Condition Chronomancer PvP Build

GW2. Condition Chronomancer PvP Build. Mesmer.

Last Update: December 2023

The Condition Chronomancer is a Duelist/Roamer mesmer build with high alacrity uptime to keep pushing out high impact spells and to regain its defenses sooner. It uses clones and shatters to apply confusion with the Rewinder skill to pressure enemies on node and securely capture it. It has great CC from Gravity Well and the Shield 5, so in team fights it can be useful as well, but when alone it has trouble securing kills on enemies with mobility, so it prefers to play defensively when alone, then try to secure kills when with it’s team.

The main damage source is from Shatters which can give Torment and Confusion. The most damaging Shatter is the Rewinder (F2) so prioritize landing that with 3 clones, especially because this shatter recharges faster the more hits you land. Also, there is a ton of clone generation on this build which allows you to shatter many other times. This is mostly through Illusionary Reversion, whenever you shatter with full 3 clones you get an extra clone. This means combining multiple 3 clone shatters in succession will allow you to keep generating higher clone shatters. Fuel this with the 2 extra clones from Mirror Images and you can do several shatters in quick succession (your character counts as one).

Shatter Combo: Staff 3 > 5 > 2 > Swap > Axe 2 (3 Clones) > Axe 3 + F2 > Mirror Images + F3 > Axe 2 + F1

Continuum Split (F5) is where your burst combos happen, and you can get creative with it. Any cooldowns used while inside it will immediately return after leaving the Rift. Use your Mirror Images and all clone/phantasm generating skills inside it because the clones persist afterwards but your cooldowns will return. Also Stealth skills will be recharged but the stealth you gain from them will remain.

Continuum Rift Combo: Staff 2 > 3 > Swap > Axe 2 > Torch 5 + Continuum Rift Enter > Torch 4 + Mirror Images > Axe 3 > 2 > F2 > F1 > Exit Continuum Rift > Repeat from Torch 5


75 %


CarrionAxe / TorchEnergy/Cleansing

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