Hello! I’m the creator and admin of GuildJen, I’m a female gamer and full-time content creator from Argentina. I have played Guild Wars 2 since launch for a very long time and I love every game mode in this game.

Over the years there has been so much content added to the game that new, returning, and even active players may feel lost with what to do. I want to share my knowledge and create community guides and tools to help people discover all the fun that is out there for them.

Hopefully players can find useful information here no matter what they are looking for. There are PvE and gear guides, achievements, news, videos, and resources for PvP and World vs World. If I can’t provide the content you are looking for soon enough, I will try to recommend other content creators who already provide it.

You can find me in-game as Jennny (3 N), GuildJen, or Jen.6021. I play on the North American servers, but anyone can whisper me in game if they have any questions. Good luck and hope to see you in game!



Full-time content creator, GW2 Build Curator, and editor for the site. He enjoys RPGs for their storytelling capabilities and meaningful decision-making. Since the launch of Guild Wars 2 he has played the game fanatically.

Despite a clear optimal way to play the game, Vallun often challenges himself by creating new ways to play the game in order to better understand the core mechanics and to prevent the game from becoming stagnant. He enjoys teaching others what he has learned through his content.


  1. You are providing a great service to the GW2 Community! 🙂 Especially, when Dulfy’s site was down for while. But her site is less active and does not cover Path of Fire as well. You are the now the number one source. Your latest Guide for the Legendary Amulet has cleared up a lot of confusion. I hope my English translates well as I realize English to be a very tricky language. I look forward to your contributions to the community. You should be very proud. There’s so much information in this game, new players are overwelmed. A friend in game helps newbys in Verdant Brink and when I help him I try to point them to a central source of information, Which you have organized very well. Thank you for helping the GW2 community! 🙂

  2. Hi Jen, thank you for your hard work! I couldn’t help but notice a certain resemblance to Dulfy’s site, at least as it was years back (the new one looks alot different) both in layout/ looks and content. So the question arises whether you two are in any way cooperating or sharing guides or wether you even see yourself as her successor. Or is it entirely separately? I am just interested in, say, trivia, and in no way want to criticize. Love your site!

    Thanks in advance and happy gaming! 🙂

    • Hello, I used to be a dulfy fan many years ago, but she dissapeared, she stopped around living world season 4 if I’m correct, so after a few years a friend convinced me to try doing my own content, and I liked dulfy style so was my inspiration for the achievement guides, however I wanted to add my own style on top so I decided to do a website that covers everything of the game, not only PvE, I play this game much more and I love all modes, so that’s why you see PvP, WvW and more. I never met dulfy nor working with her, I don’t think I’m her successor neither, I’m just doing what I can to help the community with my own style. She’s dulfy and I’m Jen. I’m glad you like the site I work very hard for it 🙂

  3. Hello Jen & Vallun,
    Thank you for all the time and effort you guys have done for the community, I love your guides and builds and they help me understand the mechanics of the game better and i wish your well in the coming days! See you in Cantha!

  4. Just found this site, looking for build. Sooo much valuable content here. Bookmarked and sure one of my “to-go websites” for now. Thanks!

  5. Thank you kindly for all the guides etc you are doing here it is just wonderful for both new and experienced players with so many easy to follow guides that you have acomplished here,it is a lot of hard work especially with a game like guild wars 2 which is massive in its own way.I have also been playing guild wars 2 from the beginning as well,but recently i have been getting back into it from a wee break that i was having,glad to have returned and really happy to see your hard work here as well it is greatly appreciated,keep up the good work and all the best of success in doing it.A big well done from me.

  6. Thank you Jen! for all of your awesome contributions to made this game! Because of you; game come to me easier than ever become!

    Greetings and love from Finland!

  7. You both know indeed how to make incredible content. I discovered the page some years ago. This has been like my second wiki on the game since then. There’s plenty of content to read. Well explained guides, covered details and hard work. Nothing that I can say can even make it justice.

    Maintaining a website like this is truly a lot, and you keep doing the best. Thank you both for your work and all your effort.

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