Lightning Rod Tempest PvP Build

GW2. Lightning Rod Tempest PvP Build. Elementalist 2023.

The Lightning Rod Tempest is more of a DPS which can also give supplemental Support to its allies. Using the Tempest traits to get protection along with Weakness from Lightning Rod, this squishy build can survive against power burst, and also uses Water traits to add more vulnerability to improve damage and improve cantrips.

There are wide damaging AoEs for team fights with Overload Air and the Earth 5 and Fire 5. Use the “Aftershock!” and Air Dagger 3 before casting your Overload Air to provide defense and CC to ensure you can finish the long cast. You can also take Powerful Auras to share your auras to allies which will make your stuns much more relevant in team fights from sharing shocking aura.

The highest damaging skill is Lightning Orb Air 5. Make sure this lands by avoiding using it during projectile blocks, and try to move with the orb as it travels so enemies who wish to engage you will take its pressure. You can transmute the Air Dagger 3, “Aftershock!” or use Earth Dagger 3 to CC your enemies in the Orb.

Basic Combos: Air 4 > 5 > Air 3×2 > Overload Air > Air 3 > Swap Fire > Fire 3

Might Stack: Fire Overload > Fire 4 > Earth 4

Sustain Combo: Water 4 > 5 > 3 > Overload Water or Swap Earth > Earth 4 > 3



Last Update: January 4


Dagger / WarhornHeal / Utility / Elite


  • for more CC in team fights when sharing shocking aura


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