Burn Dragonhunter PvP Build

GW2. Burn Dragonhunter PvP Build. Guardian 2022.

The Burn Dragonhunter is a DPS that deals most of its damage through the burning condition. Because of Permeating Wrath giving AoE burns that trigger when the Virtue of Justice passive triggers, the damage scales much better in team fights where you can hit multiple targets. Normally you want to NOT use the Spear of Justice to get the most out of your passive, but if targets are hard to hit or use stealth like thieves, casting the spear can be worth it. Otherwise the torch burns are your major source of damage in melee.

Basic Combo: Scepter 2/3 > Sword 2 > Torch 4 > Torch 4

Team Fight DPS: Purging Flames > Scepter 2 > Sword 2 > Torch 4 > Torch 4 > Torch 5 > Sword 1

Finishing Solo Players: F1 > Sword 2 > Torch 4 > Torch 4


40 %

Last Update: Feb 21



Amulet: Carrion

Sword/Torch (Vision/Smoldering)

Rune: Traveler

Scepter/Shield (Energy/Cleansing)

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  1. The rune is called Intelligence in PvP, not Vision. Idk it’s weird. In PvE the recipe is called “… of Intelligence” but teaches Vision, but in the PvP bar it’s called Intelligence.

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