GW2 Patch: Game Update Notes: November 30, 2021

11/30/2021‚ÄĒNovember 30 Release Notes

Beta Event 4

We’re excited to begin our final End of Dragons‚ĄĘ elite specialization beta event, running from November 30 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-8) through December 4 at 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-8).

All players will see three new beta character slots appear on the character selection screen that allow them to create and play a fully geared, level-80 beta character of any race for the duration of the weekend.

You can use this character in PvE, WvW, and unranked PvP in any core Tyria or previous expansion map content, including Heart of Thorns‚ĄĘ and Path of Fire‚ĄĘ. Maps from the upcoming expansion, End of Dragons, are not available for beta testing.

The beta character slots are only accessible during an active beta event and will be deleted between elite specialization beta events.

In this beta event, all nine elite specializations featured in our previous three beta events are available for play, along with the siege turtle mount.

Beta Character Limitations

  • Progress is not carried over from beta characters to live characters.
  • Beta characters may not participate in ranked PvP matches.
  • Beta characters do not share normal account-wide inventory with nonbeta characters, (e.g., wallet, karma, shared inventory slots, and bank access).
  • Beta characters cannot access the trading post.
  • Beta characters cannot mail gold or items.
  • Beta characters have access to a copy of your account’s Legendary Armory. Legendary items newly added to your Legendary Armory while a beta event is in progress will not be usable by beta characters during that beta event.

Siege Turtle

Join us in testing our first multiplayer mount, the siege turtle. All beta characters will have access to the siege turtle via the mounts skill slot for use across PvE open world content for the duration of the weekend.

With Canthan isolation, the Luxon Armada has become a thing of the past, but the remnants of the once great society have been able to maintain their traditions by continuing to raise siege turtles. Modern turtles are now outfitted with the latest jade tech. From powerful jump jets that can carry them across the Jade Sea to great siege cannons to pummel their enemies to dust, siege turtles represent the merging of past traditions with Cantha’s technological future.

The siege turtle comes with two seats. The owner will take on the role of the driver, controlling movement, the turtle’s basic Slam attack, and any previously unlocked mount utility skills. The passenger will control the turtle’s turrets and can give the driver a boost with Overdrive. To join another player’s mount as a passenger, you will need to join their party or squad.

  • The siege turtle is only available to newly created beta characters and will be unlocked by default.
  • This beta event does not include the Siege Turtle Mastery line. Five Masteries will be available when End of Dragons is released.
  • The siege turtle follows the same usage restrictions as standard mounts.
  • The siege turtle will NOT be available in WvW during the beta event or when End of Dragons is released.
    • We’ll consider adding a version of the siege turtle to WvW sometime after the launch of End of Dragons, but only after player involvement in the discussion and decision.

World Polish

  • After a number of administrative petitions, the Divinity’s Reach decorative guidelines committee has replaced the out-of-date Watchknight Statues in the Crown Pavilion district with the more modern Watchknight Mk II.


In preparation for End of Dragons, additional face and hair options have been added for all playable species. These are available through character creation or Total Makeover Kits. Total Makeover Kits can be purchased in the Utility category of the Gem Store.

  • Three new hair and face options have been added for charr, norn, asura, and sylvari characters.
  • Four new hair options and six new faces have been added for human characters.


  • Dredge Rifle (Consumable): This consumable bundle can no longer be activated in dungeons and fractals.

Profession Skills


  • New Hotkey‚ÄĒSet Personal Target: This hotkey will allow you to set a target in similar fashion to Call Target, but it is not seen or modified by allies.
  • New Hotkey‚ÄĒTake Personal Target: This hotkey will allow you to recall your previously set personal target.
  • New Hotkey‚ÄĒAlly Targeting Mode: This hotkey will engage you in ally targeting mode while the button is held down.
  • New Hotkey‚ÄĒToggle Ally Targeting: This hotkey will engage and disengage ally targeting mode when pressed.
  • Rune of Surging: Fixed an issue in which certain elite skills would not trigger the sixth bonus effect of this rune.



  • Fixed issues related to squad ally targeting with mantra skills.
  • Fixed issues related to source attribution of Ashes of the Just when multiple firebrands have put Ashes of the Just on the same targets.


  • Death Shroud: This skill no longer disables autoattack when activated or deactivated.


  • Reaper’s Shroud: This skill no longer disables autoattack when activated or deactivated.


  • Natural Convergence: Fixed an issue in which this skill granted might around the target instead of the player when traited with Grace of the Land.


  • Signet Mastery: Fixed the skill description on Lesser Signet of Might to display the correct duration and stacks of might granted by this trait.


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