Gemstore Update – March 1

GW2. New Items at Guild Wars 2 Gemstore – March 1. Gemstore Update.

Canthan Spiritualist Appearance Package – 2000 Gems

Canthan Spiritualist Outfit – 700 Gems

Canthan Spiritualist Backpack and Glider Combo – 700 Gems

Gold Essence Weapon Choice (Only Appearance Package)

End of Dragons Launch Supply Drop Requisition – 2400 Gems

When you purchase the End of Dragons Launch Supply Drop Requisition, the Black Lion Trading Company will send you a package of valuable items each week. The first supply drop will arrive as soon as you’ve purchased a requisition, and the others will be delivered on the three following Mondays.

This week, the End of Dragons Launch Supply Drop Requisition is available at the discounted price of 2,400 gems. The discount decreases each week, so pick up yours now for the best price‚ÄĒand to get your first shipment of items today! (Limited to one purchase per account. Purchases made after week one will include items from the previous weeks in the first delivery.)

Bloodflame Sword Skin (Black Lion Chest)

End of Dragons Preparation Pack – 2400 Gems

Red Crane Weapon Collection (Black Lion Claim Ticket)

Later This Week

  • March 1
    • 20% Off
      • End of Dragons Preparation Pack
        • (if you‚Äôve previously reached the limit of purchases per account, you can now purchase additional packs)
  • March 2
    • 50% Off
      • Total Makeover Kit
      • Self-Style Hair Kit
      • Transmutation Charges
  • March 3
    • 20% Off
      • Recharging Teleport to Friend
      • World Boss Portal Device
      • Maguuma Pact Operation Portal Device
  • March 5
    • 20% Off
      • Baleful Dragon Pistol Skin
      • Comet Hammer Skin
      • Shadebound Scepter Skin
      • Dragon Kama Skin
      • Infused Blades Package
      • Aspect Master‚Äôs Greatsword

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