Twilight Oasis Fractal Guide

GW2. Twilight Oasis Fractal Guide

This fractal transforms you into a human and you assist Palawa Joko in eliminating the Sunspears.


Using the map above, follow the progression of numbers to complete this fractal. Head south until you reach a ledge, fighting mobs until this point is optional. Jump off the ledge and regain your party’s composure by killing nearby mobs. Once ready to begin the mini boss (1), you can progress. Avoid standing in the AoE is all you need to do.

After defeating the mini boss head to Priestess Amala for a quick fight. (2) You will gain a special action key skill after this which allows you to jump high in the air and climb the buildings. Use this to reach the next Sandbinder. (3)

You must defeat all of the Sandbinders to progress to the final boss. Keep following the rooftops until you reach the final Sandbinder (5) which allows you to approach Amala again. (6)


The fight with Amala will have 5 phases corresponding to a human god.

Lyssa Phase – Amala summons many clones around the room and portals on the ground. Falling into these will hurt and displace you into the air. Use your special action key to jump over them. Finding which one is the real Amala is simple. The one with the protection boon and the Legendary icon when targeted is real. She will cast a spell on a target that will turn them into a moa after the circle fills completely. This can be dodged, but you must bring it away from your allies or they can be turned into moas as well. After getting her to 85% she will transition. You must break her bar using Crowd Control and then go to the ledge to the northeast and use the special action key to kill the mobs on the ledge within 30 seconds to begin the next phase.

Melandru Phase – Amala begins to use ground target knockbacks and conditions. She will also summon a golem and use a massive shockwave that ripples outward. Avoid this with the special action key or by dodging towards her. When she reaches 65% break the bar and go to the southwest ledge.

Dwayna Phase – This is very similar to the Melandru phase, except the ground target AoEs will target specific players. It is advised to split up so as to not stack the mechanics on top of each other. Prepare to CC at 45% and go to the eastern ledge.

Grenth Phase – She will create minions and a fear wall around her. She will teleport around and to follow her you must use the special action key to jump over the fear wall or it will CC you. Once you get to 25% go to the southern ledge.

Balthazar Phase – She creates fire spells around her that deal massive damage. Try to stay behind her and avoid the meteors and tornado which can lock you into the other fire spells. At 5% break the bar and go to the southeastern ledge. You will have to finish the last 5% which is short but chaotic if you cannot push through it fast enough.

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