Ascended Gear – The Complete Guide

GW2. A complete guide on how to obtain ascended equipment. Up to date 2023.

Getting Started

While leveling, optimal gear is completely optional and can be found from heart quests and the trading post, so if this is your current situation first take a look at this guide:

Once you get your character to max level, this is when gearing really becomes relevant. Ascended weapons, trinkets, and armor has the highest amount of stats you can gain and has infusion slots allowing you to build agony resistance (and even extra stats), making it the best in slot gear. However, this is completely optional for most content, as exotics can do the job just fine, but the Fractals of the Mists will require ascended gear to progress through.

This guide is a complete source showing you ALL the different ways to get ascended gear so you can choose by yourself, because it might depend on which game mode or content you enjoy more. So make sure to use the table of content above to quickly jump into the section you need.

Ascended gives around 10-15% more stats overall than Exotic, which might not be a big difference but it will be more noticeable as you venture into the hardest endgame content, you will simply reach higher numbers and even gain more survivability against other players like in World vs World.

NOTE: Legendary gear actually gives the same amount of stats than Ascended so their only advantage is convenience and fashion. Legendary allows you to swap stats/upgrades on the fly and have unique skins. Making these will cost you thousands of gold but in the end they are worth it as a long term goal of progression, you can find guides around this website for the armor, trinkets and weapons in case you want to work on them.

Exotic to Ascended Priorities

Once you get settled into Guild Wars 2, you will find that ascended gear comes easy because you naturally accrue currency from each game type as you play. However, your first set of ascended will always be the hardest to attain. This entire guide will cover pretty much all the ways you can gain ascended gear, but they may not be as accessible to someone who does not already have certain content unlocked.

This section will focus on showing newer players what priorities to focus on because the transition from Exotic to Ascended can take a while, piece by piece based on how many resources you have and time-gated limitations.

Priorities and suggested methods

  • Top Priority
    • Trinkets which include Amulet, Accessory, Rings, and Backpack are relatively easy and provide a majority of the stats of a build. Getting trinkets early will give the most effect for the least effort.
      • Example:
      • Suggested Methods: Laurels, Living World Zones, Ranked PvP
  • Medium Priority
    • Weapons will give the largest boost especially for power damage oriented builds, so getting those will yield the most benefit. Weapons can be a little bit difficult to obtain, but most players go for them first because they offer the most aesthetic appeal.
      • Example:
      • Suggested Methods: Crafting, Strike Missions, Ranked PvP
  • Low Priority
    • Armor is as difficult to obtain as Weapons but with not as much of a difference, so get this last, especially because it consists of six pieces with rune slots.
      • Example:
      • Suggested Methods: Raids, Ranked PvP, World vs World (for easier transition to legendary as well)

NOTE: Most ascended trinkets are “unique” this means you cannot equip two of the same, so be aware to not waste your resources buying two identical rings or accesories especially if you are just starting. (You can infuse or attune them to avoid this with Fractal mastery)

Set your own path and goals

Guild Wars 2 is a horizontal progression game, but you still need to reach ascended gear before your maximum power level is reached. Please keep in mind that any suggested method is not always the best for each player. Some people will just dislike a specific game mode and since there are multiple paths to the same goal, there is no need to force either way. However, if you need extra help to decide how to approach the different ways, I recommend to check this video by Vallun:

But the following are all the different methods available so you can set your own path and goals.


NOTE: Only Weapons and Armor can be crafted and some Backpacks. Be aware that this method has a time-gated process but can be skipped by buying from Trading Post at a higher cost.

To begin this path, you will need to level the corresponding profession of the gear you wish to craft. You can start amassing materials specific to the process from level 450 of the profession, but will need to be 500 by the time you are finished. Heavy armor is crafted with the Armorsmithing profession, Medium armor with Leatherworking, and Light armor with Tailoring. Weapons will also have certain crafts for each. Weaponsmithing will allow the crafting of Daggers, Swords, Axes, Maces, Hammers, Greatswords, and Shields. Huntsman will allow the crafting of Warhorns, Longbows, Shortbows, Pistols, and Rifles. Artificing allows the crafting of the Staff, Scepter, and Focus.

For specific crafting guides on each profession I recommend this website: GW2Crafts

Ascended Materials

You will need to craft ascended materials depending on which type of gear you want. There is Ascended Metal with the , Wood with , Cloth with , and Leather with . So for example, if you want to craft an ascended bow you would need ascended leather to make the string and wood for the bow.

It is advised to start crafting these at 450 of your craft since there is a daily time gate for them and they will also help you reach level 500. These are account bound so you must be the one to craft them to the next tier. Once you refine the ascended material you can use it to craft the next tier of the corresponding material. For example, are created with . This final tier of materials is not account bound, so if you wish to skip the time gates or you do not have the right combination of professions to refine the material you need you can pay extra gold buying them off the Trading Post.

You will also need and which requires , , , and which you can buy from Miyani at the Mystic Forge (costs 20 Spirit Shards, which are obtained from gaining experience after reaching max level)

Waypoint Chat Code (paste in in-game chat)

Trader's Forum Waypoint — [&BBAEAAA=]

Crafting these will also be beneficial to leveling up your profession to 500.

You can easily obtain the base materials from various ways, like chests around the world, world bosses, champions, jumping puzzles, reward tracks, etc.

The Reagent can be bought from any craft vendor next to a crafting bench and the Shards can be obtained from various ways as well, but it is recommended to get them with Karma from Tactician Deathstrider at Straits of Devastation.

Waypoint Chat Code (paste in in-game chat)

Glorious Victory Waypoint — [&BPoCAAA=]

NOTE: Tactician Deathstrider will become a vendor only after completing the Temple of Balthazar meta event or while the area is under The Pact control (uncontested waypoint)

There is an extra ascended material needed called which has a chance to drop from salvaging any exotic equipment. Use higher level salvaging kits to have a higher chance at rare drops.

Recipes – Insignias – Inscriptions

You will also need to obtain and learn the recipes for each weapon and armor piece, and their respective inscriptions/insignias as well, from the master crafter next to your profession crafting bench.

If you need more information about the stat combinations and their names check HERE.

NOTE: Some recipes such as Yassith’s (Viper’s stats) or Zehtuka’s (Harrier stats) or Togo’s (Ritualist stats) and others are expansion content and they can be only obtained from specific vendors using specific currency.

Remember that when you need to find some specific information about to where obtain an item, you can use the in-game chat command /wiki -item name- and you will automatically open the wiki page on your browser to quickly know the acquisition methods. For example paste one of the following examples in the in-game chat:

/wiki Recipe: Yassith's Viper's Insignia
/wiki Recipe: Zehtuka's Harrier's Insignia
/wiki Recipe: Togo's Insignia

NOTE: You can check below on this guide for the method to swap stats on ascended gear which can be useful for you instead of going through the entire process again.

Once you have obtained enough materials and 500 in your craft profession you can begin crafting your weapons and armor in the same way you craft any other armor/weapon, making the part (soles, rubber, hilt, blade, etc.), the patch/dowel, and the insignia/inscription, then combining them all together.

Celestial Stats

It is important to mention that if you are looking specifically for Celestial stats the process requires an extra time-gated material that can’t be bought.

While there are some ways to randomly get them by opening some bags or mining nodes, the chances are very small to be relevant so the only proper way to obtain them is a daily process.

You need 25 which can be bought off the trading post, and take these to a “place of power” which is a commune Hero Point at any map. Having the in your home instance will work too.

Grandmaster Marks

To obtain ascended Armor and Weapons from Fractals, World vs World and PvP, one of the requeriments will be Grandmaster Marks. There are other ways to obtain these directly in a limited amount, but it is important to show that they are mostly meant to be crafted.

To craft the specific sub-items for the Grandmaster Marks you need to purchase ONE to obtain every recipe in the book. You can purchase the book with specific currency from Fractals (BLING-9009), World vs World (Skirmish Supervisor) or PvP (Ascended Weapon League Vendor)

But you need to buy the recipe for the Gradmaster Mark itself as well, so be aware that you will need quite a bit of currency to get started, then each type of Mark is made with a specific crafting progression depending what type of equipment piece you want.

  • Armor
    • Heavy – Armorsmith
    • Medium – Leatherworker
    • Light – Tailor
  • Weapon
    • Weaponsmith
    • Axe – Dagger – Sword – Greatsword – Mace – Hammer – Shield – Spear
    • Huntsman
    • Shortbow – Longbow – Pistol – Rifle – Torch – Warhorn – Harpoon Gun
    • Artificer
    • Focus – Scepter – Staff – Trident

Mystic Forge Crafting

There are some extra ascended pieces that can be created with a combination of items in the Mystic Forge such as and many others, if you are interested in the known combinations check HERE.


Laurels are an unique account bound currency obtained through the login rewards, and can be used to purchase items from the laurel merchants located in each major city and other important zones.

You can buy Ascended Recipes, Amulets, Rings, Accessories and even Infusions. The amulets are the best use of laurels for trinkets, but they are also offered at a laurel discount inside of World vs World and instead take additional badges of honor to purchase. Badges of honor are usually considered less valuable than laurels so this is normally a better deal than the normal laurel merchant. You can also purchase the rings for fewer laurels inside of WvW (they require badges of honor as well).

Living World Zones

In Living Story Seasons 3 and 4 and The Icebrood Saga zones you can obtain ascended trinkets from merchants in most zones using the living story-wide currency (unbound or volatile magic) and the zone specific material. Bitterfrost Frontier also sells numerous aqua breathers. These are all stat selectable with the same selectable stats no matter which trinket you buy.

To obtain the living story-wide currency unbound or volatile magic you will need to kill enemies and gather zone specific currency. To obtain the zone specific currency you will need to gather, do dailies, or buy them for karma from each heart vendor per day per character. You can also obtain from reward tracks or other achievements.

The gather nodes for these all have special names and icons on the minimap per zone. You can increase your chance of obtaining them by using anything that gives you +rare materials gather rate such as the guild gathering buff. These reset 24 hours from when you last picked per character.

You should consider as well going for the journey of the Legendary Amulet since each step will reward you with a stack of map currency, check here: Seasons of the Dragons – Legendary Amulet Achievements Guide

Living World Season 3

Living Story Season 3 zones gives every single trinket type across all the zones with some overlapping. The vendors that sell these are generally at the beginning of the zones, Bitterfrost being the only exception as it’s at the top of the town in the middle of the map. Most of these are unique so you can’t use two of the same ring or accessory. Bitterfrost Frontier can provide the easiest ascended trinket access, but Bloodstone Fen provides ascended trinkets that can be stat swapped, using the which costs 100 Unbound Magic each swap.

  • Bloodstone Fen
    • Ring
    • Amulet
    • Backpack
  • Ember Bay
    • Accessory
    • Backpack
  • Bitterfrost Frontier
    • Ring
    • Backpack
    • Accessory
    • Aqua Breathers
  • Lake Doric
    • Amulet
    • Backpack
  • Draconis Mons
    • Ring
    • Amulet
  • Siren’s Landing
    • Amulet
    • Backpacks(From Heart Quest Vendors)

Special Mention – Berry Farming

One very often used and effective method of farming trinkets in Living Story Season 3 Episode 3 is to do the “berry farm” in the Bitterfrost Frontier map. This map has a ring, backpack, accessory and aqua breather available for purchase from the Living World vendor at Sorrow’s Eclipse, so it’s a very good zone to farm for many of your trinkets. It’s also one of the fastest and easiest to obtain map specific currencies. To do this, you follow a simple route and gather Winterberries on every character as the nodes are per character and not per account. Simply follow the route, swap characters and repeat. If you get around 40 berries per character, the number of berries you can get daily is 40 x (number of characters). Each trinket costs a few hundred berries, so it will only take a few characters a few days of berry farming to get one plus the unbound magic.

Living World Season 4

Living Story Season 4 zones do not sell trinkets in every zone but some sell recipes, inscriptions, and insignias for unique stat combinations that you can only obtain in these zones. They all have unique gather nodes or chests for their zone specific currencies. Diviner and Plaguedoctor trinkets for Laurels.

  • Sandswept Islands
    • Ring
    • Accessory
  • Domain of Kourna (Laurel Cost)
    • Ring – Plaguedoctor
    • Amulet – Plaguedoctor
    • Accessory – Plaguedoctor
  • Thunderhead Peaks(Laurel Cost)
    • Ring – Diviner
    • Amulet – Diviner
    • Accessory – Diviner
  • Dragonfall

Icebrood Saga

In The Icebrood Saga zones you can only find Amulet and Accesories after completing some achievements they will appear on the respective vendor. Completing every story episode will reward you with a special stat-selectable accessory as well.

  • Story Completion

World Bosses and Guild Missions

While most of the World Bosses and meta-events, and even simple champions can randomly drop Ascended chests, there are some special and unique Ascended drops that are worth to mention. Remember you can always check the timer by using the in-game command /wiki et

Guild Missions give you a currency that you can spend on ascended accessories. The merchant is inside the Guild Initiative Headquarters in Lion’s Arch or inside your Guild Hall. Not all stats combinations are available.


Fractals of the Mists allows you to obtain every slot of ascended equipment. You can participate in these dungeons with exotics in the lower levels but you will require ascended to build Agony Resistance to progress through the higher levels. Investing in an ascended set to do fractals is actually the best way to get more ascended for extra characters. At higher levels the ascended drops are very common so they are really profitable. To know more about this I recommend the Fractals of the Mists – The Complete Guide

Waypoint Chat Code (paste in in-game chat)

Fort Marriner Waypoint — [&BDAEAAA=]

You can easily obtain Rings with Pristine Fractal Relics which is the currency for doing Daily Fractals (check on the achievements panel). With the normal Fractal Relics you can obtain the Backpack Prototype Fractal Capacitor which can be upgraded to ascended with a Mystic Forge combination:

  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 40

Later on you can even work towards the Legendary Back Item Ad Infinitum Guide

Besides these, you can find the “Mist Trinkets”, these are selectable stats trinkets and they can be reset with the . However their cost is very high and they can also be acquired from Ranked PvP and World vs World, so I won’t recommend them unless you only play Fractals.

Armor and Weapons are much more complicated. They require Daily Fractals or normal runs for the relics, Daily Recommended Fractals for the Research Pages, and specific Grandmaster Marks (Check the Crafting section above for this)

Strike Missions

Icebrood Saga Strikes

Strike missions give you the ability to purchase any stat combination of Armor and Weapons from the vendor Crystallographer Smoxxi in the Eye of the North. These require Blue Prophet Shards which you will get from clearing strike missions and gold. These are actually very easy encounters and very recommended for newer players.

Waypoint Chat Code (paste at in-game chat)

Eye of the North Waypoint — [&BAkMAAA=]

End of Dragons Strikes

Alternatively, the second hub for Strike Missions is in Arborstone. You can complete End of Dragons Strike Missions for Green Prophet Shards and then purchase weapons from Zazzl at Arborstone. These are more complex than the Icebrood Saga ones and they count with Challenge Modes as well.

Waypoint Chat Code (paste in in-game chat)

Arborstone Waypoint — [&BGMNAAA=]

If you completed any of the End of Dragons specialization collections, you can then complete the Harvest Temple strike mission (two times for the amulet) and you will gain access to cheap one-time purchase Amulet, Accessory, and Ring with selectable stats. (Including Ritualist’s and Dragon’s stats)

Ranked PvP

PvP allows you to obtain every slot of ascended equipment from the League Vendors in the PvP Lobby.

You need two account-bound currencies to obtain ascended and they only can be obtained from Ranked Games. Ascended Shards of Glory for pieces like Weapons, Armor and Mist Trinkets, but for the Backpack you will need PvP League Tickets and combine four pieces on the Mystic Forge (this will be the precursor for the legendary backpack as well)

While you don’t really need any equipment to play Ranked PvP you can still obtain the ascended for other game modes and for most people this is actually one of the faster ways to get it. Some people just dislike PvP and will prefer other alternatives and that’s fine too. If you are looking to get started I recommend to check this Beginner’s Guide to Guild Wars 2 PvP

The “Mist Trinkets” are selectable stats trinkets and they can be reset with the , they can be obtained through Fractals and World vs World as well, but getting them from PvP is actually cheaper (as long you play ranked) so I will recommend get them from here.

The other requirements are Grandmaster Marks, which you obtain a few every season from your ranked pip rewards or they can be crafted (Check the Crafting section above for this). Normal Shards of Glory can be purchased on the Trading Post for cheap or earned from Ranked PvP.

You can gain 3 Grandmaster Marks per season, and 1 per mini-season from your pip reward chests.

NOTE: Getting the Ascended Armor from PvP is actually recommended to later upgrade to Legendary, for this purpose you can check here: PvP Legendary Armor Guide

World vs World

WvW allows you to obtain every slot of ascended equipment from the vendors in the spawn zone.

For this method you will need the specific time-gated currency called WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets. You can only earn a maximum of 365 per week, so if you need to know more I recommend you to read the Beginner’s Guide to Guild Wars 2 World vs World

For Armor and Weapons, on top of the time-gated currency, the Triumphant Hero’s armor can take a while to get because you need to unlock first the exotic version (Triumphant armor) and it is only available through an specific reward track, same for the Mistforged Hero’s weapons you need to unlock first the rare version (Hero’s weapons). They also require Grandmaster Marks (Check the Crafting section above for this).

NOTE: You can earn a maximum of 3 per week and exchange 10 of them for a

Clearly, investing in these weapons is not recommended but you might want to do it for the armor, because these can be upgraded to Legendary, to know more check here: WvW Legendary Armor Guide

There are two other Weapon sets available to buy. Mistforged Obsidian weapons which also have a requeriment (you need unlock the exotic Obsidian weapons from the box first) and the Mist Lord’s weapons which are available directly to buy.

For the Amulet, Rings and Accesories you can buy the “Mist Trinkets” which are selectable stats trinkets and they can be reset with the , they can be obtained through Fractals and Ranked PvP as well, but getting them from WvW is not recommended since you might want to invest the time-gated tickets in other pieces.

However a new set of “Jade Mist Trinkets” was added offering the new End of Dragon stats combinations (Ritualist’s and Dragon’s) so you might be interested in those:

They will also require which you can earn from reward tracks and from as part of the pips progression.

For the Backpack you will need to buy and combine the four pieces of Wings of War on the Mystic Forge and this will be the precursor for the Legendary as well, to know more about this check here: Legendary Back Item Warbringer Guide


Raids allow you to obtain every slot of ascended equipment. Not every stat combination of Trinkets are sold here, but the Weapons and Armor are stat selectable which is good. Raids can be very challenging so if you want to venture on this I strongly recommend you go read this first: Beginner’s Guide to Guild Wars 2 Raids

To obtain equipment from Raids you need Magnetite Shards which you will easily get by participating on Raid encounters and Gold. While you can get Ascended Armor from these selectable chests, it is important to mention that you could also work on the collections for the Legendary Armor, make sure to check this if you are interested: Raid Legendary Armor Guide

You can find most of the items available on the “Basic Magnetite Exchange Operative” NPC on the Lion’s Arch Aerodrome.

Waypoint Chat Code (paste in in-game chat)

Aerodrome Waypoint — [&BCAJAAA=]

Be aware when buying these boxes, you will need to pick from numerous sub-categories of stats to allow you to get the exact stat you want. Make sure you pick the correct one!

  • Assaulter’s: Assassin’s, Berserker’s, Cavalier’s, Commander’s, Diviner’s, Grieving, Harrier’s, Knight’s, Marshal’s, Sinister, and Viper’s.
  • Defender’s: Cavalier’s, Giver’s, Harrier’s, Knight’s, Minstrel’s, Shaman’s, and Trailblazer’s.
  • Healer’s: Diviner’s, Giver’s, Harrier’s, Magi’s, Marshal’s, Minstrel’s, and Seraph.
  • Malicious: Grieving, Seraph, Shaman’s, Sinister, Trailblazer’s, and Viper’s.

However there are more items that will be available to buy after you defeat specific Raid Bosses, and you can purchase them from “Scholar Glenna” NPC inside each one of the Raid Wings. Bosses have a chance to drop these items as well.

Collections and Achievements

Collections can be done once per account as their rewards are non-repeatable achievements. There are many collections in the game but only some will grant Ascended loot as their reward.

Specialization Collections

Once you buy the expansions you can unlock elite specializations for each class. After unlocking an elite specialization you will unlock collections. They will give you an ascended weapon to use for each respective weapon the elite specialization unlocks (greatsword for Reaper, etc.). Find these quests in the collections tab of the achievements panel.

NOTE: These weapons have only a few stat combinations available to select.

  • Daredevil:
    • Staff – Celestial – Marauder – Minstrel’s
    • Achievement
  • Reaper:
    • Greatsword – Berserker’s – Knight’s – Trailblazer’s
    • Achievement
  • Scrapper:
    • Hammer – Berserker’s – Knight’s – Wanderer’s
    • Achievement
  • Herald:
    • Shield – Celestial – Crusader’s – Trailblazer’s
    • Achievement
  • Chronomancer:
    • Shield – Berserker’s – Minstrel’s – Soldier’s
    • Achievement
  • Dragonhunter:
    • Longbow – Berserker’s – Commander’s – Rampager’s
    • Achievement
  • Berserker:
    • Torch – Sentinel’s – Sinister – Vigilant
    • Achievement
  • Tempest:
    • Warhorn – Assassin’s – Celestial – Minstrel’s
    • Achievement
  • Druid:
    • Staff – Cleric’s – Minstrel’s – Nomad’s
    • Achievement

  • Deadeye:
    • Rifle – Assassin’s – Berserker’s – Valkyrie
    • Achievement
  • Scourge:
    • Torch – Apothecary’s – Carrion – Viper’s
    • Achievement
  • Holosmith:
    • Sword – Berserker’s – Marauder – Marshal’s
    • Achievement
  • Renegade:
    • Shortbow – Celestial – Grieving – Viper’s
    • Achievement
  • Mirage:
  • Firebrand:
    • Axe – Viper’s – Marshal’s – Trailblazer’s
    • Achievement
  • Spellbreaker:
    • Dagger – Assassin’s – Knight’s – Valkyrie
    • Achievement
  • Weaver:
    • Sword – Celestial – Grieving – Viper’s
    • Achievement
  • Soulbeast:
    • Dagger – Marauder – Marshal’s – Viper’s
    • Achievement

  • Specter:
    • Scepter – Apothecary’s – Ritualist’s – Shaman’s
    • Achievement
  • Harbinger:
    • Pistol – Ritualist’s – Sentinel’s – Shaman’s
    • Achievement
  • Mechanist:
    • Mace – Dragon’s – Soldier’s – Zealot’s
    • Achievement
  • Vindicator:
    • Greatsword – Dragon’s – Nomad’s – Zealot’s
    • Achievement
  • Virtuoso:
    • Dagger – Carrion – Dire – Ritualist’s
    • Achievement
  • Willbender:
    • Sword – Apothecary’s – Ritualist’s – Settler’s
    • Achievement
  • Bladesworn:
    • Pistol – Berserker’s – Dragon’s – Knight’s
    • Achievement
  • Catalyst:
    • Hammer – Celestial – Dire – Dragon’s
    • Achievement
  • Untamed:
    • Hammer – Carrion – Dragon’s – Rabid
    • Achievement

Story Mastery

Completing the mastery achievements from expansion story or living world episodes will reward you with ascended trinkets. Some of these will have predefinided stats to select and not all might be useful for you but they can still work in some cases.

NOTE: On the following list you will see the ascended item and right below a link to a guide on how to obtain it.

Extra Collections and Achievements

Here you can see a list with some extra collections and individual achievements that will reward ascended pieces that are not in a dedicated category, but are still worth mentioning.

NOTE: On the following list you will see the ascended item and right below a link to a guide on how to obtain it.


“Infusion slots” are where you add even more stats to your ascended gear and special bonuses such as Agony Resistance to allow you to tackle higher level fractals or bonuses vs guards in WvW. The maximum amount of stats per infusion slot is 5 of any stat (power, precision, etc).

  • Armor and weapons have one infusion slot, with two-handed weapons having two.
  • Ascended rings can be infused and attuned, each of which adds an extra infusion slot (for a total of three).
  • Ascended back items can be infused to add one extra infusion slot.
  • Ascended amulets have an enrichment slot instead of an infusion slot. These take different infusions which give Bonus WvW experience, gold find, magic find, bonus character experience or karma.
  • Ascended aquabreathers can use a unique infusion for swim-speed
  • 18 infusion slots total, 1 enrichment slot

You can infuse and attune your rings for 3 infusion slots, as stated above, in the Mystic Forge.

  • Infuse
    • 1 Ascended Ring
    • 5
      • Drops from Fractals scale 1-20
    • 3
      • Drops from Fractals scale 21-50
    • 1
      • Drops from Fractals scale 51-100

  • Attune
    • 1 Ascended Ring
    • 1
      • Purchased from INFUZ-5959
    • 1
      • Purchased from Trading Post
    • 1
      • Purchased from Miyani at the Mystic Forge

You can purchase these materials from INFUZ-5959 inside the Mistlock Observatory if you have the “Agony Channeler” Fractal Mastery. For more details about this, check: Fractals of the Mists – The Complete Guide

Stat Swapping

If you don’t like your stat combination or want to try another build, you can easily swap the stat combination of any ascended weapons and armor (not trinkets) at the mystic forge.

To do so, you need an **EXOTIC** insignia for Armor and inscription for Weapons, 5 , 1 (from Mystic Forge merchant), and your old armor/weapon that you are stat swapping.

Be very sure that you take out any infusions before stat swapping as it deletes the rune and infusions inside when swapping! You do this using an purchased from INFUZ-5959 for 24 silver inside the Mistlock Observatory.

  • Example:
    • 1
    • 5
    • 1
    • 1
  • Result:
    • 1

  • WARNING: Using an ascended armor (such as PvP or WvW ascended armor) or weapon (such as a precursor) with this recipe will yield a basic ascended armor or weapon and will no longer be usable to craft their respective legendary.
  • NOTE: Grieving Insignia and Inscription are named “Intact Mosaic”.


You can salvage ascended gear and trinkets using only an or . These can be purchased from numerous places such as inside Fractals from BUY-4373, from Laurel merchants, or obtained randomly from your Daily Fractal chests.

Salvaging an Ascended Accessory or Ring will give which are used for numerous things and legendary crafting.

Salvaging Amulets have a rare chance of giving you while salvaging Armor pieces and Weapons have a guaranteed chance, they are used for legendaries.

📣 Questions and Discussion

📣 Feel free to join GuildJen Discord for more discussion and questions related to anything. New players are always welcome.


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