Aetherblade Fractal Guide

GW2. Aetherblade Fractal Guide

In this this fractal you join Ellen Kiel to infiltrate an Aetherblade hideout.


Begin by swimming through the water filled with mines. Avoid them if you can and dodge the explosion if you have to swim through them.

Pass through the groups of mobs to the Floor Puzzle. Pass through the floor puzzle using movement skills, invulnerability, or just waiting until the floor is not lit to run to the next safe spot. Once across, go inside the building to turn off the puzzle. Use condition cleanse after interacting with the panels to remove the immobilize.

Continue up the ramp to the rotating electrical wall puzzle. Move your camera vertical to see the positioning of the walls more easily and navigate to the panels on the other side of the room. Each panel must be activated seconds within each other to finish the puzzle and will give immobilize. Using ports, cleanses, and stability will allow players to activate multiple panels, requiring less players to succeed at the puzzle.

Continue by killing waves of Aetherblades until the gate opens and you proceed to the boss room.


Talk to Frizz to begin the boss encounter which has four phases. Bring him to 75% HP to proceed to the next phase.

The next phase Frizz will go invulnerable and you need to kill golems to proceed to the next phase. A short electrical wall will rotate around the room quickly while you kill the golems. If the wall touches the golems it will empower them and make them harder to kill. If the wall touches you it will stun and deal damage. Avoid the rotating wall either by standing closer to the center and rotating around with it or by using the boxes to gain elevation over it. The golems will try to pull players and mess with their positioning, ports and stun breaks are useful for surviving here. Lure the golems away from the wall to kill them.

Once the next phase starts, the short electrical wall will disappear and a tall, slow electrical wall appears. You cannot use the boxes to avoid this wall, but kill the golems all the same way. The final phase combines both electrical walls which can get chaotic with the golems pulling players. Burst the golems down quickly in between managing your positioning to avoid walls. Ports can be useful for getting to the same side of a wall as the golems.

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