Heart of Thorns Act 3 Story Achievements Guide

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Finishing all of the Act 3 achievements will grant you 60 achievement points, 5 Mastery Points, and an ascended amulet.

Roots of Terror

The achievements in this instance are very easy but you need to run it a total of 4 times to get all the achievements. Luckily the instance is fairly short.

The Dark Path – 5 pts

  • Reward: Superior Sigil of Rending.
  • Perquisite: Finish Roots of Terror once.
  • Pick the left path when you get an option to do so. This path is the dark path and you just need to follow the green circles through the tunnels and they will guide you to the end.

The Pit of Despair – 5 pts

  • Reward: Bag of 10 Ley Line Crystals
  • Perquisite: Finish Roots of Terror once.
  • Pick the middle path when you get an option to do so. This path is the path where you can’t touch the water by jumping on the branches and rocks above it. Dropping into the water will cause all the grubs to aggro you.

The Troll Road – 5 pts

  • Reward: 3 Oversized Rucksacks.
  • Perquisite: Finish Roots of Terror once.
  • Pick the right path when you get an option to do so. This path is the longest and you will need to run past mushrooms and cave trolls. The way out is actually up a ramp.

Chak Killer Achievements – 15 pts

  • Reward: 3 Heavy Goo Covered Bags, 3 Goop-Covered Satchels, Chak Weapon Crate (pick any Chak weapon of your choice)
  • Perquisite: Finish Roots of Terror once.

The three achievements Chak Master Beginner, Expert and Master are kind of the same so I grouped them up. For the beginner achievement you just need to kill 1 Chak, for expert you need to kill 10 Chaks and for Master you need to almost clear the whole room. The master achievement only require you to clear a set amount of Chaks (around 50) so you can leave some Veteran Chaks behind and the achievement will trigger when there is around 4 Chaks left in the room, regardless of if those are regular or Veteran chaks.

You cannot die for these achievements but you can be downed. Dying will disqualify you for the achievements.

The Veterans are the most troublesome and there are around 10 or more in that little room. The Biltzer got an energy beam attack you should dodge and a damage shield where you need to stop autoattack or you will kill yourself. The Lobbers are the more annoying ones as they will charge you and spit goo all over. If you get knocked down by a lobber from the charge and he spits goo immediately afterwards it can be a death trap.

It isn’t hard to get all 3 achievements. You just have to take it slow and use a ranged weapon. The Chaks are a bit dumb and won’t all aggro on you at once so you can range them one at a time from afar. Braham will also tank some of them for you which helps in avoiding some of the veteran attacks. The number of mobs and difficulty won’t scale up with a group but you may have some trouble getting the Master Killer achievement as it didn’t trigger for some people when the room was cleared in a group.

Buried Insight

You only need to do this instance once more after finishing the story version to get all the achievements.

An Ignoble End – 5 pts

  • Reward: 3 Noxious Seed Pods
  • Perquisite: None (can be done the first time you do the story instance)

When you first enter the instance, turn 180 and go up north. You will find a Mordrem Guard Punisher by a rock. He isn’t hard to fight but watch out for his telegraphed cleave as it can one shot you if not avoided.

Cleaning House – 10 pts

  • Reward: Deluxe Gear Box
  • Perquisite: None (can be done the first time you do the story instance)

You will need to deactivate 32 Rata Novan security mechanics. 4 of them are sentry golems and the rest 28 are all Ballistic Cannons spread throughout the map. 4 of them are underwater inside the little tunnel where the waterlogged page is for New Horizons. There are 6 in the area around the broken golem near the waypoint area and some of them won’t attack you so you have to hold down ctrl to find them all. You should have all 32 before the step where you have to test the dilapidated asura gate.

New Horizons – 5 pts

  • Reward: 10 Bags of Alchemical Materials
  • Perquisite: Complete Buried Insight story instance once to unlock this achievement.

You will find your first clue at a Derelict Sentry Golem near the Rata Novus Waypoint inside the story instance.

Now if you swim down the water near the waypoint you will a little tunnel with a waterlogged page next to a terminal with more hints.

The third hint is located inside the lab next to another terminal

The terminal to finish up the achievement is located at the very end of the instance. Enter the code 01172. Once you do that, go through the terminal and proceed forward to get the achievement.

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