Core Dagger Elementalist PvP Build

GW2. Core Dagger Elementalist PvP Build. Lightning Rod Double Daggers.

Last Update: December 2023

The Core Dagger Elementalist is a Roamer PvP build with a fun and fluid playstyle that makes use of all the elemental attunements. Gaining auras grants boons such as protection, swiftness, and fury, but also cleanses conditions. You can also transmute these auras such as the shocking aura in Air Attunement skill 3 for a stun or the frost aura in Water attunement skill 4 for cleansing and healing. Because of how much defense and offense they give you, your rotation should revolve around gaining auras. The Written in Stone trait will also allow you to use your signets and still gain their passives, meaning you should cast your signet heal when possible as you can still gain its passive healing per action.

Aura Generation: Using Signets (25s icd), Air 3, Water 4, Fire Attunement, Fire 3/4 > Earth 3

Because this is a mostly melee burst build with limited evade frames, you need to choose when to go in. The Air 5, Earth 3, and Fire 3 all have evades to help you survive, but they are normally used for your combos.

Basic Combo: Signet of Earth > Air 4 > 3 (transmute) > 5 > 2 > Swap Fire > Signet of Air + 3 > 5 > 4 > 2 > Swap Earth > 3 > 4 > 5 > 2

Signet of Air is an optional damage modifier during your burst because of the vulnerability that it applies, but it can also be used defensively to blind the target or to give yourself shocking aura which can then be transmuted. Be careful using this aggressively for damage, as it is also a stun break.

After doing the combo, swap to Water Attunement and transmute the 4 skill and use the 5 skill to heal up and disengage until your air attunement is off cooldown and ready for the next combo rotation.



Dagger / DaggerHeal / Utility / Elite

Alternatively take Armor of Earth instead of Signet of Earth for more stun breaks and stability

Demon Queen

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