GW2 Patch: Game Update Notes: February 28, 2023

02/28/2023‚ÄĒFebruary 28 Release Notes

What Lies Beneath 

What lurks below the depths of the Jade Sea? For a misguided team of Jade Brotherhood miners, the answer may be far more sinister than anticipated. It’s up to you to explore the map, investigate the mysterious circumstances, and discover the truth of what lies beneath.

Gorrik, Rama, and Yao take on a mind-altering investigation into power and treachery at a Jade Brotherhood mining operation. Join your friends to help unravel the mystery while exploring the depths of the Jade Sea.

  • Explore a new story with your friends to uncover the truth.
  • Coordinate efforts and play through a new map-wide meta-event to stop the threat beneath the Jade Sea.
  • Delve deep to uncover the new Luxon Hunter’s weapon set and recover the long-lost weapons of Cantha’s (in)famous Tahkayun: the assassins of old!


  • The Soo-Won legendary variant skin collection is now available. Speak with Leivas after unlocking an Aurene-based legendary weapon to begin this collection!
  • Fixed the visual effects of the Minstrel legendary focus when using the DirectX11 renderer.
  • Fixed an issue that caused party members to become stuck after traveling through a portal during the Scion and Champion story chapter in the Living World Season 4 episode “All or Nothing.”
  • Fixed an issue that caused the wrong engineer NPC to spawn for the event’s dialogue during the “Defend the United Legions Siege Engineer…” event in Fort Defiance.


  • After rigorous research and experimentation, Durmand Priory researchers discovered that the magic within equipment featuring selectable attributes has shifted. You can now customize these items with Dragon’s and Ritualist’s attribute combinations.
  • Xunlai Jade has released their latest jade bot module: the Turtle Pilot Booster! Speak to a local authorized Xunlai Jade Sales Associate to purchase the crafting recipe today!

Profession Skills


  • Mech Core: Barrier Engine: Fixed an issue that prevented barrier granted by this trait from displaying properly in the combat log.


  • The melee range of all reaper shout skills has been increased from 130 to 240.
  • “Nothing Can Save You!”: Initial unblockable stacks increased from 5 to 10. Unblockable stacks gained from melee hits reduced from 2 to 1.

Black Lion Trading Company

  • Throughout March, the Black Lion Trading Company will offer various Black Lion goods in exchange for providing raw materials. To learn more, check in with the Black Lion Requisition Officers stationed near Black Lion Traders in every major city.
  • The Black Lion Statuette exchange interface has been reworked. Among other adjustments, all former Black Lion Chest Exclusive items will be available for purchase from the vendor once they leave the Black Lion Chest itself.
  • Check out the blog post on our official site for more information.

Improvements and Updates

  • A slider for adjusting an Environment Zone Intensity value has been added to the Options menu. Lowering the value below the maximum will diminish certain types of map-based environmental visual effects in various areas throughout Tyria. For example, the visual impact of the Void particles in Dragon’s End can be reduced by lowering the slider.

02/28/2023‚ÄĒLate Notes

Profession Skills


  • Willbender: Fixed an issue that could prevent Permeating Wrath from triggering when multiple virtues were active.

World vs. World


  • Adjusted the rewards granted by Objective Scaling Rewards.
  • Added weekly achievements for defending towers and keeps.

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  1. Does anybody know specifics about the change in WvW rewards? Is the “wall repair meta” still a thing or can we go back to normal ques now?

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