Warclaw Mount Achievement Guide

GW2. A complete guide on how to unlock the Warclaw Mount for World vs World.

Getting Started

The Warclaw mount can be obtained through World vs World, and it’s actually the only mount that you can use in this game mode. You can also use it on any other PvE area as well.

You are required to own Path of Fire expansion. At least 1 World Ability Point must be spent on the Warclaw Mastery section to unlock the collection which rewards the mount.

Warclaw Companion

Warclaw Companion is the collection you unlock and requires you to do a bunch of World vs World tasks in order to complete it. All the objectives need to be completed in default WvW maps, it does not include Edge of the Mists.

  • Warclaw Emblem: Acquire a warclaw emblem by spending one World Ability Point in the Warclaw Mastery section of the WvW menu.
  • Warclaw Gorget: Capture a keep.
  • Warclaw Horn Spikes: Capture a camp
  • Warclaw Saddle: Capture a tower.
  • Warclaw Helmet: Unlock the warclaw helmet by completing the Warclaw Reward Track.
  • Warclaw Body Armor: Unlock the warclaw body armor by purchasing it with 50 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets from the Warclaw Tender.
  • Warclaw Leg Armor: Use 250 Badges of Honor to purchase warclaw leg armor at the Warclaw Tender.
  • Warclaw Tail Armor: Unlock the warclaw tail armor by looting it from guards.

All the items you need to get are pretty easy if you already play WvW regularly, but for players who are new here are some tips and information about it.

Here you can see all 3 maps of WvW with each different type of objective that you need to capture (Keep, Tower, Camp).

Completing the reward track will take some time. You need to maintain your participation while you are in WvW by just simply being active and taking objectives, defending, or fighting. You can also boost reward tracks by using Potions of WvW Rewards, which you can earn every day from the daily achievements. On average, it takes 8 hours to complete the Warclaw Reward Track without Potion of WvW Rewards or any bonuses. Some guilds will have access to WvW Reward track bonuses available at the tavern in their guild hall. Boosters can also be used to speed up the progress.

The other items are bought from the Warclaw Tender which you can find on any map at spawn location, and you will need WvW specific currency.

WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets are the currency related to the “pips” that you earn while you maintain your participation, you will need 50 of these.

Badges of Honor are the other WvW specific currency, you will need 250 of these and you can earn these by many different sources, as random drops from enemies, enemy NPCs, Skirmish Chests, and even from the WvW Jumping Puzzle chests.

Once you complete the collection, you will earn the Warclaw Certificate of Ownership, and with it, you can finally unlock the mount on the Warclaw Tender after spend 8 Gold.

World Abilities

Once you have the Warclaw, you can spend more of your World Abilitiy Points (WAP) to unlock more skills and mechanics. To max out the Warclaw Mastery you will need a total of 166 points. You earn these points each time you rank up by earning World Experience.

  1. Unlock the Warclaw companion achievement. 1WAP
  2. While mounted, periodically grant nearby allies the ability to run at warclaw speed. 15WAP
  3. Your warclaw gains an extra stamina bar. 20WAP
  4. Battle Maul deals increased damage to enemies who are in a downed state. 25WAP
  5. Unlock a second skill that allows your warclaw to detect enemies. 30WAP
  6. Unlock a third skill that allows your warclaw to pull on gates to damage them. 35WAP
  7. Unlock a fourth skill that enables you to throw a spear at a mounted player, dismounting you both. 40WAP


You will unlock most of these skills once you spend points on the Warclaw Mastery, and also you will improve the Skill 1 by doing it.

  1. Superior Battle Maul: Pounce on foes, dealing increased damage to foes who are in a downed state.
  2. Sniff: Detects the scent of nearby enemies and temporarily marks their location on the map.
  3. Chain Pull: Damage gates by pulling on them with a chain that’s attached to your warclaw.
  4. Lance: Throw a lance at your target. Hitting mounted foes dismount both them and you.
  5. Dash: Rapidly dash forward and evade attacks.

Warclaw Achievements

Always Land on Your Feet – 1AP

This achievement must be done in WvW, and you must drop from high enough to “break” your mount. You will die by fall damage be aware.

Console Crasher – 1AP

From the Metrical Court Waypoint – [&BBMEAAA=] , head southwest to the south corner in the College of Synergetics area.

Fatal Fangs – 10AP

This achievement is repeatable up to 10 times to earn the maximum AP. You need to use your skill 1 Superior Battle Maul on enemy downed players 5 times, so you will need a total of 50 times total.

Fish Out of Water – 1AP

To earn this achievement, simply jump into the water while using your Warclaw.

Guildrider Warclaw Skin Reward Track – 0AP

Purchase the Guildrider Warclaw Skin Reward Track from the Reward Track Vendor. It costs 200 Gold and once you complete it, you will earn a mount skin for your Warclaw.

Is This a Scratching Post? – 1AP

From Upper Commons Waypoint – [&BLoEAAA=] , go into the Omphalos Chamber, mount your Warclaw, and use Battle Maul on the Avatar of the Tree. The Pale Tree will cower and you will be ejected from the instance. This only happens once.

Lap Cat – 1AP

From Great Lodge Waypoint – [&BNUDAAA=] , go through The Great Lodge and enter Knut Whitebear’s Loft. Mount your Warclaw and go to the seat of Knut Whitebear.

Not on the Guest List – 10AP

Use the Warclaw’s Chain Pull skill to damage gates in WvW. You need to do a total of 100,000 damage so this will take a while.

Officially Uninvited – 20AP

Once you completed Not on the Guest List you will unlock this repeatable achievement which requires you to do the same. Each time you reach 100,000 damage, you will earn 2AP, so you can repeat up to 10 times to earn the maximum AP.

Perfect Fit (Hidden) – 4AP

Sit in each of the many boxes throughout Tyria. You need to use your Warclaw.

1- Sit in a box near the blue catmander. Blue Alpine Borderlands or Green Alpine Borderlands.

2- Sit in a box near the yellow catmander. Red Desert Borderlands.

3- Keep watch over the prisoners from a box in the Grove. Ronan’s Waypoint – [&BLwEAAA=]

4- Closely watch the fish from a box in Rata Sum. Apprentice Waypoint – [&BLcEAAA=]

5- Sit in a box and prepare for war in the Black Citadel. Mustering Ground Waypoint – [&BKUDAAA=]

6- Keep warm in a box while paying your respects in Hoelbrak. Snow Leopard Waypoint – [&BIcDAAA=]

7- Sit in a box to join the menagerie in Divinity’s Reach. Melandru Waypoint – [&BCcDAAA=]

8- Watch the light move from a box in Lion’s Arch. Claw Island Portage Waypoint – [&BA8EAAA=]

Savage Scholar – 4AP

Collect pages of “The Warclaw” book. You have to pick up all 8 Scrap of Paper around Eternal Battlegrounds.

1- The Warclaw (Incomplete) – You will get this one automatically when you pick up your first Scrap of Paper

2- Rules of the Mists – You can find it next to your home waypoint on Eternal Battlegrounds spawn.

3- Fractal State – Find a book page in Mendon’s Gap, Langor Gulch, or Aldon’s Ledge.

4- Mysterious Armor – Find a book page in Anzalias Pass, Quentin Lake, or Wildcreek Run.

5- Reunited – Find a book page in Ogrewatch Cut, Durios Gulch, or Klovan Gully.

6- Warclaw – Find a book page in Orgath Uplands.

7- Spirit of the Armor – Find a book page in Darkrait Inlet.

8- Further Studies – Find a book page in Molevekian Delve.

Sleepy Kitty – 1AP

From Palace Waypoint – [&BCkDAAA=] , go in front of Seraph Headquarters.

Smodur’s Blessing – 1AP

From Imperator’s Waypoint – [&BK0DAAA=] , go forward and enter The Command Core. Go to The War Council and speak with Smodur the Unflinching while mounted on your Warclaw. If this method does not seem to work for you, try using a character that hasn’t yet explored this area.

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