Raid Builds

GW2. Raid Builds, Strike Mission, and Fractal Builds for Guild Wars 2 PvE Endgame.

This is a list with the most viable and accessible builds for PvE Endgame. While they are mainly oriented for the most challenging PvE content in the game, Raids, they will perform just as well and are recommended for Fractals and Strike Missions. These builds are robust and include enough utility to be useful in a variety of bosses and situations, not just for optimizing uptimes. However, they assume a role within a composition, so they may not be the best for solo play.

There are four Roles that builds can perform in a group:

  • DPS – Focus on dealing damage and surviving with their aggressive set up.
  • Support – Keep their party alive with healing and provide boons.
  • Tank – Attracts the attention of the boss using toughness or some other specific mechanic. Must be able to survive the bosses attacks while positioning it to help the other party members perform their roles more easily.
  • Kiter – Can be considered an off-tank, but will generally be far from the group with a build that can survive by itself to perform a specific mechanic but still provide to the party from range.
  • Recommended for Beginners

The two most powerful boons to share to your party are Alacrity and Quickness, so builds that can provide permanent uptime of these boons to a 5-player group will also have these icons next to them.

Some damage types will be more effective on specific boss fights due to their mechanics. Condition builds will be more effective on bosses with longer phases or mechanics that reduce damage taken by the boss momentarily. Power builds will perform better when phases are short or you must swap targets.

📣 Recommendations for New Players:

Last Update: April 2024

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