. (I mean come on how do you block a huge hammer knockdown? lol)

    This is coming from someone who plays core warrior axe/shield/greatsword.. So Im used to just jumping into the fray and getting messy.
    This build is actually great as long as you have power builds running with you, and your team is working together.
    Sometimes you get into matches with randoms and this builds potential just sinks because of poor team match making, and it makes you feel really… under used and weak.

    Solid build , its fun and different that what im used to!

    Sometimes it just feels like , what ever I can do as a warrior, another class can do better….other than just straight power builds.

    Id really like to see warriors get some love, to be able to play as a support or tanky class, while still being relevant, compare this to a support guardian or support necro and you just feel… slightly weaker.

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