Shiro Renegade PvP Build

GW2. Shiro Renegade PvP Build. Revenant 2023.

The Shiro Renegade is a DPS with the mobility of the Shiro stance but lacks the disengage to be a full roamer. The safety of shortbow range and the stability of Jalis stance allows the build to run the berserker amulet to deal burst damage while still having great survivability and team support with alacrity. It can struggle against projectile reflects and conditions, but it has a lot of weakness uptime to counter other power classes.

Basic Combos: Jalis Forced Engagement > Shortbow 4 > SB5 > Shiro > Impossible Odds > SB 3 > SB 2

Shiro Heal > Shortbow 5 > Jade Winds > Jalis > SB4 > Vengeful Hammers > SB3 > SB2



Last Update: Jan 2023



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Kalla Hybrid Variant

Rather than having the mobility of Shiro, the Kalla variant of the Renegade build can place down high presence spirits in team fights, making it a DPS that struggles to rotate but dominates large fights over objectives. It can put out plenty of hybrid damage through the might gained from the Aristocracy rune giving might every time you land a CC which gives weakness due to Dwarven Battle Training.

Basic Combos: Jalis Forced Engagement > Shortbow 4 > SB5 > SB 3 > SB 2

Soulcleave’s Summit > Shortbow 3 = Fire Field Combo

Inspiring Reinforcements > Kalla Spirits = Spirits Get Stability


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