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Last Update: April 2024

  • Boon for group events: Alacrity

The Celestial Mechanist Open World is an engineer build that focuses on gaining might to improve both power and condition damage while having plenty of survivability, and due to the Shift Signet all of your boons will be shared with your Mech. It is simple and easy to play, making it great for beginners, but because it relies so much on the Mech it can take some of the control out of your hands.

Moving too far away from your mech will reduce its stats, so try to keep targeting the same thing with your mech so you both stay near each other. Your cooldowns are reduced by the Alacrity you gain which happens whenever you grant barrier, so always use the Barrier Signet even if you aren’t under pressure so you can still reduce your offensive cooldowns. This also applies to nearby allies, making it great support in group events.

Skill Priority:

  • Mech abilities F1-3
  • Mace 2/3 > Pistol 4
  • Flamethrower 4 > 2 > 3
  • Mace 1

NOTE: Automatically cast your Mech abilities by CTRL + Right Clicking the F1-3

NOTE: If using Shortbow as alternative, prioritize the order of chain skills as 4/2/3/5.



ItemStatRune / Sigil

Primary Weapon Set


Optional Weapon Set








  • Jade Bot Core: for extra vitality
  • Rune: easy option
  • Food: cheap option


Mace / PistolHeal / Utility / Elite
ShortbowFlamethrower Kit


Build Template

Chat Code: (copy/paste into in-game chat)



Credit to Lord Hizen for the video.

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  1. I feel like this build is pretty squishy with all Zerker, even with the Golem and Mech I feel like I’m running for my life most of the time annd going down quickly when soloing harder Elites and stuff. I don’t think this is quite the sweet spot for a solo open world build.

    • You can always adapt the build to your needs, if you feel squishy then you take some pieces with toughness, thats how it works.

  2. Isn’t the idea behind the playstyle for this particular build to have the mobs on your rune golem, while your mech unloads, and you go through your rotation?

  3. Hey, great guide! 😀 It feels nice to play a berserker build and to be able to dish out great damage while still keeping a safe distance from the enemy. But I still have one question: What ability should I use while waiting for my cooldowns, should I spam rifle 1 or exclusively camp grenade kit and spam grenade kit 1 while limiting my rifle use to the 2-5 skills?

    • Rifle 1 does less damage than grenades, but is more reliable. Generally use all of your 2-5 on grenades and then stick to rifle, but keep using the grenade auto attack if you need to kite while attacking.

  4. I played 4 variations of Mech pve builds:

    Solo Survival Celestial, Sanctuary Runes Alac Flamethrower
    Group Ritualist, Alac (Mace/Pistol) (Might change to healing instead of condi dps)
    Condi DPS, Viper with Explosions
    This build

    I found this Build to be very, very squishy and 1/2 of the dps of the Condi build and it is also a little bit harder since grenades are not auto attack (and are slow without Grenade Barrage).

    What really turned me off for the rifle is that the most damaging skills require you to be close to the target.

    • Did you just cherry pick the weaknesses of the build without affording its advantages? It has range unlike the condi viper build which means you can be much safer positioning. If you want to auto attack in melee range, then yes this build is bad. However, if you want to easily hit targets from range, this one works best in my opinion.

  5. Why is the power wrench trait taken in this assembly? It reduces the cooldown of skills in a “tool kit” that is not used in this build.

    • The trait not only does that, it also reduces the cooldown of the elite skill when you dodge, I know sometimes the tooltips are confusing but read them paying attention to understand the synergy. The other options in the slot aren’t worth anyway.

  6. A friend of mine started few weeks ago and just used his Lv80 booster and received a full Celestial gear. Are the Traveler runes a good alternative or what Boon Duration would you recommend to use until he got Leadership?

    • the movement speed would be wasted, try krait or elementalist runes for now unless you really wanted more boon duration then traveler is fine

      • I bought him Elementalist runes because he reach 100% burning & bleeding duration anyways and the build turns out to be pretty solid. Thanks for the advice buddy, have a great day!

  7. Is there an actual link to the build used in the celestial mechanist video? It just points back here even though its a different build.

  8. Hi, thanks for all the awesome content ! I’m wondering how does the shortbow alternative work with Akeem and Celestial, since shortbow does not provide confusion and inhate condition on weapon skills ? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • You can’t, the shortbow is just optional weapon in case you need AoE for like group events or tagging, and to get Corruption stacks, the build is just based on mace/pistol.

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