Chaos Fractal Guide

GW2. Chaos Fractal Guide


Kill the group of mobs at the start using pulls and AoE. Then progress through the jumping puzzle. Have swiftness and stability available to not get fall off, and reflects work as well.

Once through the puzzle there is an Anomaly boss fight. Players will get a bomb on their heads periodically. That player must get out of the group or they will place a pulsing blind and damaging AoE on the group. These last a long time so if multiple of them are placed near the boss it can be difficult to damage it. Try to place them as far away as possible so they don’t become a problem later. Every 25% of the bosses health it will become invulnerable and golems will spawn. Pull the golems together and kill them to progress back to the boss phase. These golems become increasingly more difficult the more times you enter this phase, so make sure you are not placing the bombs too close.

Afterwards you must progress through a frozen forest. Use the special action key to light the bonfires. You take freezing damage the longer it has been since you were near a bonfire and wolves will chase you and tentacles will knock you back. Save your dodges to avoid the tentacles and just move forwards. There are four bonfires that must be lit to open the path to the boss. The first three are in a straight line from the beginning. The fourth bonfire you must go to the left to find.


The platform that the boss is on has alternating tiles. The purple lit up tiles do damage and confusion while the others are safe. The boss is invulnerable unless it has stood on one of the purple platforms. Above 50% the boss only has one attack. It will go up to a player and start an attack chain. These hits can hurt, but the third part of the chain is a long daze. Try to avoid the third attack or give stability to your party.

Once below 50% the boss will use a new attack periodically. It begins channeling a break bar which must be Crowd Controlled to stop the attack. If it is not broken the boss will do a massive AoE that pulls and damages allies. This attack can be avoided by being far away from it when it happens. Make sure to communicate with your party how you wish to deal with this mechanic, whether it is allowing the attack to go off and just being far away when it happens or for everyone to commit to breaking the bar.

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