Dragon Bash Festival Achievements Guide

GW2. A complete achievements guide about the Dragon Bash Festival. 2023.

Dragon Bash (Festivals)

Total achievements: 14 – 151AP

The Dragon Bash Experience – 50AP

These are the permanent achievements for the festival. The meta achievement requires you to complete 7 eligible achievements. The rewards are the Victorious Holographic Wings Backpack and 50AP.

Burn Them All – 1AP

To complete this achievement you only need to go north of Hero’s Compass Waypoint – [&BJADAAA=] where the effigy icon is, there are some effigies that you need to interact with, just press your interact key on at least 3 of them.

Cheerful Ingester – 10AP

This achievement can be completed easily if you have some gold to invest, if not it might take some time. Completion requires consuming 3,000 pieces of festival food which you get from opening Dragon Bash Coffers or buying from the TP.
Here is the list of the consumables that count for progress in the achievement:

  • Dragon’s Revelry
  • Kralkachocolate Bar
  • Koi Cake
  • Dragon’s Breath Bun
  • Dragonfly Cupcake
  • Dragonfish Candy
  • Slice of Candied Dragon Roll

Color the Sky – 11AP

For this achievement you need to use 150 fireworks, they can be the consumable ones that you get from Dragon Bash Coffers or also the fireworks around Hoelbrak, here is the location on the map, and they can be used again after a short period of time.

Eye Survived – 5AP

To complete this achievement you need to defeat the Eye of Zhaitain boss on round 10 while doing the instanced version of Dragon Arena Survival by Hero’s Compass Waypoint – [&BJADAAA=] .

Hologram Herder – 11AP

This achievement can be completed once you participate in 10 Hologram Stampede events. These events occur on the shiverpeaks maps around Hoelbrak. You can know where the next event will happen by watching the Dragon Bash timer in the event UI.

I Can Outrun a Dragon – 3AP

This achievement requires you to complete the mount race or the time trial within a certain time limit (at least silver medal) in Hoelbrak by Trade Commons Waypoint – [&BIYDAAA=] . You can obtain the achievement by just using the Raptor mount but if you want to get Gold medal, is recommended to do the race with the Roller Beetle. If you need check the Roller Beetle guide HERE.

Masters of the Arena – 0AP

This achievement can be earned by just completing a full round of the Dragon Bash Arena, killing all 5 champions.

Paper Dragon – 15AP

To complete this achievement, you need to interact with 300 pinatas. Their locations around Hoelbrak can be seen on this map:

Pinata Pro – 5AP

To get this achievement, you need to earn a gold medal on the Pinata Bashing adventure located a bit south of Trade Commons Waypoint – [&BIYDAAA=] on the top level. This can be harder to do so watch this video with the path to do it:

Record Basher – 5AP

This achievement is the same as I Can Outrun a Dragon, you need to participate in the mount race or time trial but this time you need to earn a gold medal. Roller Beetle Mount is strongly recommended. Video on how to do it below:

So Lifelike – 15AP

To complete this achievement you need to kill a total of 500 holographic minions, you can get it by doing Dragon Bash Arena or Hologram Stampede events.

Winner’s Circle – 5AP

To get this achievement you need to pick the winner in the Moa race, which occurs by the Legends Waypoint – [&BIwDAAA=]. The result is unreliable so the best option for finishing this as fast as possible is to pay more candy to bet on all of the moas to ensure you pick the winner. Because the cost is low, it isn’t worth your time to gamble, so just pay for all the moas and you will complete the achievement.

Zhaitasty – 15AP

This achievement requires you to consume 5,000 Zhaitaffy during the festival. You can buy them from the TP or just earn them from festival events.

Dragon Bash Feats (Annual)

Total achievements: 16 – 1175AP (50 AP Limited Annually)

(Annual) Dragon Bash Feats – 0AP

These are the annual achievements for the festival. This is the meta achievement, you need to complete at least 7 achievements from this list to get it done, the reward for this are a Dragonrender Chest and the Holographic Dragon Plate.

(You can obtain the rewards from past years and other stuff by buying them from the “Dragon Bash Merchant [Prizes]” NPC with Jorbreakers)

This year have also a few new rewards, especially four new weapon skins that can be obtained from Dragon Coffers of from the vendor NPC.

(Daily) Worldwide Dragon Basher – 0AP

Participate in Hologram Stampede or defeat any champion enemies across Tyria.

This new daily achievement will award the new Dragon Bash Prize Coffer which can drop the Dragonbone Weapons (these weapons can be purchased from Trading Post too).

(Weekly) Dragon Bash Festivities – 0AP

Participate in the Dragon Bash Arena, Dragon Bash race, Moa Racing, and Hologram Stampede. Progress awarded varies based on the activity. This will reward a Jorbreaker.

You can now obtain extra Dragonrender Chests from this achievement.

Dragonbone (Daily)

Dragonrender (Weekly)

Party Commander – 10/100AP

This achievement is related to the Daily Festival achievement, each time you complete 3 of your daily achievements you gain progress on this one, when you complete 5 days of dailies, you earn a Dragon Bash Victory Coffer, which contains the Holographic Weapon Skins. It’s repeatable up to 10 times to earn a max of 100AP.

Once you unlock an Holographic Skin, you can buy the Imbued Holographic version from the Weapons Merchant.

Holographic Skins

Imbued Holographic Skins

(Annual) Color the Sky – 0AP

Use 100 fireworks found around Hoelbrak in the map above for Color The Sky or by using fireworks consumables from the Dragon Coffers. This can be completed once per year.

(Annual) Going the Distance – 0AP

Complete 15 laps of the mount race or trial time in Hoelbrak. You do not need to reach gold so take your time. This can be completed once per year.

(Annual) Hologram Herder – 0AP

Participate in 5 Holographic Stampede events which can be found in maps adjacent to Hoelbrak. Just look at the event UI. This can be completed once per year.

(Annual) Masters of the Arena – 0AP

Kill all 5 champions in the Dragon Bash Arena found at Hero’s Compass in the Western Hoelbrak. This can be completed once per year.

(Annual) Paper Dragon – 0AP

Smash 150 pinatas around Hoelbrak which can be found using the map above for Paper Dragon achievement. This can be completed once per year.

(Annual) Pinata Pummeler – 0AP

Earn at least a silver medal in the adventure Pinata Bashing in Hoelbrak found at the Trade Commons Waypoint – [&BIYDAAA=] . This achievement can be completed once per year.

(Annual) So Lifelike – 0AP

Kill 300 Holographic minions from the Dragon Bash Arena or Holographic Stampede events. This can be completed once per year.

(Annual) Winner’s Circle – 0AP

Pick the winner of the Moa race 5 times. Bet on all of the moas so you only need to participate in 5 races. This can be done once per year.

(Annual) Zhaitasty – 0AP

Consume 1,000 Zhaitaffy. This can be done once per year.

Arena Slayer – 5/25AP

This achievement is repeatable up to 5 times to earn the max AP, and you need to kill each champion in the Dragon Bash Arena to get it done.

Stampede Survivor – 5/25AP

This achievement is repeatable up to 5 times, and you will earn 5AP each time you complete the third round of the Holographic Stampede event three times.

Annual Feats – 1,000AP (50 per year)

This is the repeatable achievement for the annual progress, you can complete it once per year, to earn 50AP and up to 1000AP in total for each year.

Help a Quaggan Out – 5/25AP

This achievement is repeatable up to 5 times and to complete it each time you need to donate 1,000 Zhaitaffy to Drooburt, each time you earn 5AP to a max of 25AP. You will need a total of 5,000 Zhaitaffy.

The Goldclaw Holiday Collection

This collection requires you to find a hidden book on each one of the festivals. Check the following video to see where to find it during this festival:

Credit to TiffyMissWiffy for the video.


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