Flamethrower Scrapper PvP Build

GW2. Flamethrower Scrapper PvP Build. Engineer 2022.

The Flamethrower Scrapper is a DPS build that focuses on the auto attack of the Flamethrower Kit which is a wide cone that deals constant damage. The build uses many instant cast abilities or passives so that you can spend most of your time spamming the Flamethrower. While the build is very simple, it can be very easy to focus alone and needs to survive off of barrier generation in large team fights while also sticking with their team.

Basic Combo: Hammer 5 > 3 > 2 > Function Gyro (quickness and damage) > Bulwark Gyro > Flamethrower 111 > Flamethrower 3 > Flamethrower 111

Swiftness Stack for Dmg Modifiers: Function Gyro/Hammer 5/Bulwark Gyro > Flamethrower 2

Heal Combo: Heal Gyro/Tool Belt > Flamethrower 2 > Hammer 3



Last Update: Feb 21


Amulet: Berserker or Demolisher

Rune: Divinity

Hammer (Cleansing/Purging)

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  1. This build has boosted my win rate so much!*

    * Only on sky hammer. This build is has so much self sustain with the small map team fights for both mid and the objective. Otherwise I find this build to be focused quite easily, I opt for demolishers and a hammer for some sustain.

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