GW2 Patch: Game Update Notes: March 9, 2021

03/09/2021‚ÄĒMarch 9 Release Notes

Living World

New Release: Champions Chapter 3‚ÄĒBalance

As the machinations of Jormag come to light, Dragon’s Watch enters a war on two fronts. In the third chapter of the Icebrood Saga’s finale, join your allies and seek out a way to end the conflict.

  • Three new Dragon Response Missions are now available. Note that these missions will contain spoilers for the Champions story if you play them before they occur in your story journal.
  • Driven from their homes in Drizzlewood and beset anew by the Icebrood, some tribes of the secretive tengu have taken up arms to join your cause. Meet with the tengu representatives in the Eye of the North, and join them on the battlefield in Dragon Response Missions. Complete daily achievements on their behalf to aid their efforts and earn rewards. As the world completes tiers of progress, everyone who helped will earn extra rewards from their representative.
  • Additionally, Efram’s Flame Legion has joined the fight, spurred by attacks in Fireheart Rise. Look for their support in Dragon Response Missions!
  • New daily achievements for the new set of Dragon Response Missions have been added to the rotation. When entering the missions through the Eye of the North’s asura gate, you’ll now see a prompt for quick access to uncompleted response-mission dailies.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the story mission state from displaying in private Dragon Response Missions.
  • Updated the direction players face after using emergency pact waypoints in Dragon Response Missions to prevent players from facing odd angles.
  • Updated unclear instructions regarding braziers in the Snowden Drifts Response Mission’s opening event.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Alkar’s Alchemical Acid to grant more special action skill charges than intended.


  • The Mystic Forge refill button will automatically become enabled once Zommoros finishes the forging process‚ÄĒplayers will no longer need to accept his reward.

Profession Skills


  • A.E.D.: Fixed a bug that prevented this skill’s Superspeed skill fact from the trait Speed of Synergy from displaying when the Gadgeteer trait was also active.
  • Rocket Boots: Fixed an issue that prevented the underwater version of this skill from granting Superspeed when traited with Gadgeteer.
  • Power Wrench: Fixed a bug in which this trait erroneously displayed increased damage for the Tool Kit autoattack.


  • Tome of Courage: Fixed a bug that caused this skill to grant a stack of stability from the Indominable Courage trait even when the trait was not equipped.


  • Insidious Disruption: Fixed a bug that allowed this trait to apply torment to the necromancer.
  • Signet of Undeath: Fixed a bug that caused this skill to have a different recharge duration while players were underwater.


  • Charge: Fixed a bug that caused this skill to grant fury when the Roaring Reveille trait was not equipped.


New Items and Promotions

  • To celebrate the latest Icebrood Saga release, a FREE Experience Booster and Item Booster are available in the Utility category of the Gem Store for a limited time.
  • The new Volcanic Throne is available in the Toys category of the Gem Store for 600 gems.
  • March sales continue. Today, a huge selection of “wing” backpacks is available on sale in the Style category of the Gem Store, with a savings of 35%. Check back each day in March for a new sale or promotion.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in which the Glyph of the Scavenger was not triggering properly when players gathered from harvesting nodes.
  • Fixed an issue with some of the visual effects of the Eternal Mandala Glider. The effects are now centered on the player rather than behind the glider.

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