GW2 Patch: Game Update Notes: November 7, 2023

11/07/2023‚ÄĒNovember 7 Release Notes

Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure

Through the Veil

Cerus of House Nephus is defeated and Isgarren rescued. Tyria has been greeted by a temporary peace. However, the denizens of Nayos haven’t had the same luxury. Lady Peitha has finally beckoned the wayfinder to join her across the Mists in the demon realm: the march against Eparch begins now. As the Midnight King hides away in his palace of blood and fear, the wayfinder must travel through the outskirts of an unfamiliar world to collect their allies and carve a path forward. Only when Heitor’s Gate has fallen can they march onward.

This content is unlocked for free for all owners of Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure.

Release Highlights

  • New Story: The Secrets of the Obscure story continues with three new chapters.
  • New Map: Explore the newly released Inner Nayos map.
  • New Mastery Line: Master new skills with the Inner Nayos Mastery track.
  • Convergences: Introducing squad-based rifts with legendary enemies.
  • Cosmic Observatory Strike Mission: Introducing the challenge mode version of this Strike Mission.
  • Wizard’s Vault: Seasonal rewards and objectives have been refreshed.
  • New Rewards: Work to earn the new Oneiros-Spun Armor set and three new relics.
  • Rift Hunting: The rotation for rift hunting has been expanded.
  • Improvements: New quality-of-life improvements have been implemented.


  • An option has been added to allow players to choose which character-select background is displayed.
  • New menus to expand all groups and collapse all groups within the Account Vault dialogue have been added.
  • Added three collection achievements for relics.
    • For the Relics‚ÄĒSecrets of the Obscure Set 1 achievement, players can load into Lion’s Arch or any Secrets of the Obscure map to retroactively check for progress.
  • An option to disable griffon and skyscale mounts from flying on ley lines has been added. This function is toggled via the default F1 skill while mounted on either the griffon or skyscale mounts if the player has the Ley-Line Acclimation Mastery unlocked in the¬†Secrets of the Obscure¬†Flight Training Mastery track.
    • Disabling or reenabling flying mounts on ley lines persists permanently and is a shared setting for both flying mounts. (For example, if you disable it on your griffon and log out, the next time you log back in and mount your griffon or skyscale, it will be disabled until you reenable it.)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Avatar of Regret’s Crushing Regret skill to not properly detect if players were stacked in the green circle telegraphs. The damage of the skill will now be appropriately divided between players who stack in the telegraph. Reduced the number of attacks created based on the number of nearby players.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause oni to become untargetable and unkillable after their ambush event timed out in Cantha.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Zizel to stand around throwing potions in the Concocter’s Lab if the Defense of Amnytas meta-event started during his event chain in Amnytas.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Banish mechanic to leave residual effects for players who had used Continuum Split before getting teleported during the Defense of Amnytas meta-event in Amnytas.
  • Fixed a bug in which Efi could have an incorrect dialogue state based on the player’s progression of the Olmakhan Bandolier collection.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Slabs of Wurm Meat to drop during the “Kill the giant plains wurm” event when the “Kill wurms and collect their meat for Sharpwit” event had already been completed.
  • Fixed a bug in which unbound magic experience wasn’t affected by Bloodstone Empowerment.
  • Fixed a bug in which an interact prompt was being displayed while the corresponding event wasn’t active in Amnytas.
  • Archivist of Whispers: Fixed a bug that could cause this trait to incorrectly set the player’s max pages upon starting a PvP game.

Wizard’s Vault

The Wizard’s Vault’s trove of rewards has been refreshed! All-new seasonal rewards can be found in the Astral Rewards section of the Wizard’s Vault, and purchase limits on other items have been reset. Last season’s Sanctified armor pieces, the Sanctified weapon set, the /bless Emote Tome, and the Enchanted Owl griffon skin can now be found in the Legacy Rewards section of the Wizard’s Vault. New Special Objectives have also been added to the Wizard’s Vault, with more to appear over the coming season.

  • The Wizard‚Äôs Vault Daily Completion Chest will now give instant WvW and PvP Reward Track progress for completed daily WvW and PvP tasks.


Inner Nayos

  • New fish can be caught in Inner Nayos.
  • Fish from both Skywatch Archipelago and Amnytas can be caught at Inner Nayos fishing holes without needing the correct bait, but fishing during the correct time of day is still required. These have lower drop rates than fish exclusive to Inner Nayos.


Ascalonian Catacombs

  • Fixed an issue that caused a Disarm Traps lever to be out of the reach of players.
  • Fixed a bug that caused King Adelbern, as well as various immobile enemies across Tyria, to be knocked down despite an active defiance bar when struck by knockback attacks.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause markers on active traps to not clean up after the patriarch’s defeat.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Tzark to interrupt himself while resetting essence collectors.
  • Fixed an incorrect marker on the cave troll encounter.

Caudecus’s Manor

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Sigfast to be attacked by Separatists and potentially knocked around the area while sleeping.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Zojja to not be wearing her headgear during a cinematic.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the ‚ÄúSearch for the captured sergeant‚ÄĚ objective and goals to appear before the ‚ÄúOverwhelm the bandit defenses‚ÄĚ objective was completed.
  • Several houses no longer close their doors after the nearby gate is destroyed, to prevent players from being trapped inside.
  • Bandit archers now apply confusion, matching their description.
  • Fixed an incorrect marker on the Bridgette encounter.
  • Fixed an incorrect marker on the Prototype Golem encounter.

Twilight Arbor

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Ooze Font Waypoint’s name to appear incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Unstable Nightmare Husk to fail to become vulnerable after being hit by four Nightmare Essences.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Sparki’s Ground Bloom skill to continue launching fireballs after Sparki finished spinning.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an airship to be untargetable with EMP skills during the bonus objectives of the Aetherblade path.

Sorrow’s Embrace

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Elite Dredge Resonator near the beginning of the dungeon to not retreat when players approached after choosing a path.
  • During the “Help Rasolov free workers by defeating foremen” event, the last four foremen will not reveal themselves until Foreman Kreutzerova has been defeated.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Tarleov to fail to begin working during his event.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an Elite Dredge Rifleman to overzealously announce the presence of intruders.
  • Fixed health bar and marker display issues during the final confrontation with General Zadorojny.
  • Fixed an incorrect marker on the General Molradovich encounter.

Citadel of Flame

  • Gaheron Baelfire no longer resets his health when the party wipes during the finale battle in story mode, preventing a desync between his health and attack pattern.
  • Collision has been removed from a number of flame turrets to prevent players from being stuck inside them.

Honor of the Waves

  • Fixed a setting that caused Honor’s Voice to move erratically during combat.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Kulag the Fallen’s Ice Storm attack to not drop ice crystals if the target was out of Kulag’s line of sight.
  • Lowered the level of some enemies that exceeded level 80 in explorable mode.
  • Fixed an incorrect marker on the Champion Icebrood Goliath encounter.
  • Fixed an incorrect marker on the Kodan’s Bane encounter.

Crucible of Eternity

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to enter the Crucible of Eternity dungeon from Mount Maelstrom even while the dungeon was contested.
  • Fixed an issue with the front door and teleporter exits that allowed them to be used before the dungeon was completed, allowing players to escape to Mount Maelstrom before receiving rewards.

The Ruined City of Arah

  • Added poison aura to Risen Defilers that were missing it.
  • Added a teleport mote that will let players join their party if they fell behind before Alphard, Serpent of the Waves was engaged.
  • Adjusted Simin, High Priestess of Dwayna‚Äôs heal skill to start its recharge when her heal effect ends instead of potentially being able to immediately restart a healing phase.

11/07/2023‚ÄĒLate Notes


Silent Surf

  •  Fixed a bug that caused the respawn checkpoint to reset back to the entrance when a player joins a partially completed instance.

Profession Skills


  • Stalker’s Strike: Increased the cooldown from 12 seconds to 25 seconds in PvP only.


  • Perilous Gift: Reduced the duration from 3 seconds to 2 seconds in PvP only.
  • Neurotoxin Burst: This skill no longer applies vulnerability in PvP only.
  • Solar Brilliance: This skill no longer applies protection in PvP only. Reduced the healing per pulse from 170 to 130 and the healing power scaling from 0.15 to 0.125 in PvP only.

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