Open World Builds

GW2. Open World Builds for Guild Wars 2 PvE Exploration, Story, Events, Meta, Fun.

While you can run anything you want in open world and generally succeed, these builds will provide the most value to allow you to complete any of the open world content available in Guild Wars 2 such as:

  • Map Completion
  • Story and dynamic events
  • Hero Points and Champions
  • Meta-Events
  • Dungeons
  • And the most challenging bounties and Legendary bosses

While some of these builds are great for team play, they are still mostly oriented for solo play so that you can enjoy the open world even when your friends log off. If you want builds without elite specializations, check the leveling builds linked below.

📣 Recommendations for New Players:

NOTE: Keep in mind that Level 80 Booster provide Celestial equipment for beginners.

Follow the Hero Points guides to be able to unlock specializations

If you are looking for builds with the new SotO weapons, check these for now:

Last Update: March 2024

UP TO DATE – Patch Notes Here!

  • Best for starters –
  • Boons for group events –










📣 Questions and Discussion

📣 Feel free to discuss or suggest more builds in the comments. Join GuildJen Discord for more discussion and questions.

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