Thaumanova Reactor Fractal Guide

GW2. Thaumanova Reactor Fractal Guide

In this fractal you are transformed into an asura trying to control the meltdown of the Thaumanova Reactor.


As soon as you enter the fractal, kill the flame legion shaman on the platforms in the middle of the reactor. After this you are given a choice between four evemts. Each event will allow you to shut off a colider using the panels which are required to progress to the final boss. Your party can split up and complete multiple events simultaneously because most of them do not require 5 players, but for the Ooze boss it is recommended to have the full party meet up for it.

Live-Subject Lab (northeast)

Subject 6 is the ooze boss you must defeat at this event. This is a DPS race as smaller oozes will run towards the boss from the edges of the room. These will heal the boss if they reach it. Waiting till they are closer to the center can allow you to cleave them and the boss at the same time if you have wide range AoE damage. Although it is a DPS race, players have to be aware of the blocking mechanic. Once blocking, you must either break the defiance bar using unblockable CC or stop attacking entirely until the block ends. If 20 attacks are blocked, Subject 6 goes on a rampage dealing massive damage to everyone in the room. This will usually wipe most parties. Be conservative with your damage until the block happens, then focus on killing lesser oozes. Once the block is over you can unleash your burst on the boss. Don’t forget to interact with the panel and grab the cooling rod after it is defeated.

Repulsor Lab (south)

To access the collider panel you need to press two other panels first. The second panel opens the third one, but the second one is opened by the first. The first is not required to open the third. In short this means this puzzle can be completed with two players easily. While doing the puzzle, golems and electrical pulses will try to stop you. Dodge the electrical pulses which have a set rhythm or block them with one of the shields at the start of the puzzle. The golems can be pacified by breaking their defiance bar.

One player goes to the first panel and opens the second panel for the other player. The player at the first panel can now go to the third or last panels while the other player stays at the second panel the whole time. Condition cleanse or ports are needed to activate the final panels.

Dormitories (east)

This event requires you to rescue the asura from their rooms. Just break the doors open and destroy the portals in some of the rooms. The more asura you save the more benefits you will get on the final boss. Activate the panel in the final room once all other room doors have been opened.

Cooling Chamber (west)

This one should be done last since you obtain the cooling rods from the other events, though this is optional. While inside the Cooling Chamber you will be crippled and take damage. Your weapon skills will also be turned into other skills. Spamming the 1 skill will give you more movement, as it stacks intensity. The 2 skill can give a protective barrier to the harmful environment for a limited period of time. While holding a cooling rod you can activate a permanent cooling zones at specific areas denoted on your map, consuming the cooling rod. Damage mitigation, ports, or movement skills that are not part of your weapon set can be used to progress through the chamber without using cooling rods. Once at the end, you need either some condition cleanse or ports to activate the panels that will immobilize you.

Anomaly Boss

Go back to the panel in the middle of the reactor to be ported up to the final boss. You now have a special action key skill which will bolster the platform you are standing on, preventing it from disappearing for several seconds. Throughout the fight, the anomaly will make platforms disappear which players can fall through to their death. The most important mechanic players need to adapt to is how the platforms fall. Mostly the boss uses attacks that target specific players, and the platforms beneath that player will disappear. Players who are targeted by these should move towards the outside platforms or away from the party. A well coordinated team with alacrity uptime can rotate through their special action key skills one by one and allow them to stack on top of the boss for maximum damage uptime. Without that kind of organization, save your special action key only for when you run out of space or if your team looks like it needs space.

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