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Rift Hunting

Rift Hunting is an activity suitable for solo and group play in Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure. These portal events called Kryptis Rifts will appear and your goal is to find and destroy them to prevent the demon invasions.

By doing the main story of Secrets of the Obscure, you will obtain the “Heart of the Obscure” device and by training the “Rift Guidance” mastery you will be able to track where these rifts are, activate them, and close them. You can access the device by using the mastery skill “Scan for Rift” (the small icon below weapon swap) or even better by setting a keybind for its activation.

However, the maps where these rifts can be found will depend on a weekly rotation, you can check these by opening the “Weekly Rift Hunting” achievement category or if you use the mastery skill in a map without them, you will get a dialogue box with the current locations that will have them.

NOTE: Currently the Inner Nayos, Amnytas, and Skywatch Archipelago maps are always available during the weekly rotation. The rest of the locations will change each week and will progress the achievements in the “Rift Hunting” achievement category which you should aim to complete to earn more rewards as well.

When you find a rift and interact with it, a pre-event will start which requires killing some Kryptis, and when completed the rift will rise allowing you to interact again to lure the boss out. Here you can also use motivations to enhance the outcome (more information below). A second event will start with an Elite or Champion boss to defeat before the time limit. The difficulty and rank of the boss will depend on the rift tier and can also scale up with more players. Finally you can use the device to seal the rift and complete the entire event.

The Rift Sealer achievement will award a Mastery Point after closing 25 rifts.

Rift Basics Video Guide:

Credit to TiffyMissWiffy for the video.

Motivations and Rift Tiers

There are 3 tiers of rifts. The first (Tier 1) is intended to be completed by a solo player but higher tiers might require more people and will also scale up depending the group size. Each tier will award a different type of Kryptis Essence.

By default your mastery skill will track Tier 1 rifts, but you can track Tier 2 and Tier 3 by using a “motivation.” Motivations can be crafted after unlocking their recipes, these can be purchased from Lyhr in The Wizard’s Tower. You can only buy recipes after training the Astral Craft and Emotion Control masteries. Motivations can be purchased from the Trading Post as well.

For example, using an will track Tier 2 rifts, but after the pre-event is completed, you or someone else need to use a motivation to lure the boss out. It is mandatory to open the rift in these tiers, this will consume the motivation but in exchange will give more essences. You can join rifts opened by someone else without investing any motivation yourself but with lesser rewards. In the same case by using a to track Tier 3 rifts. It is always recommended to deposit a motivation to improve your personal reward.

Completing a rift of each tier (T1, T2, T3 ) in Amnytas and Skywatch Archipelago maps will complete the “Unseen Invasion” achievement giving a and a Mastery Point.

Motivations can also be used in Tier 1 rifts, and while they aren’t necessary to track (because it’s already done by default), you can still deposit a after the pre-event to maximize your essence gains.

If you want to work on Legendary Armor or anything that requires essences, focus on unlocking Rift Mastery to get extra essences, but using motivations on top will be much more worth your time allowing you to farm more motivations with the time saved. The pre-event will always reward around 3-7 regardless of the tier, but the outcome after sealing the rift will change drastically depending if using mastery and motivation.

RiftNormalwith Rift Masterywith Motivation
T13-7 6-14 17-32
T23-7 6-14 17-32
T33-7 6-14 17-32

NOTE: The essence gains from motivations can be boosted even more by successfully completing Convergences since you will get the “Kryptis Essence Extractor” buff (requires Convergence Mastery). This buff lasts 6 hours and boosts the motivation gains up to 30-50 essences.

Motivations and Rift Tiers Basics Video Guide:

Credit to MuklukYoutube for the video.


“Convergences” are group instances occurring in the Inner Nayos zone where up to 50 players need to assist Zojja to close the rifts in the area. To participate you are required to complete the story episode “11. Duress” from the Secrets of the Obscure main story to unlock them. This is the first chapter of the “Through the Veil” release.

Getting There

Head to Rift Hunter Lounge – [&BOgNAAA=] in The Wizard’s Tower and interact with the Convergences gate to enter. These can be opened with a squad as a private instance at any time by using a .

Alternatively, public instances will open every 3 hours at XX:30 (starting 1:30hrs after daily reset for reference) allowing everybody to join. The gate stays open for 10 minutes. Public instances makes more sense if you are looking for the daily rewards. Make sure to use a good Open World Build and optionally some for extra damage.

Convergences are similar to a meta-event and while none of the masteries are mandatory for them, it is recommended to have Convergence Mastery maxed to earn more rewards and especially to gain more essences from rifts.

General Convergence Mechanics

The main priority during the entire event is to keep Zojja alive, otherwise, the entire Convergence will fail and all players will be returned to The Wizard’s Tower.

Enemies will drop Kryptis Essence when killed, players can collect these orbs by walking over them, and these will give a stacking effect boosting the outgoing damage but reducing player health in exchange. You can collect 25 and up to 50 stacks with the Essence Atunement mastery. If you are downed you will drop all the essences, but these can be picked up by others or yourself again.

Kryptis Siege Engines (trebuchets) will spawn in the corners of each island, they will be marked with a red icon in the map. Destroying them is important to prevent Zojja from taking considerable damage.

If you fully die inside a Convergence you will be turned into a Wisp, you can float around and support your allies while in this form. If you join the instance once started, you will spawn in Wisp form until Zojja revives allies. With the Wisp Pockets mastery, you can collect essences while being a Wisp and give them to Zojja, speeding up the resurrection spell.

Essences can be returned to Zojja in order to heal her and power her resurrection spell which will revive your allies in Wisp form. During Phase 1 and Phase 2, Zojja can be healed by essences but also by players, having a dedicated healer on her is a good strategy during these phases. However, once the boss spawns in Phase 3, Zojja can only be healed by essences.

NOTE: The instance has a time limit of 1 hour. It is recommended to split in subgroups rather than moving as a single blob due to the enemy health scaling. An average group should complete it under 30 minutes.

Phase 1: Defend Zojja

At the start, Zojja and your group will spawn on the central island and you need to defend her from some small Kryptis enemies and waves of “Avatars of Spite.” These enemies will go straight to Zojja and explode doing considerable damage to her, they are marked on the minimap with red sword icons and they have a break bar which can be broken to stop them, allowing you to burst them down before they reach Zojja. The Kryptis Siege Engines (trebuchets) will start spawning on each island as well, some players should split and destroy them to prevent Zojja from taking more damage.

After 2 minutes, the enemy reinforcements will arrive, which consists of 3 Kryptis Champions, these are similar to Tier 2 Rift bosses. It is recommended to lure them away from Zojja while fighting. Once defeated the convergence will progress to Phase 2.

Phase 2: Defeat the High Kryptis Generals

During this phase, the waves of Avatar of Spite and the Kryptis Siege Engines will keep spawning, so it is important to keep a group near Zojja to protect her.

Now the four corner islands will need to be cleared. Each island will have 5 Champion Kryptis Lieutenants, and once they are defeated a Champion Kryptis General will spawn, these are similar to Tier 3 Rift bosses. Killing the General will clear the island and the Kryptis Siege Engines will stop spawning as well. Once all four islands are clear the convergence will progress to Phase 3.

It is recommended to split in five groups, one staying with Zojja to protect and heal, and four groups for each island, this way all the champions will die faster preventing the health scaling with more people.

Phase 3: Defeat the Legendary Creature

The objective in the final phase is to defeat a legendary boss while keeping Zojja alive. Each convergence will have a random one between a list of four possible bosses. Each boss has different attacks and abilities but they all share the following 3 important mechanics:

  • Zojja will get a Life Drain debuff making her lose health over time
    • This works as a timer, good damage and CC is necessary
  • Every 10% health loss, the boss will drop essence orbs
    • These orbs are the only way to heal Zojja during this phase
  • Every 25% health loss, the boss will teleport to another island
    • The location is random but the final 25% will be always in the center

Demon Knight

This boss has a passive buff called Wrathful Aura which damages nearby players, the damage and radius is increased while the defiance bar is active, so it is important to use CC skills to disable it and inflict extra damage as well.

Demon Knight has different AoE attack that inflicts Float on players, leaving them vulnerable to more powerful attacks, make sure you always have a stun break. One of the most important attacks to consider is the Meteors, a few random players will get marked with a Roman numeral and a meteor will fall at their position. These players need to walk away from the group until the meteor area gets locked and return to the group. Of course, it is important to stay away from Zojja as well.


This boss is way more dangerous due to the high amount of AoE attacks that can disable players and damage Zojja more often. The best strategy before starting the fight is to quickly modify your build and add more CC skills, because breaking the boss bar becomes a priority, to interrupt the boss attacks and to deal increased damage as well.

Sorrow will fly very often summoning Singularities that control gravity and damage players, some attacks will launch players off and other attacks will pull players into the damage. The boss will also summon some Sorrow’s Brood, be careful as these little wyverns like to focus Zojja. Once Sorrow lands on the ground, it will start doing a Wing Buffet attack, flapping its wings and pushing players out. During this attack Sorrow gains a break bar, this is the moment where players need to position behind and use CC skills to interrupt and burst damage. Repeat this cycle each time the boss lands, get behind and break the bar.

Hell Sister

Work in progress…


Work in progress…

Video Guide:

Credit to MuklukYoutube for the video.


Convergence Conqueror – 10AP – 1MP

Successfully complete a total of 100 Convergences. The first one will award a Mastery Point. Each 10 convergences you will get a new tier of rewards, these are the following:

  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 5
  • 250
  • 250
  • 250
  • 1
  • 1

Continuous Convergence Conqueror – 0AP

A repeatable version of the previous achievement to get rewards beyond 100 convergences.

(Weekly) Convergences – 0AP

Participate in a total of 3 Convergences per week. This achievement resets every monday. The weekly rewards are the following:

  • 1
  • 1
  • 2

Emotional Baggage – 10AP

Collect 500 Kryptis essences in Convergences. This achievement is repetable and rewards a which helps to boost your essence gains. The achievement points are capped at 10 but the rewards are infinite.

Convergence Creature Crusher – 10AP

Defeat 500 enemies in Convergences. Siege engines, veterans, elites, champions, and legendaries give more progress. This achievement is repetable and rewards a which helps to boost your essence gains. The achievement points are capped at 10 but the rewards are infinite.

Avatar of Spite Annihilator – 10AP

Defeat 100 Avatars of Spite in Convergences. This achievement is repetable and rewards a which helps to boost your essence gains. The achievement points are capped at 10 but the rewards are infinite.

Siege Engine Stomper – 10AP

Destroy 20 Kryptis Siege Engines in Convergences. This achievement is repetable and rewards a which helps to boost your essence gains. The achievement points are capped at 10 but the rewards are infinite.

Kryptis Turret Killer – 10AP

Destroy 25 Kryptis turrets in Convergences. You can easily take them down with the Skyscale Fireball skill or with ranged attacks from the ground. This achievement is repetable and rewards a which helps to boost your essence gains. The achievement points are capped at 10 but the rewards are infinite.

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