Solid Ocean Fractal Guide

GW2. Solid Ocean Fractal Guide

This fractal has you wandering through the very distinct environment of the Jade Sea.


Jump across the puzzle to reach the final platform. Avoid getting in combat or use swiftness to secure your jumps.

Jade Maw

Once at the boss, the Jade Maw will not be interactable. Start by clearing out some of the Irukandji by using line of sight and then take out the two tentacles to begin the fight.

You will need to charge Reflecting Crystals to throw at the Jade Maw. You can find these by killing tentacles and colossus. The Jade Maw will periodically target a player with a beam attack. If hit the player will go down. You can dodge the beam right after the skull animation ends to not go down. Also you can become immune to the beam by holding a reflecting crystal. Once hit by the beam while holding a crystal, you can throw the crystal to damage the Jade Maw if you are targeting it.

Tentacles will smack the ground towards their target or do a large swipe radius that will knock players down. The tentacles around the room can be killed to create more space to work with. Gather the crystals in a central area so your allies can access them whenever they need. Once all of the colossus spawns have been killed, many tentacles will spawn and the area will not be safe. Quickly kill a tentacle to give your party room to work with.

Continue throwing charged reflecting crystals at the Jade Maw until it is very low health. Put a target on the Jade Maw so your party can easily take the target for when they need to throw their crystal. It will then target your whole party with beams at the same time. This attack cannot be dodged, only reflected by wielding a crystal. As long as one person survives this attack, the boss will be defeated. If no one survives the boss resets.

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