WvW Roaming Tier List – 2023

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Disclaimer: This tier list is only based on personal opinion, experience and playstyle. This list is meant for SOLO roaming only. Some specializations will perform better when allies are around or in groups. This tier list will get updated after a major balance patch.

Feel free to disagree and discuss, you are also invited to share your opinion in the comments or Discord.

From my perspective, the best specialization for solo roaming is the one who can provide the following three factors:

  • Self Sustain
  • Mobility
  • Burst Damage

Keep in mind that roaming doesn’t have a “meta” and anything can be viable as how you play, there are many possible playstyles, even avoiding fights believe it or not.

With this being said I have to clarify that my judgement is based on what I personally consider is the best way to do roaming gameplay, which is playing aggresive to engage in fights, mobile playstyle and being able to chase or run away, being aware and focusing on objectives as main source of fights while at same time provide intel as scout, but also being able to survive most of the unexpected situations that can occur in WvW like unfavorable matchups or even zergs chasing you. But of course always with the premise of fight and looking for the challenge.

This is not a “duel based” tier list but I will still consider the fact that some specializations are direct counters to some others in my judgment. In the end it can get more and more complicated if we keep thinking about it, so just take it as my opinion and as a starting point to make your own decision. I am actually doing this tier list because people constantly ask for my opinion on this.

So let’s begin, I will only rate the elite specializations because they are always the best option, however I will add honorable mentions in the end to some core classes that can still perform pretty well with a bit more effort.

Tier List

S Tier

As a meme I’m going to call this the “Shame Tier” because these specializations are very overpowered and even “broken” compared to the rest. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play them, they are fun and they perform well with very low effort. Blame the game not the player.

I play them myself as well but personally I get bored after a while and I tend to look for something more challenging.

  • Soulbeast
    • This is simply the best spec of all, it have everything, incredible sustain, incredible mobility, and insane burst damage. It counts with many options for build diversity, such as power, condition and celestial variants, all of them are top tier.
    • Ranger is always a good pick because Longbow range and overpowered defensive core traits such as Beastmastery and Wilderness Survival, but this elite spec adds an insane amount of damage modifiers on top. Special mention to “Sic ‘Em” to counter thieves and the insane “get out of jail” Dolyak Stance.
    • Suggested Builds:

  • Daredevil
    • This spec could be in the first place as well, thieves are by nature solo roamers and they are good at it, especially this spec because triple dodge. But currently there is only one dominant playstyle, so it feels that lacks diversity to be at the top of the list right now.
    • Shadow Arts is currently super strong due to Shadow Rejuvenation giving so much initiative.
    • Suggested Build:

  • Deadeye
    • With the rework of Shadow Arts this spec became overpowered, the access to stealth is so easy by just dodge which means more initiative and even more stuff. The damage is too high for a ranged spec with such mobility and the latest changes adding piercing are good.
    • I rate it on third place simply because the two above counter this.
    • Suggested Build:

  • Harbinger
    • The new necro spec is really overpowered and shines even more on this “boon era” because the Path of Corruption trait works on every single bolt from Dark Barrage. The sustain from Blight and the mobility from Harbinger Shroud makes this spec top tier and actually “broken” with a proper combination of traits and gear.
    • Currently the most viable way to play this spec is with full celestial stats, because every single trait on Curses synergize with it. These can compensate the low precision of celestial allowing you to output an insane amount of Weakness condition.
    • Suggested Build:

  • Willbender
    • Currently this spec is top tier due to the insane mobility but also for the burst damage. It can sustain through blocks, evades and healing while being aggressive, this is pure power creep from Arenanet.
    • While the celestial build is viable, the most effective variant is the power build, especially since the developers never fixed the bug on Leap of Faith skill.
    • Suggested Build:

  • Vindicator
    • This is what I call the “pay to win” spec because Revenant as class is only available by buying expansions but also as the most shameless contradiction of Arenanet balance philosophy in order to overtune the spec to sell the new expansion.
    • Since Vindicator got 2 dodges it became massively overpowered and most people don’t understand that is basically 2,5 dodges (because recharge happens while dodging by having more room for it). The class was originally designed for a single dodge since the start, and after several “hot fixes” there is the illusion that this spec is more balanced now but it isn’t.
    • Using Endurance Regeneration food in WvW is the biggest part of the problem, but just as Harbinger situation, this spec never had meaningful testing to notice in advance how the old traits will interact with the new spec, that’s why we have now the Salvation variant which is just incredible broken sustain.
    • Suggested Build:

A Tier

These specs are currently very good and very viable in most situations and with a little bit more effort they are at the same level of the previous tier.

B Tier

These specs are very good but I consider they lack the full extent of versatility compared to the others above, especially with the three main factors which are necessary for solo roaming in my opinion.

C Tier

These specs can perform fine in solo roaming but they require extra effort to get results.

D Tier

These specs aren’t terrible but clearly they will perform better with allies, so for SOLO roaming they aren’t that good.

Honorable Mentions

Core or Base specialization that can perform well under certain situations and with extra effort being able to match the elite specializations. The true gigachad way is playing core against overpowered elite specs.

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