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This is a list with a good variety of viable roaming builds for WvW. While roaming you may experience a variety of situations all within a short span of time because of how diverse WvW can be. So there are three main things you want on a roaming build:

  • Self Sustain
  • Mobility
  • Burst Damage

When roaming you can’t rely on your team to cleanse conditions and heal you with dedicated support players. Even though you can roam with a support it is slow and generally only good in situations where the fights are even or favored for you. If the situation doesn’t favor you, a support build can often get run over or can be rendered useless when their teammates scatter.

If you are in a vastly outnumbered situation the only option may be to retreat. Mobility can allow you to survive until you can reach the safety of your territory or allies. Also having the ability to chase down an enemy who is running away is important to having kill potential. You gain a lot more control over situations the more mobility you have.

Due to this opportunistic nature of WvW roaming it is only natural that roamers want to get in when situations favor them and get out quickly before they become too dangerous. Burst damage is useful for getting the kill unnoticed and then retreating back to safe positioning before the enemy can punish you for it.

Power builds often have better burst damage but lack sustain, while Condition builds have more sustained damage over time but lack instant impact. Celestial or hybrid builds will not specialize in anything but be decent at everything while gaining extra utility from boons.

Remember! There’s no “meta” for roaming, use these builds as a starting point and adapt to your playstyle!

πŸ“£ All classes are viable, the builds are rated between other builds of the same class. The rating criteria is based on versatility for solo and group situations. Roaming builds aren’t meant for duels only.

πŸ“£ Builds marked with the green icon are recommend for beginners.










These are some of the most common builds for Zerging in WvW. Role-defined builds because in large squads the duty of healing, doing damage, or utility, can often be simplified to a build that focuses only on that. The two main roles are:

  • DPS
  • Support

DPS will usually have very aggressive builds with low amounts of sustain but high burst pressure that when coordinated with other DPS builds can break through the support of other squads. Supports will usually provide plenty of healing, revival, cleansing, stability, and boons to allow their DPS and other squad members to survive.

Another important duty of a squad is to remove boons from their enemies, which can be done by specific builds in either role to allow their DPS players to more easily land their damage especially if they can remove the most powerful boon, stability, so they can land crowd controls (CC).

Even further categorization can be done between frontline and backline. The frontline usually deal damage in close range can tank the damage of their enemies, whereas backline are usually less durable and stay within range of their supports but requiring positioning that doesn’t put them in danger. Supports are technically front and backline depending on who needs support. While some builds may be more essential than others, a balanced composition is more effective than stacking one build.

Support Builds

DPS Builds

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πŸ“£ The list for roaming is a compilation of builds that are constantly updated and tested by experienced roamers, making build guides or showing actual gameplay.

πŸ“£ The list for zerg is a compilation of the common and optimal builds that most squads ask these days with a focus on survivability to make them easy to learn. You should always use a build provided by your guild, if you are in one.

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