GW2 Patch: Game Update Notes: May 24, 2022

05/24/2022‚ÄĒMay 24 Release Notes

Living World Season 1‚ÄĒSky Pirates

In the wake of the climactic events of the Personal Story, schemes begin to come to fruition behind a festival. As the city of Lion’s Arch gathers to celebrate the defeat of a dragon, whispers reach the Pact commander of a looming threat to the recent peace. Team up with Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade for the first time, and work together to uncover the mysterious culprits!

After years of being unavailable, the “Sky Pirates” episode of the Living World story line has been restored and restructured as a linear Story Journal episode. This episode is permanently available to all players without any unlock needed. Over the coming year, three more episodes of Season 1 will release to chronicle the commander’s battle against a lurking evil between the end of the Personal Story and the beginning of Living World Season 2.

  • The original Sky Pirates achievements, along with a set of new achievements, are now in a Sky Pirates category in the Story Journal achievements section.
    • Completing the new achievements will progress a new Sky Pirates Mastery meta-achievement to earn new rewards.
    • Existing achievements will retain their completion status if you earned them during the original Sky Pirates events.
    • Some existing achievements have been updated with additional goals or revised goals to ensure that they can still be completed.

Strike Mission: Kaineng Overlook Challenge Mode

  • The challenge mode for Strike Mission: Kaineng Overlook is now available.
    • Players can activate challenge mode at any time by interacting with the challenge mote inside the instance.

New End of Dragons Legendary Weapon Variant

  • Leivas has discovered something peculiar with the Aurene-themed legendary weapons! Speak with him at Seitung Harbor or the Exchange in Arborstone (once you have the appropriate Mastery unlocked) to find out more.

World Polish

  • The Central Tyria mastery track will now unlock for accounts with expansion access when the player unlocks a Central Tyria mastery point at level 80, rather than requiring players to start an expansion story.
  • Added a Weekly Jade Vault achievement to track the remaining statuettes that players still need to turn in to Myung-Hee.
  • The achievement The Six now includes hints about where to find the statuettes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused End of Dragons: Act Mastery achievements to require hidden achievements for completion, which erroneously removed achievement points from some players that had previously completed them.
  • Fixed an issue during the “Help the Kahloipoi guards rescue Aaminah” event in Malchor’s Leap in which the quaggan rescue squad would sometimes fail to continue after being revived, causing the event to stall.
  • Fixed an issue at several points along the Northern Invasion of Orr meta-event in Straits of Devastation in which NPCs would sometimes become stuck, causing events to stall or not start.
  • Fixed an issue in which Vasili Lutgardis would not appear for his dialogue at the end of the “Help Jan reconnect with their family’s past by cleansing the site with Lutgardis music” event.
  • Fixed an issue in which some of the sickly animals in the “Help Jan reconnect with their family’s past by cleansing the site with Lutgardis music” event did not reset correctly after the event was over. Also fixed an issue that prevented these animals from properly granting event participation.


  • Equipment awarded from level-up rewards can now be salvaged or sold to vendors.

Source: Guild Wars 2 Official Forums

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