Condition Mechanist PvP Build

GW2. Condition Mechanist PvP Build. Duelist Engineer PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Condition Mechanist is a Duelist Engineer PvP build with plenty of condition cleanses which transfer into boons.

Conditions are the biggest counter to the Jade Mech pet, so using the Elixir Gun 3 and 5 as well as sharing protection through many of the shield/heal skills allows you to keep your mech alive while also bolstering it with boons shared through the Shift Signet. While it has decent pressure, enemies can easily escape it, so the build focuses more on capturing and decapturing nodes using knockbacks and on-node pressure.

Decapture nodes by knocking enemies off with the Mech F3, Shield 4, or Flamethrower 3

Place Elixir Gun 5 or Flamethrower 4 on the objectives and blast them with the Flamethrower 2 or Elixir Gun 4. Mace 2 and Flamethrower 2 are decently low cooldowns so you can always set up combos to land them with CC from your shield or mech.

Damage Combos

  • Shield 4 > F1 + Mace 2 > 3 > Flamethrower 2
  • Shield 5 + F3 (while stunned) > Mace 2 > Flamethrower 3 + Overclock Signet

Save your Shift Signet for escaping dangerous situations as it is your only reliable stun break. Otherwise use Elixir Gun 4 with an About Face for mobility or the Mech F2 as preemptive stability against CC.

This build can also perform well as a semi-support in team fights when it doesn’t need to hold nodes or 1v1 due to its ability to cleanse allies and give them protection as well as its high amount of CC. Elixir Gun 3 can cleanse many conditions from allies in team fights if you aim it on them.



Mace / ShieldHeal / Utility / Elite
Flamethrower KitElixir Gun

SageMace / ShieldPurging/Cleansing

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  1. I’m not sure if it’s meta, but it brought me to gold 3 fine and did great against all the WB. Using shiled and condi sig is great. New buffs help a bit too.

  2. Gonna give this a try. I have tried the new Rifle build and it is not to my linking. I am now running a fairly successful build that fits my play style

    It is more and less in the same vein, except likely less survivable for more damage. Although the alchemy line and the ranged pistols gives it good sustain and blowtorch allows you to abuse terrain.

    I do like to switch it up though and will definitely give this one a try.

  3. Soothing Detonation doesn’t work with this build. There is no tool belt skills. Use Mecha Legs instead.

  4. Just started playing this last night and it seems to be working very well for me – frequently top in at least two or three of the categories at the end but was wondering if there are any tweaks you would make to the build given the recent patches? Plan to play this for ranked when the new season starts so all of my experience on it so far is unranked.

  5. Played Something similar Last year, got to Plat(the First/lowest), tryed it today…and boi…either i suck(definetly possible) or IT got nerfes real hard…:(

    I realy Liked it…grinded most of my ascencion with itūü•≤

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