Condition Herald PvP Build

GW2. Condition Herald PvP Build. Revenant 2023.

The Condition Herald is a DPS that locks down enemies with CC and chills and pulses torment around them while also pulsing boons to allies, making them a great team fighter. Though they are a counter to conditions, they can be locked down by stuns and other CC that fly around in the fights they tend to go deep in. The F2 in Mallyx and the Pustulating Pestilence trait allows condition transfers which can greatly turn the tides of a 1v1 against condition classes or in team fights.

Basic Combos: Axe 5 > Mace 2 > Call to Anguish > Swap Legend/Weapon > Sword 2 (inside them for whirl finisher in the fire field)

Axe 4 > Facet of Chaos > Chaotic Release > Facet of Elements > Mace 3 > Mace 2 > Swap Legend/Weapon > Sword 2



Last Update: Jan 2023


Mace / AxeHeal / Utility / Elite
Sword / Shield


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  1. Hey Vallun, Thank you for such an amazing build. I love it. Shines especially with 3v3. I wanted to ask which rune and build should I go to in the current meta? In video you make a chill/torment type of build, while on the website it is different. I have seen you videos of Highlights from March PVP season and I saw that there were some condi herlads. If you could give any hints or updates, it would be amazing!

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