Blood Reaper PvP Build

GW2. Blood Reaper PvP Build. Necromancer 2023.

The Blood Reaper is a DPS that has massive burst and kill securing potential when chilling its targets, but because it is a melee necromancer it relies heavily on positioning and knowing when to go in to survive. Use the staff to poke and gain shroud when it isn’t safe to go in, and then enter shroud with the quickness and damage modifiers when the time is right to get kills. It has great sustain and condition cleansing capabilities, but does not deal with burst or lock down well.

Basic Rotation: Staff 2/3/4/5 > Axe 2 > Warhorn 4/5 > Enter Shroud > 4 > 3 (Fear) > 5 > 111 > 2 > 111



Last Update: Jan 2023




  • Focus can replace Warhorn, then take Lynx Rune for movement speed
  • Greatsword can replace Staff, then take Speed of Shadows in Soul Reaping instead of Soul Marks

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