Condition Herald PvP Build

GW2. Condition Herald PvP Build. DPS Revenant PvP.

Last Update: May 2024

The Condition Herald is a DPS revenant PvP build that locks down enemies with CC, and chills and pulses torment around them while also pulsing boons to allies, making them a great team fighter. Though they are a counter to conditions, they can be locked down by stuns and other CC that fly around in the larger fights. The F2 in Mallyx allows condition transfers which can greatly turn the tides of a 1v1 against condition classes or in team fights.

Torment deals less damage to enemies who are moving, so to make your torment deal maximum damage you can do a CC combo which applies torment while not allowing them to move. Torment is also applied whenever you apply Chill. This includes the Banish Enchantments skill which removes boons and applies 3 stacks of chill which becomes torment.

Basic Combos

  • Axe 5 > Mace 2 > Call to Anguish > Mace 3 > Swap Legend/Weapon
  • Axe 4 > Facet of Chaos > Chaotic Release > Facet of Elements > Mace 3 > Mace 2 > Swap Legend/Weapon
  • Shortbow 4 > 5 > 3 > 2

Always try to keep up Resistance in team fights by spamming Pain Absorption because it can enable your team aggressively to hit through blind and weakness but also keep your, but in smaller fights conserve your energy to stay in the Mallyx elite skill Embrace the Darkness longer which will pulse out torment to nearby enemies.

When focused, you do not have many hard mitigation skills to survive. You have to to tank most things that are thrown at you, so taking fights that are even or sticking to a support will help you to get maximum value out of your potential for pressure.



Mace / AxeHeal / Utility / Elite


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  1. Hey Vallun, Thank you for such an amazing build. I love it. Shines especially with 3v3. I wanted to ask which rune and build should I go to in the current meta? In video you make a chill/torment type of build, while on the website it is different. I have seen you videos of Highlights from March PVP season and I saw that there were some condi herlads. If you could give any hints or updates, it would be amazing!

  2. sigils and weapons wrong way around? in video sword had energy, i know, you always say website’s leading, but this looks wrong, sry^^

  3. may we have a replacement for a Shortbow for people who don’t have SoTo Expansion?

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