Condition Shatter Mirage PvP Build

GW2. Condition Shatter Mirage PvP Build. Mesmer 2022.

The Condition Shatter Mirage is a Roamer mesmer build that puts out bursts of conditions when they shatter, forcing the enemy to cleanse it or to try to heal. Then with interrupts the Mirage can cover their conditions or prevent them from cleansing. With the clone generated on deceptions, Jaunt burst combos are available with clone shatters, and even though there are many ways to go about your damage, they all using revolve around landing the Cry of Frustration shatter.

Basic Combos: Torch 4 > Sword 3 > Sword 3 + Torch 5 > Dodge > Ambush 1 > Jaunt + F2 > Axe 2

Pistol 4/5 > Axe 3 > Axe 2 > Torch 5 > Dodge > Ambush 1 > Sword 3 > Sword 3 > Jaunt + F2



Last Update: Feb 21



Amulet: Carrion

Axe/Pistol (Energy/Doom)

Rune: Lynx

Sword/Torch (Energy/Cleansing)

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