Core Power Shatter Mesmer PvP Build

GW2. Core Power Shatter Mesmer PvP Build. Guild Wars 2.

Last Update: December 2023

The Core Power Shatter Mesmer is a Roamer PvP build with plenty of stealth from the Torch and Mass Invisibility which are extended by the Prismatic Understanding trait to engage on unsuspecting enemies with great burst combos, or to disengage without letting the enemy know your rotations. The main burst damage comes from landing your Greatsword skills and the Mind Wrack shatter which requires some good timing and finding the right target.

The Greatsword 2 and your F1 deal the most damage, but they require good positioning to do so. The Greatsword 2 bounces between allies and enemies, giving allies might and enemies vulnerability. If you are in melee range of your target, it bounces between you and your target, instantly applying the damage and damage modifiers, also allowing you to follow up the burst with your F1. You can also use F3 before your Greatsword 2 lands to daze the target, giving them more vulnerability and to gain more critical damage modifiers to disabled foes from the Superiority Complex trait.

Burst Combos: Mass Invisibility > Get into Melee Range > F3 > Greatsword 2 > F1 > 3 > 4

Greatsword 5 > Blink > Greatsword 2 > F1 > 3

Torch 5 > 4 > Sword 3 (immobilize) > Swap> Greatsword 2 > F1 > 3

Arcane Thievery can be used to remove boons from your target including stability and protection, allowing you to deal more damage during your burst. It can also be used in stealth.



LynxSword / TorchEnergy/Cleansing

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