Condition Druid PvP Build

GW2. Condition Druid PvP Build. Ranger PvP.

Last Update: December 2023

The condition druid is a PvP ranger Duelist build with high amounts of immobilize to pressure enemies with their pet or to enable kills with their teammates while also have plenty of survivability to contest nodes or even contribute to team fights. With the Light on Your Feet trait and Shortbow, you can put more sustained pressure on single targets, and the Flame Trap allows you more on-node pressure to win 1v1s. Dazes from the Shortbow, Celestial Avatar 3, and Entangle helps to lock your target down in your traps and the Jacaranda AoE. You can also use your Sword leaps through your Flame Trap to gain Fire Aura for more passive pressure.

Main Combo: Flame Trap > Shortbow 4/5 > 2 > Celestial Avatar > 3 > 2/5

Use your Smokescale F2 to gain stealth when disengaging from outnumbered situations. Leap with your Sword, or blast with the CA 3 the smoke field.


Smokescale / Jacaranda
ShortbowHeal / Utility / Elite
Sword / DaggerCelestial Avatar

KraitSword / DaggerEnergy/Escape
Demon Queen

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