War Eternal Achievements Guide

GW2. A complete achievement guide of the Living World Season 4 Episode 6 “War Eternal”

Total achievements: 61 – 238AP (Include Skyscale achievements)

“War Eternal” Mastery – 25AP

This is the meta achievement for which you need to complete 18 eligible achievements. The reward for this is a Corsair Boot Box.

Story Completion Achievements – 0AP – 1MP

The End – 0AP
Journal: The End Completed

Complete the story chapter “The End”

Landfall – 0AP
Journal: Landfall Completed

Complete the story chapter “Landfall”

Glory of Dragons – 0AP
Journal: Glory of Dragons Complete

Complete the story chapter “Glory of Dragons”

Bleed – 0AP
Journal: Bleed Complete

Complete the story chapter “Bleed”

Heart to Heart – 0AP – 1MP
Journal: Heart to Heart Completed

Complete the story chapter “Descent”

Story Instance Achievements – 3AP

Salt on the Wound – 1AP
Story Instance: The End

Successfully inflict 10 wounds on Kralkatorrik during the flight sequence. You have two chances to attack the weak points, the first time when Kralkatorrik enter the Melandru’s Realm and the second time in the Underworld.

You need to manually click the weak points and then use your skill #1 to fire. Each weak point takes three hits to be destroyed, you can change targets once the projectile is mid-air to save time.

NOTE: Due to a bug this might not be able to achieve normally, but you can just target one or two Weak Points and spam the attack on the same point.

Scissors of Fate – 1AP
Story Instance: Heart to Heart

Help block the ley nodes that are healing Kralkatorrik in under 5 minutes. To make this achievement easier, use your Drabonsblood Spear to quickly kill the Branded enemies from a distance.

Dexterous Dodger – 1AP
Story Instance: Heart to Heart

Defeat Kralkatorrik without triggering any Branded Traps. The traps have the form of a Branded Crystal, which explode on touch, and they will be around during the entire instance. Using range weapons will make it easier and you can let Aurene trigger them for you as well.

There is no time limit to this achievement or encounter, so playing safe with ranged can make avoiding the traps very easy.

Map Achievements – 133AP – 7MP

The Battle of Dragonfall – 25AP – 1MP

This is the map-wide meta-event of Dragonfall, for the achievement you need to complete it 25 times. The objective of the event is to establish Tier 4 status at the three camps: Mist Warden, Olmakhan and Crystal Bloom.

Each camp event starts on Pact Command Waypoint – [&BN4LAAA=] with their respective escort. Once each group reaches their destination, a waypoint will be available and players need to complete events to raise the camp influence.

Once all three camps reach Tier 4 the main event called “Break the Crystal Dragon” starts.

More events will take place until the Central Brandstorm collapse and you can proceed to the final step “Engage Kralkatorrik”.

There are four important mechanics to mention:

  • Shrines: There are three shrines around the event area that you can use as free waypoints, They can be used while in combat, and even downed (the shrine will revive you). These are very important for movement and to restock Ember Charges or Spears.
  • Crystal Pylons: During the event these pylons will rise and hover at random locations. When 10 pylons are active the entire area will be covered by a lightning field killing players in the zone. You need to use Griffon or Skyscale and use the special skill “Soul Binder” on them and “Release”. It’s important to have some players dedicated to this task.
  • Ember Charges: Near each shrine you can restock charges and they are used to destroy Branded structures “Crystal Assemblers” to prevent more enemies from spawning “Branded Turrets” to prevent burning to allies.
  • Dragonsblood Spears: At same location near shrines you can restock, the Spears are used mostly to remove the protection “Crystal Shielded” on the legendary bosses.

The final encounter has three phases:

  • Phase 1: Weak Points
    • Up to three Weak Points will show on the map with an orange dragon icon. These points are protected by a layer of Branded crystal, so three or more players need to stand inside the small white circle until Aurene attacks the Weak Point allowing you to damage it. An Elite Branded Mender will be summoned to try to seal the wound and you need to quickly kill the Mender or the Weak Point before it gets sealed. Once 6 Weak Points are destroyed the second phase begins.
  • Phase 2: Legendary Branded
    • Three Legendary Branded Bosses will spawn near each shrine and players need to defeat them at same time. The time window is 30 seconds to kill them together, otherwise they regenerate at 55% health.
  • Phase 3: Weak Points
    • Exactly as the Phase 1 but more Crystal Pylons will spawn. Once 6 more Weak Points are destroyed, the event is completed. Kralkatorrik will crystallize and you can loot the chests.

Hat Trick – 3AP

Defeat the 3 legendary creatures during the final assault of the meta event. Each of these bosses must be defeated around the same time to finish the meta, but it is possible for you to tag multiple. However, this isn’t really necessary since you must complete the meta multiple times anyway. You can focus on one boss per map.

  • Legendary Branded Hydra
  • Legendary Branded Riftstalker Matriarch
  • Legendary Death-Branded Wrathbringer

Show Some Restraint – 3AP

While mounted, use 50 Soul Binders. During the final assault on Kralkatorrik you can use the special skill on Crystal Pylons to progress the achievement.

Eternally Yours – 3AP

Throw 100 Eternal Embers at foes in Dragonfall. You can pick up Eternal Embers during the event “Collect eternal embers” in the Burning Forest. These can also drop from the shadow creatures in the area.

Melandru’s Lost Domain Slayer – 20AP

Kill 1000 foes in Melandru’s Lost Domain region. These slayer achievements take the most time to do, so getting started on them early will allow you to take breaks to split up the monotony.

Underworld Slayer – 20AP

Kill 1000 foes in the Grenth’s Underworld region.

Burning Forest Slayer – 20AP

Kill 1000 foes in Balthazar’s Burning Forest region.

Friends in High Places – 1AP

Speak to Sayida or Taimi on the airship which flies around the perimeter of Dragonfall. You can see the airship icon on the minimap to know where it currently is. The easiest place to board the airship is when it passes the crystal wing, but you can still board the airship from anywhere if you get enough height with the griffon.

Sniper’s Nest – 1AP

Be within earshot of Zafirah when she starts picking off enemies. Zafirah will randomly assist in events. She will talk to you on the communicator triggering the achievement. Simply keep doing events and you eventually will get this achievement for free.

Celebrity Sighting – 0AP (Hidden)

Be assisted by a familiar face in the battle of Dragonfall. Same way as the “Sniper’s Nest” achievement. Aurene will randomly appear to help during events on the map. Simply participating in these events near her when she arrives will eventually get you this achievement.

How to Feed Your Skyscale – 5AP

Collect 300 Volatile Magic while riding a Skyscale in Dragonfall. The easiest place to get this done is at the Wing’s Shadow where there is a chain of Volatile Magic.

Mist Shard Armor – 26AP

The Mist Shard armor set is obtained individually from these achievements below. Once you have a piece of Mist Shard armor, you can purchase the upgraded skin “Blossoming Mist Shard” from the Traveling Elonian Vendor NPC.

Putting Out Fires – 3AP

Complete 10 events in Balthazar’s Burning Forest region. This will reward the Mist Shard Shoulders Box.

Life in the Underworld – 3AP

Complete 10 events in Grenth’s Underworld region. This will reward the Mist Shard Leggings Box.

Cutting Weeds – 3AP

Complete 10 events in Melandru’s Lost Domain region. This will reward the Mist Shard Boot Box.

Chasing Waterfalls – 9AP

This achievement rewards the Mist Shard Helm Box. Look behind 9 different waterfalls. Locations shown in the map below.

Championship Bout – 5AP

This will award the Mist Shard Coat Box. Defeat all champions in Dragonfall. The Ley-Infused champions will only appear after the final assault of the meta-event. There is plenty of time to get all of them done in the twenty minutes available if your squad is quick.

  • Ley-Infused Branded Ogre
  • Ley-Infused Hydra
  • Ley-Infused Branded Forgotten Priest
  • Ley-Infused Ghost Flayer
  • Ley-Infused Branded Air Elemental
  • Ley-Infused Branded Hydra
  • Ley-Infused Nature Elemental
  • Ley-Infused Branded Devourer
  • Ley-Infused Shadow Elemental

The other 3 champions are not found during the final phase, but can be found during the event chains of each camp progress.

  • Champion Abyssal
    • Spawns in the Scorched Cliffs of the Burning Forest
  • Champion Nature Elemental
    • Spawns in The Skein of Melandru’s region
  • Arbiter of the Dead
    • Spawns off the Necrotic Coast of the Underworld

My Beautiful Infrastructure – 3AP

Participate in 25 Bridge events. There are four locations where bridge events can occur shown below. After building the bridge the first time, there will be defense events to prevent branded from breaking the bridge, and these events will generally reappear 15 minutes after the last successful defense. This will reward the Mist Shard Glove Box.

Mastery Insights – 6AP – 6MP

Dragonfall Insight: Above the Umbral Battlegrounds – 1AP – 1MP

Interact with the Mastery Insight to earn the achievement. This mastery insight requires the Skyscale. You must climb to the very top of the burnt trees and hover on top of the mastery insight while channeling it.

Dragonfall Insight: Dragon’s Snare – 1AP – 1MP

Interact with the Mastery Insight to earn the achievement. Follow the water in the canyon next to Kralkatorrik’s body and enter a crevice in the mountain. Only after the final assault of the map meta-event has been finished can this mastery insight be reached. Otherwise there will be a branded wall blocking the crevice.

Dragonfall Insight: Gnarlgrove Overlook – 1AP – 1MP

Interact with the Mastery Insight to earn the achievement. Climb to the top of the mountains in the northwest area of the Melandru region to reach this mastery insight.

Dragonfall Insight: Grenth’s Teeth Coastline – 1AP – 1MP

Interact with the Mastery Insight to earn the achievement. Find this mastery insight in the southwestern corner of Grenth’s Underworld region.

Dragonfall Insight: Scorched Cliffs Treetop – 1AP – 1MP

Interact with the Mastery Insight to earn the achievement. Climb the cliffs west of the Crystal Bloom camp in Balthazar’s Burning Forest to reach this mastery insight.

Dragonfall Insight: Skyscale Eyrie – 1AP – 1MP

Interact with the Mastery Insight to earn the achievement. Find this mastery insight on a plateau on the southern coast of the Grenth’s Underworld region.


One of the main events of this episode includes obtaining the Skyscale mount. The entire guide for obtaining one of the hardest to obtain mounts is provided here.


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