Uncategorized Fractal Guide

GW2. Uncatergorized Fractal Guide

The Uncategorized Fractal takes place in an abandoned asura city.


Begin by ascending the jumping puzzle with harpies. You can kill the harpies one by one, or you can try to run through with reflects and stability. Be careful because the harpies can cripple and knock you down. Once at the top, Mesmers can portal the rest of their allies to the top.

The next room has four mobs in cages. Open them by breaking the console. The two main threats are the Ettin and the Flame Legion Charr. The Bandit and the Rabbit can be trouble as well but they die easily. The rabbit can one shot players but it is super low health. Cleave the bandit and rabbit safely then focus on the Flame Legion. The Ettin has strong attacks but they are slow and easy to avoid. The Flame Legion Charr can shoot fire projectiles out and create lava fonts. Kill it while kiting the Ettin.

Next ascend the ramp and there will be a puzzle. You must get to the top without being hit by any of the electrical pulses. You can side step, dodge, block, reflect, invuln, or port through them to reach the top. Once at the top you can disable the puzzle by interacting with three panels. Either three players must finish the puzzle, or ports can be used to allow one player to interact with multiple.

Golem Bosses

The next room has a golem boss. Simply DPS Old Tom and ignore the mechanics if your party has enough healing and sustain. If your party cannot survive long enough to kill it, you must charge the fan using the panels at the three corners of the room to ventilate the poison gas. The central panel turns on the fan, but you must charge the other two using the objects you can pick up at the central panel.

There is another harpy jumping puzzle afterwards. This one is much longer so it is harder to get through using the rush method. Consider killing some of the beginning harpies and then running through the rest with reflects and stability.

Once at the top you will face an asura boss, but you must defeat all of the cat-roleplaying golems to beat it. The boss is invulnerable but will shoot orbs at players frequently. Taking as many reflects as possible will help minimize the damage taken from this and allow the party to focus on the golems. Players targeted by the orbs from the boss can also dodge towards the orbs rather than away to dodge all of them.

Players will also periodically get a debuff above them. These act as electrical charges, denoted by either a circle for positive or a line for negative above their head. Players with opposite charges should avoid each other and players with same charges should group up. Each golem will fight you one at a time, then at the end they will all face you again at the same time. Saving reflects for this time is important to minimize the pressure taken from the boss while dealing with all four golems. Try to focus golems one at a time if you aren’t able to reflect or do large AoE damage because they can be healthy. Professor Mew is one of the hardest to kill because of the permanent protection, so avoid it at first.

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