WvW Roaming Tier List – 2023

GW2. WvW Roaming Tier List. What is the best class? Best Roaming Builds of 2023. Builds for Guild Wars 2 World vs World.

Disclaimer: This tier list is only based on personal opinion, experience, and playstyle preference. Some specializations will perform better when solo and others when allies are around or in groups.

📣 What is roaming exactly?

For the purposes of this roaming tier list, “roaming” is considered to be small scale combat in the range of 1 to 5 players (party size). While solo roaming is possible, do not expect others to engage you fairly, especially if your class has an advantage against theirs. This tier list will consider the potential of solo and party scale. Healers aren’t necessarily considered because they are more for “zerg” compositions. Bringing dedicated supports for roaming is a bit awkward because it eventually scales your group up into a situation where you’re so large you run over roamers but are too small to fight other zergs.


This tier list will get updated after each major balance patch. Check patch notes HERE!

Feel free to disagree and discuss, you are also invited to share your opinion in the comments or Discord.

📣 How do roaming builds work?

From my perspective, the best specializations for roaming are the ones with these three characteristics:

  • Self Sustain
  • Mobility
  • Burst Damage

Keep in mind that while this roaming tier list is meant to compare the classes, WvW doesn’t have a strict “meta” and anything can be viable by how you play, there are many possible playstyles that win fights, even avoiding fights. However, what I personally consider as the best way to roam is playing aggressive to engage in fights when you can get kills and using mobility to avoid disadvantageous situations like bad matchups or being outnumbered. While solo or in a small party, you can scout and capture/defend objectives because that will also create situations where you find these fights.

This hit and run playstyle most resembles the optimal behavior of a thief, which is why even during times when thief is underpowered as a class it is still one of the best roamers. Likewise, despite healers being strong in large scale combat, they do not play into this opportunistic playstyle of roaming. Healers often are forced to fight to the death and have little chasing power due to low mobility. This also means that classes good at 1v1 aren’t necessarily the best, because you can’t force anyone to fight you in the large WvW maps, you need mobility and “chase potential.”

📣Roles and Playstyle

Some classes and builds are better at quick burst fights and some are better at longer sustained fights. Usually what defines these differences are the builds of each class. By playstyle we can define two roles within the set of players who roam: Roamer and Bruiser.

  • “Roamer” is not the most distinctive way to label a role for roaming, but it is the typical way you should play, with high mobility and burst to get in and get out quick, basically like a thief. They may not be as great in 1v1 due to investing more in mobility and burst than sustain.
  • “Bruiser” is more like a tank that can stall and beat enemies in a battle of attrition, basically like a warrior. They can be great at 1v1s due to their high sustain, but may struggle to secure kills.

When roaming in a group, both roles gain relevance. The Bruiser can engage, survive being focused, and pressure to burn enemy cooldowns. The Roamer can follow after an engagement with burst damage to secure kills on key targets.

Almost all specializations have builds to cover both roles but not all of them perform the same in both roles. Each role can be useful in solo or party situations; but selfish classes that do well in 1v1s may not work so well in a group, and classes that provide a lot of utility to their team may lack the same presence when alone.

Tier List

Core specializations will not be considered for this tier list because elite specializations are almost always the best option, however I will add honorable mentions in the end to some core classes that can still perform pretty well although with a bit more effort.

S Tier

As a meme, I’m going to call this the “Shame Tier” but only because these specializations are very overpowered and even “broken” compared to the rest. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play them, they are fun and they perform well with very low effort. Blame the game not the player.

I play overpowered builds myself sometimes, but personally get bored after a while and tend to look for something more challenging. It is a good idea to start by playing these specializations for easy wins until you want to try something new.

  • Daredevil
    • Best Role: Roamer
    • Thieves are by nature solo roamers and they are good at it, especially this spec because of the triple dodge. With the return of Steal to Daredevil there is no more trade-off, so now other builds are viable with it as well, such as Sword/Dagger.
    • Shadow Arts is still insanely strong due to Shadow Rejuvenation giving so much initiative and much more from stealth, and very easy access to stealth to abuse that. Thieves can also bring huge utility to party roaming with smoke fields that can be blasted for stealth to help your team disengage outnumbered fights or to stealth engage. It is also perfect for ganking enemies because you can burst targets down quickly and chase down enemies low on cooldowns so they can’t escape and reset. The opportunistic playstyle is the key of roaming and this is the best spec for it.
    • While other alternatives with Pistols and Bound dodge are possible and oppressive by abusing stealth attacks with blind, these builds usually have very low impact in larger fights and are easily countered by reflects and reveals. Your build instantly becomes much worse than almost every other thief build option because the lack of chasing potential as well.

  • Willbender
    • Best Role: Roamer
    • It has huge burst damage and insane mobility, when played aggressively it’s unstoppable. The mobility to engage or escape is what makes this spec one of the best. A chain of teleports, leaps and evades can make you travel huge distances almost instantly.
    • Besides the mobility, this spec is top tier due to the insane burst damage while being virtually invulnerable through blocks, blind and stability from many sources but especially from Crashing Courage which has a questionably low cooldown while using the right traits. It is even possible to “zerg dive” and perform so much AoE burst damage without complications.
    • While the celestial build is better for sustained fights and solo survival, the most effective variant is the power build to perform as an actual roamer and get out after the job is done.

  • Soulbeast
    • Best Role: Roamer
    • This spec has incredible sustain, incredible mobility, and insane burst damage. So it has the best balance of all the three most important characteristics. This spec is also the most beginner friendly and can reach a very high skill cap when mastered.
    • Ranger is always a good pick because weapon range and overpowered defensive core traits such as Beastmastery and Wilderness Survival, basically a built-in tankyness that will mitigate most damage without any effort, such as Protection on dodge. Soulbeast adds to this with an insane amount of damage modifiers from traits and the merge with pet mechanic.
    • While Longbow range always has the most advantage in open field, other weapon combinations such as Sword/Warhorn are very strong and mobile as well. Special mention to “Sic ‘Em” to counter thieves and the insane “get out of jail for free” Dolyak Stance on a short cooldown.

  • Harbinger
    • Best Role: Bruiser
    • This spec could be the number 1 easily, but it has a very important issue, most attacks are projectiles and have short radius so it can become useless in bigger fights and situations when enemies have reflects. However, despite the projectile hate in WvW, the damage and sustain from this spec is out of this world which makes it one of the best bruisers for small scale with the ability to debunk other heavy targets that rely on boons due to the overpowered synergy between Path of Corruption and Dark Barrage with up to 5 corruptions on a short cooldown. The passive AoE quickness from shroud is also a strong benefit for party roaming.
    • While it can be very tanky with certain trait combinations for solo fights, Harbinger is still weak against focused burst damage because it lacks the “extra health bar” from other necromancer specs. Harbinger Shroud offers good mobility skills to engage or escape, and using these to position is necessary to survive.
    • While the Power build is not bad and probably should be the intended way to play for “high risk high reward”, the amount of synergy that Harbinger gains from celestial stats is too great due to the combination of core traits such as Curses and the insane heal while easily maintaining Blight stacks especially when supplemented with Blood Magic.

  • Vindicator
    • Best Role: Bruiser
    • Basically this spec is back to the highest tier because of the Evasion Relic. Many vigor sources were nerfed in the past to avoid the dodge spam, but the enhanced effect from Song of Arboreum is still the same. Now with the relic granting a very questionable amount of vigor on evade, it makes Vindicator really strong again.
    • While the main weakness of this spec is Immobilize (can’t dodge), it can be totally ignored by just using Battle Dance to evade and gain resistance. Alliance Stance is the most overpowered revenant legend by far which in combination with Shiro mobility makes Vindicator the most versatile bruiser spec.
    • Due to incredible sustain from Salvation traits, this spec can afford offensive stats and actually survive long enough to do its job.

A Tier

These specs are currently very good and very viable in most situations and with a little bit more effort they are at the same level as the previous tier.

  • Druid
    • Best Role: Bruiser
    • Immobilize is the strongest condition in WvW and druids apply it the most with many cover conditions to lock enemies down. Combine this with the versatility and survivability of a ranger and you have a very strong class in most situations. However, it isn’t quite as rewarding as a soulbeast due to its more defensive nature, which is the only thing keeping it from the S tier.
    • Suggested Builds:

  • Catalyst
    • Best Role: Bruiser
    • The best counter to elementalists is CC, and with the high uptime of stability from Catalyst, this weakness can be fortified. The Jade Spheres also give many boons and a pulsing AoE field which counters Blind and Aegis. There are so many viable builds for this spec that it is obviously very good and actually one of the best for group roaming. Currently the celestial alternatives are the best for Catalyst, but playing as power is still viable.
    • Suggested Builds:

  • Renegade
    • Best Role: Bruiser
    • Using Shortbow means free built-in damage and by using Salvation sustain Renegade is still one of the best picks for revenant. Having high pressure from hybrid ranged damage (Vindication trait gives free 25 might) while still being able to bring huge utility to allies with the Jalis legend or even Ventari for projectile denial makes Renegade a very versatile option.

  • Specter
    • Best Role: Roamer
    • While this spec is not intended for solo because it can be punished by CC and focus very easily, it is still a thief spec and that means it can be very slippery. The damage output is very high if allowed to freely cast, especially with the condition burst from the Akeem Relic. The Power build is “high risk high reward” so it is more like the traditional thief playstyle even though it is worse than daredevil at that. However, Specter is really strong in group roaming due to its capabilities of supporting and assisting allies while still providing pressure, boon rip, and immobilize to enemies.

  • Deadeye
    • Best Role: Roamer
    • By far the most annoying build to play against due to permanent and easy access to stealth, persistent ranged damage, and extreme mobility. This is a good pick for solo roaming because of its ability to go wherever it wants. However, stealth reveals and projectile reflects counter deadeyes too much for them to be a reliable class. When you do go against these counters it feels much worse to play, but when you aren’t against them it’s very easy to play.
    • Suggested Build:

  • Virtuoso
    • Best Role: Roamer
    • Virtuoso lost access to block on F5 a while ago but regained some blocks from access to the Shield weapon. While its nature is still mostly defensive through blocks/evades for blade generation, using the Dagger main-hand has allowed a very strong roamer playstyle with unblockable ranged burst damage, which is gained very often by dodging. Celestial is still great for a bruiser role.

  • Scrapper
    • Best Role: Roamer
    • A very fast-paced and high APM playstyle along with barrier rewarded for damage dealt makes Scrapper the strongest version of engineer. Grenades are still the best damage source, but Mortar became a good alternative as well because it frees up an extra utility slot that grenades would take up, and the Chronomancer Relic gives high quickness uptime from using Gyros. With Tools traits it can improve the cleanse capabilities but in the end immobilize, boon corrupts, and other conditions are the biggest counter, that’s why it can’t see its full potential often because it does not handle pressure well.

  • Bladesworn
    • Best Role: Bruiser
    • This spec may be the best pick for warriors due to the high sustain and unblockable damage. The projectile reflect from Aegis also allows it to shrug off a lot of damage it would take from range. It does scale up in larger fights, but it does not handle being outnumbered as well due to its susceptibility to CC and conditions. While it’s very strong for 1v1, it’s not the best warrior for every situation due to its clunkiness.
    • Suggested Build:

B Tier

These specs are very good but they lack the full extent of versatility compared to the others above, especially with the three main factors which are necessary for roaming in my opinion.

  • Reaper
    • Best Role: Roamer
    • Bad at being focused, good at focusing. The Reaper is very rewarding to play because chill and boon removal secures kills, but can be frustrating when outnumbered due to its reliance on melee range. If using the stability, Wurm, and Spectral Walk properly, a good reaper can still survive long enough to get kills.
    • Suggested Builds:

  • Mirage
    • Best Role: Roamer
    • With energy sigils granting a full dodge in WvW, Mirages can abuse the ambush mechanic and spam constant pressure over enemies. With the return of the second dodge this spec became more powerful but Immobilize (can’t dodge) is now a bigger threat to its survival. With the new expansion Mirage is allowed to use Dagger and a new best playstyle was created. However, similar to the Harbinger case it can be totally invalidated by projectile denial.
    • Suggested Builds:

  • Spellbreaker
    • Best Role: Bruiser
    • Although Full Counter is one of the best tools in the game, it’s been nerfed to not be as valuable unless it hits an enemy. This means spellbreakers will lack sustain when being chased from range, but when fighting up close it is still one of the most powerful classes due to its high amount of CC and boon removal. It is still the best bruiser option for warriors because of its survivability while outnumbered.
    • Suggested Builds:

  • Holosmith
    • Best Role: Roamer
    • Although susceptible to CC, holosmiths are extremely fast due to high superspeed uptimes and removal of movement inhibiting conditions. All around it’s a fun and versatile class with rewarding burst damage, but because it can be more difficult to play and managing the heat mechanic while handling the many complex situations of WvW can become overwhelming, it’s just not the best.
    • Suggested Builds:

  • Berserker
    • Best Role: Bruiser
    • The condition variant offers a very powerful bruiser alternative with incredible sustain by using Eternal Champion to chain the effects of entering/exiting berserker mode. It is very strong for 1v1 and can apply a big condition burst with the Akeem Relic, but it lacks mobility or ports which makes it slow and an easy target when outnumbered. The roamer alternative with rifle was nerfed so the overall value dropped.

  • Weaver
    • Best Role: Roamer
    • Naturally hard to play and punishing due to lack of stability compared to other elementalists, you won’t see many weavers other than those using Fresh Air which can cheese kills before they can lose to a better build. While weaver offers many different playstyles, the Fireworks Relic allows the power roamer role more benefits due to the high uptime on its increased damage modifier.
    • Suggested Builds:

  • Dragonhunter
    • Best Role: Roamer
    • Sadly with the rework of Trapper Runes, this spec has suffered the most, losing the stealth from traps. Even though it still provides great utility to groups, like the Spear of Justice to lock on and pull enemies, blocks, and burst from range with the longbow, it still has limited mobility and low sustain which without the old trapper effect makes it very hard to survive.

C Tier

These specs can perform fine in roaming but they require extra effort to get results or get countered easily.

  • Mechanist
    • Best Role: Bruiser
    • The mechanist’s pet can easily die in larger fights, and being too far from the jade mech makes its cooldowns longer, which is relevant because you don’t want to be near your mech all the time. The bruiser alternative is still good because Grenades provide big hybrid damage while its sustain is still very high, however it is slow and its mobility very limited.
    • Suggested Builds:

  • Untamed
    • Best Role: Bruiser
    • As any ranger, it is great for solo play, but because Untamed has the least amount of tools to keep the pet alive compared to druid and soulbeast, it is the most punishing to play. Sadly when we thought that this spec could improve with the introduction of Let Loose, it was shortly after nerfed to remove the Fury access which was a huge loss.
    • Suggested Builds:

  • Tempest
    • Best Role: Bruiser
    • Good for group play, but the overload mechanic is extremely predictable and susceptible to interruption in WvW despite having stability because it is a long cast. While it can survive, it often struggles to get kills. The bruiser option can perform decently and while the roamer alternative is weak compared to others it is still very fun to play.
    • Suggested Builds:

  • Herald
    • Best Role: Bruiser
    • It’s fun and can be rewarding due to its aggressive potential, but a bit outdated. The weakness to conditions and CC that revenants have is not mitigated in any way as well, meaning it can be very punishing to play. However, as a bruiser with the celestial alternative it can perform decently due to its survivability, but the mobility is super limited. Sadly I can’t find many reasons to play this spec compared to other revenant alternatives.
    • Suggested Builds:

  • Chronomancer
    • Best Role: Roamer
    • Easy to focus, and reliant on complex combos. Lower mobility than any other mesmer. Generally better for groups but extremely bad solo. It doesn’t offer a real roamer playsyle.
    • Suggested Builds:

D Tier

These specs are bad for roaming because they are easy targets or rely on their team too much.

  • Firebrand
    • Best Role: Bruiser
    • Great for zergs, and even small scale fights, but the mobility is too low and it’s too easy to focus when outnumbered. It generally tends toward a support role, making it feel awkward in most roaming scenarios.
    • Suggested Build:

  • Scourge
    • Best Role: Bruiser
    • This spec is the worst for solo and while in groups it can be decent by offering some cleansing, utility through revives, and barrier, it is very easy to focus and the Sand Shade mechanic doesn’t work in WvW where everyone is moving all over the place.

Honorable Mentions

Core or Base specializations that can perform well under certain situations and with extra effort being able to match the elite specializations.


    • I won’t update now because in less than a month a lot will change with the new expansion, but I will do after that

  1. Willbender and Daredevil are good examples of why WvWvW sucks in this game now, this game needs a fresh team to really look at the patterns of bad balance and choices plaguing this game. Lets not even talk about the stale spvp and abomination that has become.

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