Swampland Fractal Guide

GW2. Swampland Fractal Guide

Wisp Puzzle

The first part of this fractal is a puzzle. You must bring three wisps to the three clefts at the south of the map to progress. As soon as a wisp is picked up a timer will begin. All three wisps must be gathered before the timer ends or they will reset location. There are traps around the swamp that will cripple and knock down players. They can be hard to see but jumping over them will avoid them. Just constantly jumping will statistically avoid more traps than not jumping, so even if you aren’t paying attention to the ground you can avoid traps.

Players cannot use weapon skills while holding wisps, but they can use utility skills which can be useful for cleansing cripple, breaking stun, giving stability, or porting around. Players who are not running wisps can help by giving stability, swiftness, and cleanses to the runners.


Once through the puzzle you will face the Mossman. He will summon wolves and do strong axe attacks. Reflects are helpful, but mainly just breaking the bar and bursting him down will do the job.


Next is Bloomhunger. This boss is long and has a hard fail event near the end, so having sustain and preparation is important to clearing this. Bloomhunger is invulnerable at the start. There are four wisp clefts around the room. One at a time will emanate an aura that gives party members vigor and weakens Bloomhunger, making it vulnerable to attack. Bloomhunger will become invulnerable after leaving the aura. These wisps will rotate in a clockwise rotation which one has the aura.

The boss will also do a leap which should be dodged into a large pusling stomp that you can interrupt by breaking the defiance bar. After every 25% of health, Bloomhunger will go invulnerable in the middle of the room and summon creatures to attack you. These creatures are also invulnerable until brought into the wisp aura. There will also be poisonous flowers spawned around the room. The are easily killed to reduce the pressure your party takes. Kill enough creatures to make bloomhunger mobile again and repeat the process.

At 25% Bloomhunger will change his pattern and will summon a massive attack. To stop it you must bring 4 wisps from the 4 corners of the room and put them into the clefts into the middle of the room. It is important to coordinate before the event which person is going where. Players can call their wisp with cardinal directions: “NW, SW, SE, NE” to easily know which one is covered. Players can do multiple if they are very quick with ports, but generally it is best to have 4 players for this, so make sure to revive any fallen allies before 25%.

After you succeed in the wisps, Bloomhunger will be vulnerable to damage but will unleash many attacks. Break the defiance bar immediately to stop the attacks, and burst the boss until it is dead.

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