Hero Points Guides

GW2. Hero Points Guides for all the expansions to help you unlock your specializations. Heart of Thorns. Path of Fire. End of Dragons. Guild Wars 2.

You can earn Hero Points by completing Hero challenges and leveling up, these are spent on unlocking new skills and traits in the Training tab of the Hero Panel.

Completing Hero challenges in Tyria maps will grant a single Hero Point. However, completing Hero challenges in the expansion zones, will grant ten Hero Points, which makes them the primary method of training for the elite specializations.

Completing every hero challenge is not required as you can earn way more points than needed to fully unlock all the specializations so far.

To unlock all the core skills and traits you need 398 Hero Points (which are granted by leveling to 80). To fully unlock one elite specialization you need 250 Hero Points.

If you are new make sure to start with a good Leveling Build and then head to the expansion zones, be aware that some zone are way harder than others, here is a list of the difficulty to avoid frustrations and all the complete Hero Points guides for each zone.

  • Heart of Thorns (Hard)
    • Verdant Brink – 110 HP
    • Auric Basin – 110 HP
    • Tangled Depths – 110 HP
    • Dragon’s Stand – 70 HP
  • Path of Fire (Medium)
    • Crystal Oasis – 50 HP
    • Desert Highlands – 70 HP
    • Elon Riverlands – 80 HP
    • The Desolation – 60 HP
    • Domain of Vabbi – 30 HP
  • End of Dragons (Easy)
    • Seitung Province – 90 HP
    • New Kaineng City – 90 HP
    • The Echovald Wilds – 60 HP
    • Dragon’s End – 60 HP