Aquatic Ruins Fractal Guide

GW2. Aquatic Ruins Fractal Guide.


Once we start at the docks, jump into the water and you will see a group of Kraits that you will need to eliminate in order to rescue three fishermen that were captured and locked down inside cages.

After this, one of two possible paths will be open: the Deep Path or the Dolphin Path.
The available path changes daily at 04:30 UTC-3. The dolphin path is accessible through the left while the deep path is accessible through the right. Once one party member makes it to the next checkpoint, party members may /gg or die, respawning at the next checkpoint. This often saves time for groups that are not familiar with the paths.

Deep Path

-work in progress-

The darkness is full of Piranhas of the Deep, which damage players quickly. Light sources will prevent the piranhas from harming anyone within range. Luminous Plants provide a stationary light to players within range and also allow players Holding the Glowing Plant to have a mobile light. Taking the plant also removes the light source from the original location temporarily. Holding a plant also allows players to revive teammates and teleport them to the wielder. To find the path, follow the Mushrooms on the ocean floor.

Dolphin Path

You are turned into dolphins without any offensive skills. Accordingly, avoid the krait as much as possible. Swim as a group and take your time. Using Echo will reveal hidden krait and little water “portals” that show you paths toward the next checkpoint. (You can also follow along in your mini-map.) Use Rush to dash quickly. Finally, Retrieve Ally is the main reason you stay grouped up with your party. A party member can sacrifice themselves to let the rest pass through an infested area. Hit Retrieve Ally while within 1000 range and they’ll be instantly teleported to you, alive and well.

Once you reach to the next blue portal, you will be back to your normal form, and you have to kill the Champion Krait defending the gate, to finally gain access to the Boss room.


The Jellyfish boss have certain mechanics, that are really optional right now, in the past used to be more relevant but now it’s pretty much just a DPS check on underwater combat.

You will see around the boss many cages, that eventually will gain a lightning field, if you pull the boss towards them, the boss will receive a good amount of damage, but since it can be annoying to coordinate with people who have the aggro to move the boss fast enough to these cages, it’s more an optional mechanic now, and instead people just stack and attack the boss.

The boss will occasionally eat players near him, inflicting agony and dealing minor damage to the player and granting an effect that heals the Jellyfish Beast. While doing so, it is immune to damage until the affected players uses Struggle to break free. Pets and other minions will not break free automatically, and may take a while to die due to the attack’s low damage, so avoid summoning minions that cannot be manually destroyed. If the pet is eaten, switch it for your other pet.

Eventually the boss will become invulnerable and your party need to switch targets to near Kraits that are protecting the boss, simply kill them and switch back to attack the boss.

Also if during the fight, you go to downed state try always to hit any other normal krait enemy around to rally from them, it’s way easier than ress underwater. Another attack that the boss can do sometimes, are some bubble around that will make you float.

So that’s pretty much everything, just simply DPS the boss until you kill it and the fractal will be completed.

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