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GW2. A complete guide on how to get your Legendary Armor from Open World PvE. Obsidian Armor. Secrets of the Obscure Legendary Armor. Guild Wars 2 SotO.

Getting Started

This guide includes the entire process and all information you need to know to make a full legendary armor set from Open World PvE. This method may not be as interesting as other options for players who play other game modes more often, but it is an alternative for those who only enjoy going at their own pace. This legendary armor requires the Secrets of the Obscure expansion.

For other alternatives to get Legendary Armor check these guides for each mode:

Obsidian Armor is the name of this legendary armor set and can be upgraded into “Tier 2” for extra effects (coming in a future patch). The convenience of legendary armor infinite stat and upgrade swapping functionality is there. It will be stored in the Legendary Armory allowing you to access it for all of your other characters that can use the same armor weight. Paste the codes in in-game chat for preview:

Preview Light Set: [&Ch8vAAA=][&CvYuAAA=][&Cv8uAAA=][&ChgvAAA=][&CiMvAAA=][&CkIvAAA=]
Preview Medium Set: [&CiQvAAA=][&CjIvAAA=][&CjYvAAA=][&Cj0vAAA=][&Ci4vAAA=][&CicvAAA=]
Preview Heavy Set: [&Cv4uAAA=][&CiAvAAA=][&ChwvAAA=][&CjovAAA=][&ChEvAAA=][&ChAvAAA=]

Some of the components for this armor set are potentially time-gated, but all of them have an alternative to bypass the waiting by paying an extra cost or by just playing more. The philosophy of this legendary armor for Open World is to allow a different type of players to obtain it. Rather than raids which require coordination with others or PvP which can be more competitive, this set allows you to complete it with casual solo play. This means you can progress on daily basis a little at a time. It can take up to 2 months to get all the materials with a relaxed daily and weekly routine.

Read the complete guide for Rift Hunting and Convergences before starting since this armor set requires materials from these activities, and it is important to understand how they work to be able to complete them.

This guide will be separated into 4 steps, one for each major gift you will place in the Mystic Forge.

First are the account bound requirements that you will eventually need so you can be prepared to optimize your journey to be as efficient as possible. This includes recommendations on how to organize a routine to get the most value out of your time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The process and cost described in this guide is to make all SIX pieces of the legendary armor set FOR THE FIRST TIME.

If this is your second or third legendary armor from this set, you can skip the Arcanum Unlock step.

Account Bound Requirements

Before starting the process of making your legendary armor set, you need to know which things you can’t buy with Gold and how to optimize your time to avoid coming up short when you think you are ready to finish it.

NOTE: Having crafting professions are optional as Lyhr can craft the items for you but with an increased cost of 10 per item. This guide won’t use Lyhr Assisted Refining to minimize the cost.

  • Map Completion

You are required to complete the Secrets of the Obscure maps in the Horn of Maguuma area to earn a gift of each one, there are three maps to explore and complete:

  • Skywatch Archipelago
    • Obtain more by doing the Illuminating Skywatch Archipelago achievement (lanterns)
  • Amnytas
    • Obtain more by doing the Illuminating Amnytas achievement (lanterns)
  • Inner Nayos

You will need SIX of these gifts for a complete armor set by completing each map SIX times. However, if you can’t or don’t want to use 6 different characters for this, you can repeat the map completion with the “lanterns” achievement of each zone. These lanterns will only show after you complete the map for the first time and interacting with all of them will reward a Chest of the Obscure which contains the map gift. This way you will be able to obtain all 6 gifts with a single character.

  • Map Currency

Doing events in the Secrets of the Obscure maps will give you map currency and you will need plenty of it in order to make a legendary armor set. These first three can be obtained from completing daily meta-events or purchased from Faction Provisioners.

NOTE: 30 of each are needed for a Legendary Armor Set, and 6 for the Arcanum Unlock.

An extra amount of currency and Unusual Coins are required to purchase another gift from Lyhr. These coins can be found in Lesser and Greater Arcane Chests. I recommend to open all these Greater chests daily, check the map below with their locations in Skywatch Archipelago. (You can also park characters at their locations)

  • 1500 – Lesser and Greater Arcane Chests
  • 1500 – Events in Skywatch Archipelago
  • 1500 – Events in Amnytas
  • 1500 – Events in Inner Nayos

  • Amalgamated Kryptis Essence

A total of 84 are needed. You can buy the recipe from Lyhr or make Lyhr craft them for you at an extra cost.

NOTE: 72 are needed for a Legendary Armor Set, and 12 for the Arcanum Unlock.

Here is when you will need to farm Rifts and Convergences to obtain essences of each type. To make the required 84 you will need a total of:

  • 21000
  • 8400
  • 4200
  • 4200

Make sure to check the Rift Hunting and Convergences Guide if you need more information about this and how to get each type of essence. At the end of the guide there will be some tips on how to approach the essences farm with an efficient but casual routine.

  • Mystic Clovers

A total of 66 are needed. There are many ways to obtain these, check the following list and choose the one you prefer.

NOTE: 54 are needed for a Legendary Armor Set, and 12 for the Arcanum Unlock.

Mystic Clover Sources (Click to expand)

  • Mystic Forge Recipe (30% chance approx)
    • 10 Obsidian Shards
    • 10 Mystic Coins
    • 10 Globs of Ectoplasm
    • 10 Mystic Crystals
  • Lyhr
    • The Wizard’s Tower – [&BA8OAAA=]
    • No limit
  • Wizard Vault
    • Default keybind Shift+H
    • Limit 20 per season
  • BUY-4373 Fractal Vendor
    • Inside Mistlock Observatory
    • Limit 2 per day
  • Dugan WvW Vendor
    • Starting area of WvW maps
    • Limit 5 per week
  • League Vendor PvP Vendor
    • Heart of the Mists – [&BNgJAAA=]
    • Limit 5 per week
  • Miyani Mystic Forge Vendor
    • Lion’s Arch – [&BBAEAAA=]
    • Limit 10 per week
  • Basic Magnetite Exchange Operative Raid Vendor
    • Lion’s Arch Aerodrome – [&BCAJAAA=]
    • Limit 10 per week
  • Nikki the Lost Strike Vendor
    • The Wizard’s Tower – [&BMUNAAA=]
    • Limit 5 per week
  • WvW/PvP Reward Tracks
    • Repeatable: 2 clovers per container
    • Non-Repeatable: 7 or more clovers per container

  • Research Notes

A total of 21000 Research Notes are needed, and these can be obtained in two ways.

NOTE: 15,000 are needed for a Legendary Armor Set, and 6,000 for the Arcanum Unlock.

The first way is using a to salvage items that were crafted and have the Research salvage type. You can buy these kits from vendors in End of Dragons maps and at Master Jewelers. It is possible to change stats on ascended armor and weapons via the Mystic Forge and then salvage them for notes as well.

The other way is to produce Research Notes directly from crafting stations without the need of a kit. You will have an option to automatically convert the outcome into Research Notes. Check the videos below as an example of how you can get them:

How to get CHEAP Research Notes in Guild Wars 2

How to Get Research Notes Easily - A Guild Wars 2 Mini-Guide

  • Arcanum Unlock – Armor Sets

In order to unlock the purchase of the Arcanum of Astral Armor from Lyhr, you need to complete 6 sub collections that will require 3 armor sets and an extra specific task for each piece. On this part of the guide I will focus on the cost of these armor sets.

One of these sets can be obtained by completing the Secrets of the Obscure main story. The other two sets can be purchased from Lyhr if you have the Astral Craft mastery, and will require several materials. You must also buy the recipes to craft some of these materials.

NOTE: Obtaining these armor sets are mandatory only for the first time. If you plan to make a second legendary armor set, you won’t have to pay this cost again. Unlocking the skin of one weight will also unlock it in the other two weights.

  • Rift Hunter Armor
    • Complete the Secrets of the Obscure main Story

  • Astral Ward Armor
    • 6
      • 6
      • 6
    • 6
    • 6
    • 3000
    • 1 Crafting Gift per armor piece
      • Helm:
      • Shoulders:
      • Coat:
      • Gloves:
      • Leggins:
      • Boots:

  • Oneiros-Spun Armor
    • 6
      • 6
      • 6
    • 6
    • 3000
    • 1 Crafting Gift per armor piece
      • Helm:
      • Shoulders:
      • Coat:
      • Gloves:
      • Leggins:
      • Boots:

  • Provisioner Tokens

A total of 300 Provisioner Tokens are needed. These can take days depending on your resources. If you need to know how to get them, check here Provisioner Token Guide.

  • Other requirements

The following will also be needed during the process, keep this in mind to avoid being stuck in one step.

  • Astral Ward mastery track maxed (Obsidian Armor Crafting)
  • 1500
  • 6
  • 6
  • 300
  • 300


  • The most common way to obtain Essences of Luck is by salvaging Fine, Masterwork, or Rare quality pieces of gear (blue, green, yellow gear). Another alternative is salvaging . These essences of luck have different rarity and must be upgraded into exotic through Artificer crafting profession but Lyhr also offers the upgrade with an extra cost.
  • For the Ball of Dark Energy you need to salvage a piece of ascended equipment using a . Trinkets have a low chance but from weapons and armor pieces the output is guaranteed.
  • Lesser Vision Crystals can be created with a lvl 500 crafting profession but Lyhr will also offer the option to craft the materials for you with an extra cost.
  • The Spirit Shards can be obtained through normal experience by completing a level once you hit the max level 80 and other sources.
  • The Obsidian Shards can be obtained from various ways, but it is recommended to get them with Karma from Tactician Deathstrider at Straits of Devastation. The vendor is only available after completing the Temple of Balthazar meta event or while the area is under The Pact control (uncontested waypoint)
Glorious Victory Waypoint — [&BPoCAAA=]

Step 1: Arcanum of Astral Armor

Lyhr will sell these components under his “Astral Arcana” vendor tab. Each one corresponds to a specific part of the armor set, and each costs 1

You will need to complete the collections to unlock the vendor.

  • Arcanum of Astral Thought
    • Rift Hunter Helm
    • Astral Ward Helm
    • Oneiros-Spun Helm
    • Lifeblood of Ignaxious

  • Arcanum of Astral Bearing
    • Rift Hunter Shoulders
    • Astral Ward Shoulders
    • Oneiros-Spun Shoulders
    • Lifeblood of Galene the Seething
      • Defeat Galene the Seething at Droknar’s Light in Skywatch Archipelago
      • This event will occur after “Help Batttlemaster Flintfoot prepare new trainees for combat”
      • Location: Training Pavilion – [&BCMOAAA=]
      • More info: Skywatch Archipelago Achievements Guide

  • Arcanum of Astral Heartbeat
    • Rift Hunter Coat
    • Astral Ward Coat
    • Oneiros-Spun Coat
    • Lifeblood of Nourys, Eye of the Abyss

  • Arcanum of Astral Grasp
    • Rift Hunter Gloves
    • Astral Ward Gloves
    • Oneiros-Spun Gloves
    • Lifeblood of Pherus the Subjugator

  • Arcanum of Astral Stride
    • Rift Hunter Leggings
    • Astral Ward Leggings
    • Oneiros-Spun Leggings
    • Lifeblood of Knaebelag the Terror

  • Arcanum of Astral Footprints
    • Rift Hunter Boots
    • Astral Ward Boots
    • Oneiros-Spun Boots
    • Lifeblood of Myros the Spiteful

Step 2: Gift of Expertise

Gift of Expertise is the step where all the Kryptis Essences become relevant. The process to make this gift is to put the items in the Mystic Forge or pay an extra cost to Lyhr for it.

  • 6 Gift of Expertise
    • 72 Amalgamated Kryptis Essences
      • 18000 Essences of Despair
      • 7200 Essences of Greed
      • 3600 Essences of Triumph
      • 3600 Globs of Ectoplasm
    • 6 Eldritch Scroll
      • Purchased from Miyani or any Mystic Forge Attendant for 50 Spirit Shards each
    • 300 Obsidian Shard
      • Purchased for or converted from various currencies
    • 6 Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy (Requires level 500 crafting discipline)
      • 6 Ball of Dark Energy (Chance from Ascended gear salvaging)
      • 450 Stabilizing Matrices

Step 3: Gift of Stormy Skies

Gift of Stormy Skies is the step that requires map completion and several map currencies. The process to make this gift is to put items in the Mystic Forge, or pay an extra cost to Lyhr for it.

  • 6 Gift of Stormy Skies
    • 30 Case of Captured Lightning
    • 30 Pouch of Stardust
    • 30 Clot of Congealed Screams
    • 6 Gift of the Astral Ward
      • 6 Gift of Skywatch Archipelago
      • 6 Gift of Amnytas
      • 6 Gift of Inner Nayos
      • 6 Gift of Persistence
        • Purchased from Lyhr for:
          • 1500 Static Charges
          • 1500 Pinches of Stardust
          • 1500 Calcified Gasps
          • 1500 Unusual Coins

Step 4: Gift of Mighty/Magical Prosperity

These gifts will will need several fine crafting materials. You can gather them or just buy them from the Trading Post. You will need 100 T6250 T550 T450 T3 of each kind of the material needed and then craft each gift with a level 400 crafting discipline. Their recipes are obtained from Miyani at the Mystic Forge for 10 Gold each. Of course Lyhr will also offer the items at an extra cost.

Fine Crafting Material Gifts (Click to expand)

  • 3 Gift of Fangs
    • 300 Vicious Fang
    • 750 Large Fang
    • 150 Sharp Fang
    • 150 Fang
  • 3 Gift of Scales
    • 300 Armored Scale
    • 750 Large Scale
    • 150 Smooth Scale
    • 150 Scale
  • 3 Gift of Claws
    • 300 Vicious Claw
    • 750 Large Claw
    • 150 Sharp Claw
    • 150Claw
  • 3 Gift of Bones
    • 300 Ancient Bone
    • 750 Large Bone
    • 150 Heavy Bone
    • 150 Bone
  • 3 Gift of Blood
    • 300 Vial of Powerful Blood
    • 750 Vial of Potent Blood
    • 150 Vial of Thick Blood
    • 150 Vial of Blood
  • 3 Gift of Venom
    • 300 Powerful Venom Sac
    • 750 Potent Venom Sac
    • 150 Full Venom Sac
    • 150 Venom Sac
  • 3 Gift of Totems
    • 300 Elaborate Totem
    • 750 Intricate Totem
    • 150 Engraved Totem
    • 150 Totem
  • 3 Gift of Dust
    • 300 Pile of Crystalline Dust
    • 750 Pile of Incandescent Dust
    • 150 Pile of Luminous Dust
    • 150 Pile of Radiant Dust

They are also needed for specific pieces of the armor set. You will need to make 3 of each. The process to make these gift is easy enough, simply put in the Mystic Forge the items, or alternatively pay an extra cost to Lyhr for it.

  • 3 Gift of Mighty Prosperity for Gloves, Leggings and Boots
    • 27 Mystic Clovers
    • 3 Gift of Craftsmanship
      • 150 Provisioner Tokens
    • 3 Gift of Condensed Might
      • 3 Gift of Fangs
      • 3 Gift of Bones
      • 3 Gift of Claws
      • 3 Gift of Scales
    • 3 Gifts of Research
      • 750 Essence of Luck (Exotic)
      • 750 Thermocatalytic Reagents
        • Purchased from Master Craftsman
      • 1500 Hydrocatalytic Reagents
        • Purchased from Master Craftsman
          • 7500 Research Notes

  • 3 Gift of Magical Prosperity for Helm, Coat and Shoulders
    • 27 Mystic Clovers
    • 3 Gift of Craftsmanship
      • 150 Provisioner Tokens
    • 3 Gift of Condensed Magic
      • 3 Gift of Blood
      • 3 Gift of Totems
      • 3 Gift of Venom
      • 3 Gift of Dust
    • 3 Gifts of Research
      • 750 Essence of Luck (Exotic)
      • 750 Thermocatalytic Reagents
        • Purchased from Master Craftsman
      • 1500 Hydrocatalytic Reagents
        • Purchased from Master Craftsman
          • 7500 Research Notes

Final Step: Crafting Time

Now we can proceed to the final step! Purchase the Recipe: Legendary Obsidian Armor from Lyhr for 50 silver. You will need the Obsidian Armor Crafting mastery maxed for this.

Now you can proceed to your crafting station of choice and craft each piece. Armorsmith for Heavy, Tailor for Light and Leatherworker for Medium. Alternatively you can use the Legendary Forge next to Lyhr to craft the armor as well.

Congratulations, now you have a Legendary Armor Set.

I made the Legendary Medium Set to make this guide.


If you want more details on some item acquisitions check out this LINK from the wiki. Also if you need more organization in following the craft progress by taking into consideration items that you might have before going shopping in the Trading Post, use the GW2Efficiency crafting tool.

If you prefer a video guide approach, I recommend to watch this one in combination with the wiki:

Credit to the MuklukYoutube for the video.

Convergences and Rifts Routine

The part of this entire process that demands more time and energy is collecting the large amount of Kryptis Essences. If you are only doing these activities for the armor acquisition, it can become a chore. To avoid burnout I strongly recommend this method:

  • Do a Public Convergence daily (check timer here) and be active to gain bonuses from its achievements, like grab orbs, heal Zojja, destroy siege, kill enemies, etc. All those repeatable achievements are a good income of essences.
  • Save the Convergence: Hero’s Choice Chests rewarded daily until you need a specific kind of essence. They will also use less inventory or bank space as they can stack.
  • Do at least one meta-event daily, you can choose which one depending on the currency you need the most. For example, if you have plenty of currency from Skywatch and Amnytas, do the Inner Nayos meta every day.
  • Choose one day (weekend for example), and right after doing your daily Convergence, with the buff “Kryptis Essence Extractor” active, go after all the weekly rifts, there are 5 rifts in each of the 6 zones, so there are a total of 30 rifts. Make sure to always use motivations, especially the Common Kryptis Motivation for Tier 1. Do not do rifts without motivations.
  • The difference is too big, a normal rift can give just 3-7 essences but the same rift with the bonuses from Mastery+Motivation+Convergence Buff can give up to 50!
  • Aim to complete the Rift Hunting achievement category, since the locations change every week, you should at least do one Tier 2 or Tier 3 rift depending on which one you need. Each zone requires one rift of each tier. These are also rewards that add to your income while doing the weekly.
  • Take it easy. This is not a race it’s a journey!

Obsidian Armor – Legendary Armor Guide – Open World PvE


  1. Using motivation every week is expensive, costs about 50g per week(mostly ectos and research notes)

    • The market prices always change, if more people demand motivations then the price will go up, if you can’t afford motivations you can do less rifts and more convergences

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