The Echovald Wilds Achievements Guide

GW2. End of Dragons. The Echovald Wilds Achievements. Guild Wars 2 Achievements Guide.

Total achievements: 48 – 140AP – 8MP

Echovald Wilds Mastery

This is the meta achievement for The Echovald Wilds, you need to complete 30 of 43 eligible achievements. The rewards are 25AP and a Canthan Traveler’s Pack – [&AgF3fAEA]

Cryptseeker – 3AP (Hidden)

Before starting the guide you might be interested in this single achievement more than anything else. There is a Point of Interest on this map locked behind this, preventing map completion. This achievement isn’t eligible for the meta progress but it’s mandatory for map completion.

Here you can see a video guide on how to get it done. Getting access will also be necessary for other achievements inside the Valdhertz Crypts so it’s a good start.

Eligible Achievements

Honorary Kestrel – 5AP

To earn this achievement you need to complete the Echovald Wilds meta-event 5 times.

The map wide event is called Gang Wars and every 2 hours Kestrel Ayumi will announce the start by saying “The Echovald gangs are at war with each other! Anyone who can help, please meet me at Mori Village”. However the first event will happen at Kropa Waypoint – [&BMwMAAA=] so players will gather there first. You can check the timer here.

A chain of events will start at different outposts around the map and all of them must be completed in less than 20 minutes to mantain the balance between the gangs. After the outposts events the action will happen exclusively in the Xunlai Jade Junkyard area, where you can use the Zip Lines to travel around.

Two more events will occur there and finally the battle against the Prototype XJ-1 boss which must be defeated in less than 15 minutes.

Boss Mechanics

The fight in general is mostly about avoiding big AoE damage and red/orange circles, but there is one special attack that you must pay attention after the boss reaches 60% health, called “The Clap”.

The encounter can be separated in four phases and the boss will change location each time, players can follow the red arrows or using zip lines to reach the boss.

  • 100% to 90%
    • Mines and Pulls
  • 90% to 60%
    • Mines, Pulls, Mech Arms and Lasers
  • 60% to 30%
    • Mines, Fist Slam and The Clap
  • 30% to 0%
    • Mines, Fist Slam, The Clap and Breath Attack

Most of the attacks are self explanatory and you just need to avoid the damage AoE circles. However “The Clap” is the one that need a dedicated explanation and it’s the attack that you must be aware of. The animation is very clear, the boss will use the Fist Slam smashing the ground with each hand leaving a pile of junk that will work as the safe zone, you will see a very clear warning and a white circle where you must take cover and then the boss will smash its hands together downing everybody who is not behind the pile of junk.

In the last phase (30%) “The Clap” will defeat (full death) players instead of just down them, and another attack worth mentioning is called “Breath Attack” which summons a series of AoE circles in a straight line doing considerable damage to players standing on it.

Forest Warfare – 3AP

For this achievement you need to participate in all the 9 events related to the Gang Wars meta-event. Not required to do them all in the same event.

First Phase

After the initial defense at Kropa Village, two more events will occur at same time.

  • Free Kropa Village from the Jade Brotherhood.
    • Starts at Kropa Waypoint – [&BMwMAAA=]
  • Bring Speaker incendiary supplies to Stas.
    • Occurs at Altrumm Mines – [&BO0MAAA=] after Kropa Village.
  • Defeat the Jade Brotherhood mechs assaulting Cylow Outpost.
    • Occurs at Cylow Outpost – [&BEoNAAA=] after Kropa Village.

Second Phase

The following three events will occur at the same time.

  • Destroy summoning circles and defeat Speaker ritualists terrorizing Teleri Village.
    • Occurs at Teleri Village – [&BCkNAAA=]
  • Reveal and defeat hidden Jade Brotherhood goons in Karstadt Village.
    • Occurs at Karstadt Village – [&BKQMAAA=]
  • Locate and defuse Speaker mines in Goa Village.
    • Occurs at Goa Village – [&BKsMAAA=]

Third Phase

The final phase occurs at Xunlai Jade Junkyard with a chain of three events, the last one is the final boss with a time limit of 15 minutes.

  • Prevent either gang from seizing control of the Xunlai Jade Junkyard.
    • Kill Sentries
      • Obtain turtles from Oriel and the trainers, and then use them to break the mech shields.
    • Kill Ritualists
      • Destroy spirit prisons to make the Speakers vulnerable.
  • Defeat the Speaker and Jade Brotherhood lieutenants.
    • Defeat both champions
  • Defeat Prototype XJ-1.
    • The boss will change locations, use Zip Lines or follow the red arrows to progress each phase. Make sure to learn the Boss Mechanics in the previous achievement.

Renowned Adventurer: Echovald Wilds – 9AP

Complete all the renown hearts in the Echovald Wilds.

An Impostor Walks among Us – 1AP

Without being caught or leaving the area, sabotage the Speakers Headquarters, taking the renown heart from completely empty to completely full.

Speak with Kestrel Floi Grubbeak to apply a disguise and complete the heart quest paying attention to your Suspicion Level. You need to avoid performing actions in the line of sight of guards or your suspicion will rise and eventually you will get caught.

Take your time and be careful. However there is a way to remove 30% of your Suspicion Level (every 5 minutes) if you use the emote /kneel in front of Tetra Earthcall or in front of the Spirit Altar in the center of the area.

For the Forest! – 1AP

Successfully infiltrate the Speakers, keeping their confidence while sabotaging their efforts.

At the same heart quest on the Speakers Headquarters you need to perform every action possible without being caught. Is not necessary to do all of them together, you can slowly progress the achievement by doing some and then try again going for others, this is the entire list of tasks to do:

  • Free a Spirit from an urn
  • Sabotage a cache of bombs
  • Swipe a piece of confiscated jade tech
  • Destroy a piece of confiscated jade tech (throwing it in a campfire)
  • Plant a piece of confiscated jade tech on a Speaker
  • Discourage a sparring recruit
  • Encourage a sparring recruit
  • Defeat a patrol
  • Speak to the undercover Spirit Keeper to disable a ward (at the Chamber of Spirits POI, drop spirit bombs on the wards.
  • Show devotion at the shrine /kneel
  • Show deference to Tetra Earthcall /kneel

Saboteur in Our Midst – 1AP

Without being caught or leaving the area, sabotage the Jade Brotherhood Headquarters, taking the renown heart from completely empty to completely full.

Using the same logic as the previous heart, you need to complete the heart at the Jade Brotherhood Headquarters without being caught, take your time and avoid performing actions in the line of sight of guards. You fail if the Suspicion Level reaches the max.

Friends of a Feather – 1AP (Time-Gated)

Complete the Mori Village renown heart. You need to complete the heart three times, each time creating different items, it changes daily.

  • Creating Item (type changes daily)
    • Arrows
      • Combine at Fletcher’s Workbench and deliver to Mori Fletcher
        • Sapling (Outside the camp)
        • Feathers (Bird Nest)
        • Arrowheads (In the camp)
    • Food
      • Combine at Cooking Fire and deliver to Mori Chef
        • Lutgardis Trout (Fishing)
        • Spices (In the camp)
        • Firewood (Outside the camp)
    • Blankets
      • Combine at Sewing Table and deliver to Master Weaver Kubo
        • Plant-Fiber Cloth from Sapling (Outside the camp)
        • Spool of Thread from Thread (In the camp)
        • Tyrian Purple Dye from Lake Sediment (Underwater)

Respect Your Elders – 1AP

Pay your respects at all of the named tengu shrines.

At Mori Village you will find three types of Tengu Shrine, at their base they have a symbol. Depending on which one it is, or you can interact with it and it will tell you, is which emote you need to perform:

  • Scroll – /bow
  • Candles – /kneel
  • Sword – /salute

Cultures of Echovald: The Tengu – 2AP

Participate in all the events related to the tengu of Echovald Wilds.

There are three events to complete and they are part of the same chain. Starting at Mori Village – [&BMcMAAA=] and happening every 10-15 minutes after the completion of the third one.

  • Compete with tengu youngsters in the archery contest
    • Occurs at Mori Plaza – [&BLsMAAA=]
    • Speak with Saya to get a bow
    • You can get the High-Score Archery achievement check below
    • You can get the Avian Sharpshooter achievement check below
  • Track down the missing tengu, Tateo
    • Occurs outside the camp, Saya and Eno looking for clues in three locations
  • Rescue Tateo from the corrupted wildlife
    • Defeat a Champion White Tiger

High-Score Archery – 5AP

Earn 200 points in the archery contest.

During the “Compete with tengu youngsters in the archery contest” event at Mori Village, score a total of 200 points. You can progress this slowly and will need to repeat the event multiple times since other players contributing can make the event end faster.

Talk with Saya and get a bow, press skill #3 to set “Action Camera” and aim at the targets with your mouse, don’t get tricked by the targets at floor level, look above and shoot the ones that are hanging, just left click or press 1 to shoot the arrow at them.

Avian Sharpshooter – 3AP – 1MP

Strike 10 targets in a row in the archery contest.

Same as above but for this achievement you need to hit 10 targets without missing a single arrow nor leaving the area. You start with 10 arrows, but if you need to start over you can refill next to Saya. Be careful not to go too close to the edges of the village because it is considered out of bounds. Check the video below on some locations of the targets:

Cultures of Echovald: The Wardens – 2AP

Participate in all the events related to the Wardens.

There are four events to complete and they are the same chain. Starts at Temple of the Dredge – [&BEANAAA=] when Verasha (who is coming from Kropa Village) meets the two Ritualists Alina and Solon. This event chain is pretty straight forward, collect, escort, capture point and boss fight, all the events will hint some of the special mechanics that the boss will use, like the blue light knockback, the red arrow elemental and an extra “light safe zone” but nothing too complicated.

NOTE: This chain will start a few minutes after the event “Protect the ritualists while they repair the shrines” is completed near the Temple of the Dredge, which is the same event required to access the jade portal for the mastery insight.

  • Gather fungal residue to stabilize Verasha, the Speaker defector
  • Protect Verasha while she disables Igne Mossheart’s wards
  • Disrupt Igne Mossheart’s followers in their ritual
  • Defeat Igne Mossheart before he completes the ritual

Cultures of Echovald: The Kurzicks – 3AP

Participate in all the events related to Kurzick culture.

You need to complete a total of 9 events, some are standalone events, some are a chain of events and some are just one event inside a chain, check below for all the details.

  • Assist archaeologists in extracting Kurzick relics from their magical wards.
    • Help the archaeologists extract relics from their magical wards
      • On this event you want to interact with a Rubble to get a Key, then interact with a relic, solve the puzzle and return the relic.
      • Occurs at House zu Heltzer – [&BF8NAAA=]
      • You can obtain the Ward Nemesis achievement check below
  • Stop the Speakers from stealing Kurzick relics.
    • Stop the Speakers from stealing Kurzick relics
      • On this event you want to defend the relics, there are 3 locations to protect, enemies who already grab a relic will show with orange swords.
      • Occurs at House zu Heltzer – [&BF8NAAA=]
      • You can obtain the Theft Deterrence achievement check below

  • Defeat the Speakers harvesting souls in the zu Heltzer cemetery.
    • Defeat the Speakers currently disturbing the cemetery
      • East of Caretaker’s Camp – [&BAkNAAA=]
      • Speak with Tanek and get an Ectospectrometer, use skill 1 to track the ritualists and skill 2 to reveal them, then proceed to kill them.
      • You can get Revealing Ritualists achievement check below
      • You can get Supernaturally Sneaky achievement check below

  • Prevent gang poachers from claiming the corrupted moa.
    • Beat back the gang members before they trample the moa’s remains
      • This is actually the second event on this chain, this will happens after the moa is defeated and you need to beat the gang members to protect the moa remains.
      • Occurs around Saprophyte’s Pond – [&BI0MAAA=]
  • Defeat the corrupted moa currently terrorizing people near the zu Heltzer ruins.
    • Defeat the corrupted moa before it escapes
      • This is actually the first event on this chain, the achievement order is wrong, you need to defeat the moa, each phase has a timer then it moves around.
      • Occurs at Saprophyte’s Pond – [&BI0MAAA=]

  • Help Jan Lutgardis cleanse the Lutgardis ruins with their ancestral songs.
    • Help Jan reconnect with their family’s past by cleansing the site with Lutgardis music
      • Occurs at Lutgardis Ruins – [&BNwMAAA=]
      • Speak to Jan and get the flute. With the flute toggled on, you will be able to see spirits that will help you by showing you each corresponding melody to cure the corruption.
        • Flora (Sickly plants)
        • Wildlife (Sickly animals)
        • Stone (Corrupted Ruins)
        • Water (Corrupted Water)
      • You can get Lutgardis Maestro achievement check below

  • Neutralize the haywire Gods’ Vengeance.
    • Deactivate the haywire Gods’ Vengeance
      • Occurs at Aspenwood Sublevel B1 – [&BNUMAAA=]
      • This is basically the final boss of the Assault on Fort Aspenwood chain event which happens every 2 hours at XX:40 at north of Aspenwood Research Facility – [&BDkNAAA=]
      • The first step is defending the Siege Turtles so check the Friend to Testudines achievement.
      • You can get the Vengeance Is Not Yours achievement check below.

  • Gather the needed sap to restore what might be the final Forever Tree.
    • Collect sap for the restoration ritual before the plants stop producing it
      • Occurs at Forever Tree – [&BOEMAAA=] every 20 minutes
      • You can get the Sticky Fingers achievement check below
  • Protect the sylvari trying to restore the final Forever Tree.
    • Protect the sylvari until the ritual is complete
      • Occurs at Forever Tree – [&BOEMAAA=]

Ward Nemesis – 3AP – 1MP

Successfully disabled 10 wards in a row during the House zu Heltzer archaeology event.

For this achievement you need to correctly solve the relic puzzle 10 times in a row during the event “Help the archaeologists extract relics from their magical wards”. Which means, get the key from the rubble, go to the relic, solve the puzzle, then repeat, without mistakes, then at the end you can return all the relics.

Be aware that other people can progress and finish the event before you finish or you can run out of time.

Theft Deterrence – 3AP

Prevent the Speakers from stealing any relics during the relic raid event. This event occurs after progressing the archaeology event.

For this achievement you need to prevent the loss of any relic during the event “Stop the Speakers from stealing Kurzick relics”. Speakers will head to the zones with the orange shield icon and you can stop them on the way, however once some of them already grab a relic they will show orange swords on their head, focus those as soon as possible, you can’t lose any relic. There are two main exits that the Speakers can take which are the staircases leading to the 2nd floor. Camping these and letting none pass is an effective strategy.

Revealing Ritualists – 1AP

Reveal and defeat 10 Speaker ritualists during the cemetery ghost event.

To earn this achievement you need to reveal and defeat a total of 10 Speakers during the event “Defeat the Speakers currently disturbing the cemetery”. You need to use the Ectospectrometer from Tanek, use skill 1 to track the enemies. Head in the direction of the light created by the device. Red light means you are close and should start to use the skill 2 in the area to reveal them, then defeat them. You don’t need to do all of them at once, you can progress the achievement every time you participate in the event.

Supernaturally Sneaky – 1AP

Complete the cemetery ghost event without being spotted by the ghosts.

During the same event as above, you need to avoid being spotted by the ghosts that are patroling around, they are very easy to identify because they have a large orange circle around them, just avoid them and once the event finishes you will earn the achievement (you need to participate in the event).

Lutgardis Maestro – 3AP

Play all melodies at the Lutgardis Conservatory.

To earn this achievement you need to learn all four songs from the spirits during the event “Help Jan reconnect with their family’s past by cleansing the site with Lutgardis music”. Once you get the flute speak with each spirit and play the correct notes that they will show you.

  • Melody of Water: 2-6-7-5-6-2
  • Melody of Stone: 6-7-6-4-5-3
  • Melody of Flora: 3-4-5-7-6-5
  • Melody of Wildlife: 4-3-2-6-5-3

Friend to Testudines – 3AP

Keep all the siege turtles alive during the assault on Fort Aspenwood.

This achievement can be done on the very first part of the Assault on Fort Aspenwood chain event which happens every 2 hours at XX:40 north of Aspenwood Research Facility – [&BDkNAAA=]

There are 2 sets of Siege Turtle (4 total) that must be protected, the achievement can get harder with more people since the enemies will scale up but the most important thing is having people actively using the canon on the turtles to destroy the generators as soon as possible to progress the area and the turtles will reset their health points.

Check the following video on the attempt I did to get it, you can notice that we almost fail because one turtle had the canon seat empty. I’m not sure how effective healing the turtle is but for sure progressing the area faster by destroying the generators is the best call.

Vengeance Is Not Yours – 3AP – 1MP

Defeat the malfunctioning Gods’ Vengeance without being hit more than 50 times by its abilities.

During the fight with the final boss at the Assault on Fort Aspenwood chain event you need avoid being hit more than 50 times by its attacks. The boss has many AoE attacks, a flame wall, and some kind of electric purple field on the ground, you can track how many chances you have left on the achievement icon but if you really struggle with it you can hit the boss enough and then wait outside the room or even use range from the gate.

Sticky Fingers – 3AP – 1MP

Deposit 5 blobs of sap in a row without getting hit by grub attacks during the last Forever Tree event.

During the event “Collect sap for the restoration ritual before the plants stop producing it” at Forever Tree – [&BOEMAAA=] you need to collect 5 blobs of sap without getting hit by any grub attack. The grubs will only attack while you carry the sap and they shoot poison projectiles at you, avoiding them is not very hard, especially if you can use mobility, stealth, teleports or dodges. More difficult is the fact of delivering all the saps in time, since the event is short and other players could complete it before you gather five of them. Check the video below of my attempt with thief daredevil.

Not Too Worse for Wear – 3AP

Prevent Bei Fung’s mechs from dropping below 90% health during a patrol.

This event occurs every 15 minutes at Xunlai Jade Junkyard Outpost E-1 – [&BAMNAAA=] and you need to escort a Jade mech while preventing their health from dropping below 90% to earn the achievement.

NOTE: The 90% limit might not be exact or bugged because I got the achievement myself with the mech at 85%.

Dance like Bei Fung Is Watching – 0AP (Hidden)

Dance in front of the patrol golem just after Bei Fung boots up her cameras.

In the same event as above, right after the mech gets outside, you have 10 seconds to use the emote /dance in front of the cameras to earn this achievement.

Distant Ancestry – 1AP

Speak with the curious Priory explorer.

Speak with Dierch Ekarus at the Submerged Cathedral to earn this achievement. You can reach to him by the same way you access to the Hero Point but go through the other broken window instead, check the images below for the full path.

Raptor Runner: Echovald Wilds – 1AP

Ride a raptor from the front entrance of Skygazer Cathedral to Saprophyte’s Pond and leap over the ledge into the archway in under one minute without dismounting or teleporting.

Start a bit west of Skygazer Cathedral – [&BP4MAAA=] at the entrance, then head to Saprophyte’s Pond – [&BI0MAAA=] but jumping above the lake towards the tunnel, check the video below to know how to do it:

Springer Fling: Echovald Wilds – 1AP

Ride a springer from Saint Anjeka’s Shrine to the second level of the Temple of the Dredge in under one minute without dismounting or teleporting.

Start on the waterfall area (this is above the POI) of Saint Anjeka’s Shrine – [&BC4NAAA=] and jump through the vines towards Temple of the Dredge – [&BEANAAA=] to the room in the center. check the video below to know how to do it:

Echovald Wilds Diver – 1AP

Slap on your diving goggles and take a dive into the lake near Mori Village.

From Mori Village head to Elder’s Roost – [&BEENAAA=] and use the zip line to reach the goggles.

Head’s Up! – 1AP

Drop three stalactites on the champion amber elemental.

For this achievement you need to lure the Amber Elemental under the stalactites on the ceiling and throw bombs at them so they can fall on top of the elemental during the event “Defeat the rampaging amber elemental” that occurs in a cave at east of the Altrumm Mines – [&BO0MAAA=]

You need to do it three times and can be the same one since the stalactites will respawn, you can use the NPCs to tank the boss as well.


NOTE: While the achievement can already be tricky, the biggest problem is to actually get the event going since it is the third part of an event chain that starts in the same cave:

  • Drive the wallows out of the Altrumm Mines
  • Use bombs to shatter amber deposits and recover the chunks
  • Defeat the rampaging amber elemental

BUG: Currently at the time this guide is published, there are multiple reports that the first event on the chain won’t start on most map instances due to an unknown bug. So if you see Alchemist Lin and Gui NPCs stuck on the town it means the event won’t start on that map. Try again later or swap instances using LFG groups.

The Haunted Altar – 3AP – 1MP

Defeat the spirits haunting the Tangled Altar.

Head to Tangled Altar – [&BLEMAAA=] and interact with the Ancient Kurzick Axe to start the event and defeat the spirits.

The Haunted Court – 3AP – 1MP

Defeat the spirits haunting the Court of Song.

Head to Court of Song – [&BM0MAAA=] and interact with the Ancient Ministry of Purity Mask to start the event and defeat the spirits.

The Haunted Perch – 3AP – 1MP

Defeat the spirits haunting Aoi’s Perch.

Head to Aoi’s Perch – [&BAINAAA=] using the zip lines shown in the map below or with mounts, then interact with the Ancient Tengu Bow to start the event and defeat the spirits.

Well Armored – 1AP

Loot the abandoned armory.

For this achievement you need to complete and loot the final chest in the Vasburg Armory mini-dungeon. Starting from Teleri Village – [&BCkNAAA=] head north into the cave and go towards the wall to find the hidden entrance to the tunnel, at the end you will see a teleport platform that can only be activated after fighting with Lukas Vasburg. Once he reaches 50% health, he will activate the teleport granting you access, you have to repeat the fight with him every time you need to enter again.

Once inside there are 2 rooms with traps in the floor with specific patterns to avoid, however if you are using classes with teleports and leaps you can easily bypass this. You will get an Amber Keystone in the first room and in the second room after crossing the traps, defeat the Veteran to get the Jade Keystone.

Then with the keystones you can place them in the final room and loot the chest to complete the achievement. Check the next achievement for more.

Slippery as a Fish – 1AP

Complete the Vasburg Armory minidungeon without getting hit by any traps.

For this achievement you need to complete the mini-dungeon without getting hit, I strongly recommend you do this with thief, mesmer or another class with teleports, otherwise you can take your time to wait for an opening and leap across. The video below shows the entire process on how to access and complete it without getting hit from a thief point of view.

Resting Heart – 3AP

Clear every room in the Valdhertz Crypts.

As mentioned at the start of this guide, you need to complete the Cryptseeker achievement in order to gain access to the Valdhertz Crypts, interact with the lantern and proceed to complete the rooms of this mini-dungeon.

There are a total of 7 rooms to complete:

  1. Entrance Hall
    • Defeat Kurzick and Dredge enemies through barricades and arrow carts
  2. Makeshift Armory
    • Defeat Spectral Weapons
  3. Hall of Tribute
    • Puzzle, pull the levers in the correct order
      • Flaming, Aqueous, Flaming, Aqueous, Mistral
  4. Living Quarters
    • Defeat Kurzick and Dredge enemies
  5. Magic Laboratory
    • Defeat the veteran necromancer and his summons
  6. Heads of Houses
    • Puzzle, match the weapons with the correct statue
      • Shield = Wallow
      • Sword = White Tiger
      • Dagger = Crane
      • Bow = Kirin
      • Staff = Phoenix
  7. Forest Ruler’s Sepulcher
    • Defeat veteran bosses and destroy the Heart of Grenth

Both Hale and Hearty – 3AP – 1MP

Defeat the Valdhertz bosses without getting struck by their attacks more than 10 times.

This achievement seems to be misleading or wrong, the veteran bosses in the final room can hit you with their attacks and you won’t get affected on the eligibility, but what does affect you are the attacks of the Heart of Grenth that throw void magic orbs at you, simply destroy it before it hits you 10 times.

Valdhertz Victor – 1AP

Complete all the rooms of Valdhertz in a single run.

Check the video below for a full run earning all the achievements:

For the Living, Not the Dead – 5AP (Time-Gated)

Loot chests in Valdhertz Crypts to avenge its fallen.

For this achievement you need to loot a total of 35 chests by completing the mini-dungeon, but you can earn 7 chests per day, so completing this will require at least 5 days.

To Greater Heights – 2AP

Recover a remnant of the Kurzicks and restore it. Echovald Spire Backpiece – Echovald Cathedral Backpiece

For this achievement you need first to obtain the which can be dropped from the Gang Wars meta-event or contained in so you are limited by luck.

Once you get it you need to upgrade it to an ascended version with the following recipe on the mystic forge:

  • 250
  • 250
  • 1
  • 1

What Did the Shrine Guardians Say? – 10AP

Played with all shrine guardian infants in the Echovald Wilds at least once.

This achievement requires you to find 35 Shrine Guardian Infants, which you can find the guide for it below:


Echovald Wilds Jade Bot Racer: Gold – 3AP

Echovald Wilds Jade Bot Racer: Silver – 2AP

The time limit for this adventure is 5 minutes, fly your jade bot and grab 30 targets for Silver medal and 40 targets for Gold medal. Check the video below to know how to do it.

Echovald Wilds Siege Turtle Ace: Gold – 3AP

Echovald Wilds Siege Turtle Ace: Silver – 2AP

This adventure requires 2 players, and both can get the achievement at the same time. The time limit is 3 minutes and requires players to destroy different targets around. Some targets can be destroyed by the pilot using Slam ability and other targets can be destroyed by shooting the cannons. For the Silver medal a total of 30 targets is needed and for Gold medal a total of 40 targets. Check the video below on how to do it.

NOTE: While underwater you cannot shoot cannons, the pilot need to pull the turtle high and then shoot cannons while in air.

Extra Achievements

Dancing Barefoot – 0AP (Hidden)

Danced barefoot on the dance floor of Canach’s secret airship.

You can only get this achievement while the story chapter Empty is active so you can get access to the Secret Cavern – [&BGkNAAA=] otherwise you can’t interact with the door.

So if you need you can quickly replay the chapter, and inside the airship where all the NPC’s are dancing, remove your boots and use the /dance emote.

Lighting the Echovald Wilds – 2AP

Transfer power to 59 jade lanterns at points of interest in the Echovald Wilds.

For this achievement you need to interact and power up (with Jade Charge) a total of 59 Jade Lanterns around The Echovald Wilds. Basically revisiting all the locations required for exploring the map.

NOTE: The Lanterns aren’t visible until you fully complete the map. If you still don’t see them after map completion you might need to relog.

NOTE: Lanterns that have aleady been lit can’t be interacted with again until the achievement is complete so you can’t waste charges.

NOTE: This achievement can be repeated in order to gain an extra Chest of the Jade Explorer which contains Lamplighter’s Badge.

Weekly Echovald Wilds Jade Treasure Recovery – 0AP

Complete the Gang War of Echovald.

Complete the Gang Wars meta-event one time per week. This will reward you a Jade Cathedral Statuette.

Hero Points


Mastery Insights



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    • You mean Cultures of Echovald: The Kurzicks and Revealing Ritualists? It’s the same event I did it myself

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