Volcanic Fractal Guide

GW2. Volcanic Fractal Guide

The Volcanic Fractal is a pursuit of a grawl shaman who has taken human villagers as hostages.

Volcanic Rim

Begin by taking out the waves of grawl by line of sighting them around the rocks. Then travel down the corridor with flaming boulders by running behind the boulders then swapping lanes and getting behind boulders that pass you in the other lane.

Afterwards, you must confront the Grawl Shaman. The boss is invulnerable at first. You must pick up infused stones around the room and throw them at the boss to remove stacks of their shield. While doing this, grawl will spawn in the back of the room and walk towards the captive villagers besides the shaman. Kill them while slowing them down with cripples before they reach the villagers. If four grawl reach the villagers the fight will fail and need restarting.

Once the shield is gone, the villager threat is gone and you can attack the grawl shaman. The boss will occassionally get its shield again. One stone will be enough to break it. You only need to damage the boss and break its bar afterwards.


Follow the cave through a few jumps until you reach the grawl shaman’s final form. Standing still during this encounter will burn you so always strafe. Also try to avoid the recesses in the ground because magma will eventually fill these up and deal damage to you. Reflects are very effective on this encounter to avoid the arrow the boss shoots. It also does an attack where it flies high into the air and drops down, leaving many fire fields. This is the most dangerous attack so get some distance to avoid it.

Every 25% of the bosses HP it will gain a shield and approach one of the villagers around the edges. If the boss reaches a villager it will heal the 25% that you did to it. Prevent it from reaching the villager by attacking the shield until it loses all of its stacks. Quick but independent attacks. Attacks that are slow don’t lower the stacks fast enough, and some multiple hitting attacks do not count because they are too quick. Also lava elementals will spawn at the same time as the shield. These elementals will immobilize and deal damage to your party. You can put reflects up so your party can focus on the shield, or use condition cleanses.

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