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Guild Wars 2 has many different end game activities such as defeating bosses, competing in PvP, or building communities. Because the game’s progression is mostly horizontal, your incentives are to explore new areas, try new classes, and improve your skills. There’s also the wardrobe system which has thousands of skins for your characters to use, and you can find these skins by doing quests, collecting a full set of other skins, getting a rare drop off a specific encounter, or just buying them from the Trading Post. There are so many unique ways to express yourself and to find the appearance you’re looking for. For many this makes the progression of the game about creating the perfect outfit to match their characters’ personality. In other words, Fashion is the end game.

Fashion is mostly about taste and how appropriate it is for each individual. In other words, it’s subjective. However, there are definitely some popular or “meta” choices that arise in-game just like in real life. As in any art, you can learn to improve at it through practice, watching others for inspiration, or doing research. This page will serve as a resource to help you find other fashion to inspire you, provide guides, and to promote fashion contests where you can try out your own outfits to get feedback.

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