Captain Mai Trin Boss Fractal Guide

GW2. Captain Mai Trin Boss Fractal Guide


This fractal begins with a decent sized mob. Simply line of sight them behind the corner and cleave them.


Enter the boss room where you must defeat Mai Trin and First Mate Horrik.

There will be two phases that this boss fight will alternate between. The first phase has Mai Trin and Horrik together. You must get Mai Trin to 75% to progress the phase, but she is invulnerable. To damage her you must lure her into the blue ground AoE that Horrik shoots at the players. Try to survive as long as you can if you are the one being targeted by Horrik’s attacks while keeping Mai Trin in the blue attack until her stacks of invulnerability come off.

Every 25% of her health will trigger the cannons phase. Mai Trin will leave and begin firing cannons everywhere. You must avoid these while doing damage to Horrik. Aetherblade mobs will also spawn. Killing the mobs first will relieve a lot of the pressure, but doing so is optional. Having lots of sustain and cleanse is important for this fractal because if your team wipes you must restart the whole boss encounter. It is better to be on the safe side. Once you get Horrik’s HP down 25% more, the phase will return back to the Mai Trin phase and you will repeat that with increasing difficulty until the boss is defeated.

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