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GW2. PvP Builds. Player vs Player Conquest. Meta and Fun Builds for Guild Wars 2 PvP.

This is a list with the most popular meta builds for PvP as well as some fun or off-meta builds. All of these builds will be categorized into class, strength, and role. Because PvP is small-scale, most builds will want to have some role-flexibility, but for the most part, playing a role-specific build and acting towards that role’s priorities will give better results. There are four main PvP roles that a build can fill:

  • DPS
  • Support
  • Duelist
  • Roamer

For a more detailed guide on each of these, check the Roles and Rotations Guide. DPS are aggressive and pressure the enemy team to get kills in team fights, Supports are defensive and keep their team alive in team fights, Duelists are efficient at defending or fighting for capture points alone, and Roamers are aggressive and mobile to control the map by moving quickly.

Builds that are meta may be good in certain situations but not so good in others. For example: playing a DPS when your team has no Support may be risky. Having too many duelists on your team will reduce the amount of places they can be useful.

Remember! The “meta” may be the most popular and optimal for most people, but what is optimal for you may be different. Use these builds as a starting point to develop your own playstyle.

πŸ“£ Recommendations for New Players:

πŸ“£ Tiers

  • Meta – ⭐
  • Good – πŸ’—
  • Off-Meta/Situational – πŸ’Ž
  • Recommended for Beginners –

All classes are viable. Ratings compare between builds of the same class.

Last Update: April 2024

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Questions and Discussion

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