GW2 Patch: Game Update Notes: May 23, 2023

05/23/2023‚ÄĒMay 23 Release Notes

What Lies Within

In the depths of Gyala Delve, a lurking evil has poisoned the Jade Brotherhood and twisted the commander’s memories against them. Regroup with Rama, Yao, Taimi, and Gorrik to devise a plan to strike back and force the mysterious ravenous wanderer into the open. Confront your memories, gather your weapons, and harness what lies within.

  • Experience the conclusion of the story that began in the “What Lies Beneath” release.
  • Finish the fight in the extended Gyala Delve map-wide meta-event, which now continues into the Jade Brotherhood’s conclusive battle with the ravenous wanderer.
  • Enjoy a relaxing series of adventure activities in¬†Seitung¬†Province, New¬†Kaineng City, the Echovald Wilds,¬†and‚ÄĒif your efforts in the map-wide meta-event succeed‚ÄĒexplore a more peaceful Gyala Delve.
    • Show off your skiff skills in two new skiff races.
    • Team up with a friend for three siege turtle target practice courses.
    • Demonstrate your mastery of the jade bot in three target collection adventures.
    • Bring roller beetle racing back to its Canthan roots‚ÄĒand down into the deep‚ÄĒin a thrilling downhill course spanning Gyala Delve.
  • Complete a series of collections to unlock the new Special Ops armor set.
  • Rare Energized Luxon Hunter’s Weapon Caches can be acquired while under the effects of new air filters.


  • The Jade Brotherhood Requisitions Specialists in Gyala Delve now offer Thruster Control Units in exchange for Imperial Favors and Research Notes. The collection must be in progress for the item to appear in the vendors’ lists. The Thruster Control Unit is required to unlock the siege turtle mount and previously could only be acquired by completing the Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission.
  • Players who participate in the Jade Crisis meta-event will receive a hazard pay enhancement. While this enhancement is active, players will earn more rewards from Cleansed Mining Caches after the end of the Gyala Delve map-wide meta-event added in “What Lies Within.”
  • Jade bot filters that were previously available for purchase after capturing Jadepillar Point Base and Behemoth’s Gap Base are now permanently available at a higher cost. Two new jade bot filter options have been added.
  • The “Subdue malfunctioning jade bots and repair downed bots” event in Gyala Delve has received balance updates and adjustments.
  • Laurel merchants now stock the Koda’s Warmth and Otter’s Blessing enrichments. These enrichments will become available from the vendor after completing their respective collections and achievement chains.
  • The siege turtle mount’s first driver skill, Slam, now allows movement control sooner after executing the attack.
  • The Environment Zone Intensity option’s value has been reset to 100%. This is to correct an error that set the previous default value to 40% when the option was introduced. If you have changed it to a specific value, you will have to reenter that custom setting again.
  • The launcher now responds to double mouse clicks.

Profession Skills


  • Stretched Time: Reduced alacrity duration from 5 seconds to 3 seconds in PvP only.


  • Vow of the Untamed: Reduced outgoing damage bonus from 15% to 10% in PvP only.
  • Ferocious Symbiosis: Reduced damage bonus per stack from 3% to 2% in PvP only.

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