Power Harbinger PvP Build

GW2. Power Harbinger PvP Build. Roamer Necromancer PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Power Harbinger is a fragile Roamer necromancer PvP build that moves quickly while decimating single enemies. The massive damage modifiers obtained by the harbinger along with the mobility of swords and shroud skills can allow burst damage fast enough to get in and out before you attract the attention of enemies. However, it is easily focused and needs to disengage rather than stay in fights for too long.

All of the Shroud 2/3/4 abilities have high power scaling, especially the 3 and 4 when they exchange blight for extra damage. Make sure to cast Elixirs at your feet to gain more blight before doing your Shroud burst. Try to land your Dagger 3 to remove boons and to immobilize enemies so you can follow up with these powerful Shroud abilities.

Shroud 4 is an evade and a Daze tied to a leap, so choosing whether to be aggressive or defensive with this skill is key. If you go too hard and have no escapes you can easily die. Always try to have an escape whether it is through the mobility of your Sword or Shroud skills or Spectral Walk.

Basic Combo: Dagger 2 > Dagger 3 > Elixir of Ambition > Shroud 2 > 3 > 4

Use Sword 3 to kite in between your burst combo to get distance if you are in danger or to chase a pressured target. Keep poking with Sword skills and use the Sword 4 to pressure while kiting due to its ability to cast it behind you.




  • Harbinger: for more instant and reliable defenses
  • Death Magic: with Soul Reaping for more damage when you have support

MarauderDagger / WarhornCourage / Battle
VampirismSword / SwordEnergy / Cleansing


  • Weapon: Axe can replace Dagger or Sword for more reliable damage

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  1. I’ve had much more success with the power version than condi. This meta seems to favor a bursty, feast or famine playstyle. Thanks again for the build.

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