Domain of Vabbi Achievements Guide

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GW2 Domain of Vabbi Achievements guide with all the achievements.

General Achievements

Renowned Adventurer: Domain of Vabbi – 10 AP

Complete the 8 renown hearts around the map.

  • Help the royals of Vehjin Palace.
  • Aid the Awakened in the Vehjin Mines
  • Disrupt the Forged occupying the Foundry
  • Help the living and the dead at the Necropolis
  • Help train the newly Awakened
  • Help the students of Vehtendi Academy
  • Be the life of the party
  • Assist the Lyssan Fools acting troupe

Court is Adjourned – 5 AP

Successfully defeat the three High Judges in the Necropolis.

At Court of the Dead there will periodically be a trial pre-event (Maintain order to help the court reach rulings on the Vabbian dead). About 10 minutes after completion of the event, one of the three judge event will spawn. Then 10 minutes later another judge’s event and then last judge event. Once all three judge’s events are done, it recycle back to the trial event. The judge events are not soloable and they require a couple players to complete.

High Judge Sidan

Spawns in the crypt just one level below Court of the Dead

High Judge Ejele

Spawns right at Court of the Dead.

High Judge Kulul

Spawns outside Court of the Dead

Junundu-Wurm Certified/Master Certification – 6 AP

  • Wurm Certified = 1 AP, Master Certification = 5 AP

There is a Junundu wurm event that occurs periodically in Kaluun Ravine without a prevent. You are transformed as a wurm for this event and must navigate the course while avoiding quicksand traps (which can be revealed by the #1 skill). If you get injured, you can either use #2 to heal yourself or #3 to go invisible.

Now for the Master Certification part, you will need to hit targets along the way using either your #5 ranged skill or go up to it and use your #4 skill. There are 8 targets along the track with 2 targets right before the finish line. The map below has all the targets.

Dogs of War – 5 AP

This achievement has to do with the meta event in The Foundry which is called Forged with Fire. You have to klll the legendary dogs Tegon and Temar at the end of the meta event. The meta event starts with a long timer (~2 hrs maybe) and has nothing to do with the Prevent the Forged officer from reaching the foundry entrance with reinforcements event that also spawns here periodically.

The meta starts with Defeat the Priests of Balthazar powering up the Forged Cannonades, and then destroy the cannonades. During this event an Awakened commander will lead some Awakened troops into the foundry. You must go up and defeat the four Priests of Balthazar that spawns up top on the ramps above the foundry and then drop down to defeat the Cannonades that spawn on the bottom once all the priests are killed.

Once the cannonades are dispatched, a Champion Forged Commander will spawn. He dies quickly and after he is defeated, Tegon and Temar spawns for the Dogs of War achievement. The issue here is that they don’t jump down together and only Temar spawns initially. If you kill Temar first, the encounter will bug out. Tegon will go immune and go back to his pedestal and the entire event fails once the timer goes to 0. Do not kill any of the dogs unless the other one is close to dying or the whole encounter can bug out.

Flying Finish – 1 AP

Finish the race around Kodash Bazaar in first, second or third place. This race starts in Vehtendi Arena semi regularly and you will need the griffon mount for some of the sections.

Djinn Achievements

Juaruadun the Flawless- 1 AP, Mastery Point

Successfully answer all riddles posed by the earth djinn Juaruadun the Flawless.

  • I’m frequently made even though I’m unsought; I provide education that oft can’t be taught – A mistake
  • I’ve skipped on lakes with tranquil shores; I’ve been carved or hurled in countless wars – A rock
  • I’m exchange by children, and at pubs over tankards of ale. But bring me to a courtrooom, and you’ll be condemned to jail – A lie
  • Though the worthy pursue me, I can only be sought. The best don’t stop trying, but I cannot be caught – Perfect

Kaadsseo the Wise- 1 AP, Mastery Point

Successfully answer all of the riddles posed by the air djinn Kaadsseo the Wise. Kaddsseo can be found just NE of the Eastern Mihan Hillsides.

  • Despite my age, my spine is unbending; if you adore me, you’ll long for my ending – Book
  • I’ve often claimed as the purview of the learned and old; from babies’ mouths, at times, I’ve been known to be told – Wisdom
  • I’m often left behind, even though I’m honored and revered. Some who find me preserve me, others smash me in fear  – Monuments
  • Some delight in its whisper, while others fear its howl; it’s vital to the way of life of admirals and owls – The Wind

Yitfei the Light – 1 AP, Mastery Point

Successfully answer all of the riddles posted by the fire djinn Yitfei the Light. He can be found SE of Vehtendi Academy.

  • It has many tongues though it cannot taste; it can always be fed and never gain weight – A Fire
  • The greater amount you have of me, the less of others you will see – Darkness
  • Regal in color, though born of earth; when crushed and aged. I can eb of great worth – Grapes
  • Some wish to be rid of me; for me others greatly yearn. All have me, but once I’m lost, I’m never to return – Youth

Zomi the Accomplished- 1 AP, Mastery Point

Successfully answer all riddles posed by the water djinn Zomi the Accomplished. He is found west of Kodash Bazaar.

  • When I go, I might reveal a gift; when I return, I can provide a life – The tide
  • Unseen and silent, I arrive in the night; friendly or frightening, I flee at first light – A dream
  • To paupers and kings, I give just the same measure. I’m spent as I’m given; they can’t hoard this treasure – Time
  • What I reveal is your choice, but you’ll find that, after reflection, I’m not always kind – A mirror

Jilai the Radiant – 1 AP, Mastery Point

Defeat the earth djinn Jilai the Radiant south of Kaluun Ravine

Kumaa the Feisty – 1 AP, Mastery Point

Defeat the air djinn Kumaa the Feisty NW of Glowering Overlook.

Yoonam the Intrepid –  1 AP, Mastery Point

Defeat Yoonam the Intrepid north of Dehwan Expanse

Ziadih the Fearless- 1 AP, Mastery Point

Defeat the water dijinn Ziadih the Fearless SW of Grand Court of Sebelkeh.

Disrespect Your Elders – 5 AP

For this achievement you need to defeat the four grand elder djinns in Hanging Gardens. To spawn them, you need to defeat the 8 veteran djinns in Hanging Gardens first. Each one you defeated will  lit up a torch in the central area of the Garden (#8 is below the central area). You can do this part solo but you need to kill the vets fast as the torches despawn after a while.

Once all 8 torches are lit up, the four champion djinns will spawn. Having 5 or more players is recommended for this part. To talk to them and start the fight, you must have all 8 masteries from this map that involve the djinns (they are listed above). Luckily you only need one person in your squad with this and the event will begin. Defeat the four djinns (sometimes they may bug out and give you credit after defeating only 2) and don’t forget to talk to the Grandmaster Elder Dkinn Emine for your Royal Onxy for the Funeral armor collection.


Lost Lore of the Domain of Vabbi – 3 AP, 1 Mastery

Scourge Buster – 5 AP

Praise Joko – 10 AP

Bounties and Adventures

Domain of Vabbi Bounty Tour – 8 AP

Compete a bounty from the four bounty boards around Domain of Vabbi.

  • Academy Bounty Board
  • Garden Bounty Board
  • Necropolis Bounty Board
  • Vehjin Bounty Board

Domain of Vabbi Legendary Bounties– 6 AP

Defeat each legendary bounty in the Domain of Vabbi at least once.

  • Daol Brol Shiol – Academy Bounty Board
  • Rubedon, Trembling Earth – Garden Bounty Board
  • Triq Griz Grolak – Necropolis Bounty Board
  • Forged Corpsrazer – Vehjin Bounty Board

Domain of Vabbi Legendary Bounties– 15 AP

Defeat all the champion bounties in Vabbi.

  • Academy Bounty Board: Forged Wildhound, Snap Spinecrack, Effazu the Lodestar, Awakened Devastator, Diwaana
  • Garden Bounty Board: Forged Wolfhound, Grath Clashcrag, Safiri the Carver, Lady Kahraman, Yasia Glacierfalls
  • Necropolis Bounty Board: Forged Brutalizer, Dunecahser, Forged Marauder, Embalmer Eweje, Fycros Venomweeper
  • Vehjin Bounty Board: Forged Lurker, Megalith, Forged Warmonger, Lord Hanif, Kharkaris

Academy Supply Run – 3 AP

Also known as Vehtendi School Supply Run. You will need 2:30 to get gold, 3:30 to get silver and 5:00 for bronze. For gold you will need the griffon mount, ideally maxed if possible for best times.

From start to supply 1 and then 2, you will use your griffon’s max speed by diving and then pulling up. This will allow you to fly over supply 1 at super speed and then make across the canyon to supply 2. From supply 2 to 3 you will need to griffon until you get near the vista and then springer up to supply 3. From supply 3 you springer up to the arena and then just raptor your way to 4 and then to below 5.

Garden Supply Run – 3 AP

Also known as Garden Wine and Cheese Run. You will need 2:30 to get gold, 3:30 to get silver and 5:00 for bronze. Griffon isn’t necessary for this adventure to get gold but it will speed up the process quite a bit. Jackal Shifting Sands mastery will save a ton of time, however, and might be necessary. There are two jackal portals you will use, one below supply 3 and then one below the starting point for the return journey.

Necropolis Supply Run – 3 AP

Also known as Necropolis Embalming Supply Run. Griffon is optional for gold but will help speed up some parts. Here is the recommended path.

Vehjin Supply Run – 3 AP

Also known as Vehjin Noble Necessities Run. This run utilize the griffon to cover vast distances and then a jackal sand portal at the end to port up quickly for an easy gold.

Vabbian Griffon Expert and Master – 8 AP

  • Vabbian Griffon Expert = 3 AP for Silver and Gold.
  • Vabbian Griffon Master – 5 AP for Silver and Gold

Vabbian Griffon Master is the toughest Griffon master out of all the maps with very little room for error. You need 35 seconds for gold.

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